The Story of My Life

By ana10000 All Rights Reserved ©



This is the story of a phone that has always been roughly handled.

Chapter 1

It’s 7:00 am and it’s time for my owner, Maddie, to wake up. She hears her alarm ringing. Beep! Beep! Beep! She sleepily opens her eyes, yawns and reaches for me. Just as she gets a hold of me, I come closer and closer to her but then… I slip out of her hand and land on the cold hardwood floor of her bedroom. “What a great start to the day,” I think sarcastically. She quickly gets out of her bed and picks me up from the floor. I feel like shouting at her to be more careful with me but all I can do is sustain the pain and move on. Instead of picking me up and wiping my dusty screen, she taps her fingers all over me and checks if any new messages have arrived. Then, she roughly places me on her desk and goes to the bathroom to get ready. This is the typical life for me with an owner like Maddie Brooks.

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