The Path I Chose

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What would you do if you started to doubt the belief that you've built your entire life around? What if admitting that to anyone, including yourself, would turn your whole life upside down? . Ryan was a girl who worried. She was a girl who thought deeply about things. And sometimes that caused problems. And as she grew, she thought and felt things that her parents and her religion wouldn’t want her to. Things that made her doubt if what she was raised in her entire life was a good thing for her. Ryan also struggles with anxiety and depression, trying desperately to find herself among a faith crisis and mental anguish. She struggles to balance all of her thoughts swimming in her mind, but feels like she's struggling to keep her head above the rapidly rising water. Enter, Nick. A dark haired, beautiful eyed, non-religious young man who unknowingly saves Ryan from drowning completely in her own mind. . The Path I Chose is a simple story, that shows the inward and outward struggles of anxiety as well as the beauty of redesigning and figuring out everything you know in a new light. Inserted with pieces of poetry that reflect what Ryan is feeling in a deeper, raw way, The Path I Chose is a short story that will leave you with a deeper personal understanding of the direction you want your path to go, and eventually where you want it to end up.

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I Grew Up

I grew up going to church every Sunday for three hours.
I grew up going to religious summer camps and reading from Scriptures with my family every night.
I grew up never going to bed before we had family prayer together.
I grew up being told that my religion was the most important thing in my life.

And it became a part of me. It became who I was.
In my mind, my life without religion wasn't even a possibility.
It just was.

My journey to where I am now started slowly and without me even being aware of it. Then, the trail started to get steeper, and the pace picked up until I was forced to recognize where my feet were going, where they were trying to take me.
I followed that path, resisting at times, thinking, this is not where I am supposed to be going. But the farther I got from the beginning of the path, the easier it got for my mind, regardless of the steep and rocky terrain.
I made choices on this journey. I made choices that made me feel better. I made them for me.

And this is the path I chose.

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