the child and the nature

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Introduction: 2.

The Earth was created and mandated to live on procreation. For continuity, every species of the handiwork of the creator must produce a replica. Man the head of these creatures was not left out in the mandate. The miracle that has ever gone beyond man`s expressions has been to conceive and bear a child.

Child to man becomes a like mustard seed that at cradle no one would think he can grow and lead and rule marvelous things in the earth. So not seeing a child of today as tomorrow giant in everything can impel someone to negate the onerous duty of care to a child.

Child of any kind is the nearest to both the nature and his immediate and specific environs. Identifying early these two great scopes for the child and making him trek diligently, wisely on each of them, places the child in balance strength with which to combat against the undesirable challenges ahead of him.

This children`s book was innately aimed and set to explore for and with the child the contents of what the nature or the environment, vegetations, and other visuals around have for him. The book is specially and completely devoted for this cause. It is food recommendation for the early child`s quests for learning.

It is divided into chapters with didactive and illustrative pictures to paint meanings to the child, and to translate to both baby-sitters, child-minders, and foster-parents what the child means when he acts sometimes different from adult`s rating.

Chapter one


The Creator`s Testaments in the form of the Holy Bible given to man without flinching stressed that every creature has its kinds but never had at any time told us that those babies of other creatures other than man`s are an heritage of the Lord:

`Lo, children are an heritage

Of the Lord: and the fruit of the

Womb is his reward`


The child foundation

Is divine indeed

He should be

Let live divine

For Divine trains

Hearts before brains

But Earth trains

The brains only

If I am a child, so precious, an heritage of the Lord, should I not be like kings and queens treated, at least in the basic caring and not in over pampering me.

`As arrows are in the hand of a

Mighty man: so are children

Of the youth

Happy is the man that hath

His quiver full of them: they shall

Speak with the enemies in the gate`


If our presence in a home (picture of a little child demonstrating)

Makes concerned parents bold be

And victories over enemies have

Our place a special one to value be

We are fragile

Fragile than mushroom (pictures of parents watching)

We are strong

Stronger than rods

If we`re handled

With iron hands

You lose us

Forever we`re loosed

If pampered much

We remain weak

Only cane with

Love can us train

God knows us

He sends us

To hold continuity

Make homes happy.


What is a child?

That though little as sparrow

And defenseless verily

That God watches over him

What is a child?

Born small and weak

Came like mustard seed

That God watches over him

Oh destinies of many

Doth a child carry

Future in him must be founded

That`s why God watches over him

The child is a fragile being, borrowing tongue from nugget of wisdom author Pastor Nnadi where he says: `We, `Children are described in the verses of Scriptures as arrows in the hand of mighty man (`you should have known that`) an arrow is a thin stick with a sharp point at the end, which is shot from a bow.

For these arrows to be directional and perhaps, effectual, and moreso cover distance on time, they must be shot from a bow and it would have been properly aimed and positioned before shooting. For it to cover an appreciable distance; which is measurement of length without specifying direction; it would have been displaced from the bow, which is measurement of length in a specified distance. For it to be meaningful, it would have its speed, which is the distance it covers per time and its velocity, which is the displacement per time.

`If the children are arrows, who are the ones aiming the arrows`? If they are seen in the digital generation moving aimlessly without a direction, who are the ones aiming them as arrows? For arrows now, children are seen as generation without bow, a fatherless generation that has come out to the war front as arrows without bows.

If the children are the arrows, and they are seen piercing into gangster life, waywardness, high-mindedness, restiveness, juvenile delinquencies and violence; then who are the bows shooting them?

A pertinent question becomes were the arrows thoroughly carved, carefully positioned and properly aimed on the bow before shooting? These duties erroneously have been derelicted. No wonder they lack direction, speed and velocity.

Another illustration that children like arrows, lack the fundamental power to move until properly positioned by the bow (symbolizing the parents) is found in the portion we read:

`happy is the man that hath his quiver full

Of them; they shall not be ashamed`

Many parents granted, have their quivers full of these arrows and yet are ashamed. Why are your children making you ashamed, who really shot them in this direction, who carried these arrows from the beginning?

Written territorial laws, or physical written laws that fight to secure `Child Rights acts` are even fifth in power in making a child wise and diligent in tackling the impending business in his life, problems and calamities of life. The best `Child Rights acts` are not the ones from our legislative houses, but the protections and godly parental training, teaching that honestly aim at proper upbringing of the child. Therefore we should devote much of our times to the Scripture instructions. Prov.29:15-17.

The rod and reproof give wisdom, but a child

Left to himself bringeth his mother to shame`

`Correct thy son; and he shall give thee rest

Yea, he shall give delight unto thy soul`

Where are these arrows (the children) flying from? We today all over the world see them dropping carelessly on diverse dangerous grounds, dropping in and out of schools; they became arrows without proper bows. This portrays the reason they don`t cover enough distance in life. Just because they are not properly aimed, and shot, though sharp pointed, they are seen aimlessly falling aggressively on the society through armed robbery, cultism and waywardness; a generation without values and morals. We see them ending up in prisons, cocaine houses, and rehab homes.

We should be reminded here without mincing words that our masculinity is defined by our fathers and our relationship dysfunction in our adulthood were also shaped or influenced by the presence or absence of men who fathered us. Our fathers became our first definition and demonstration masculinity.

If now we have known who the children are, why they came; we will equip ourselves better to shoulder the onerous duty in their training. We should learn their nature, their fragility, their frailty and demands; and scale of preference should be set on their unending demands and wants. We should be diligent and wise in pampering them so that we will not produce house of sorrows for ourselves and uselessness to theirselves.

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