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Chapter 8

Ginny woke to the sound of sobs. She pulled on her robe, tiptoed down the hall and slipped into Molly’s room. She was sitting in the middle of the bed with her face in her hands.

Ginny sat down beside her and pulled her into a loose hug. “Bad dreams?”

Her sobs ended in hiccups. “I miss my mommy.”

Tears welled in Ginny’s eyes. “You’ll always miss your mommy, Molly. As time goes by, you won’t hurt as much. My husband died last spring and Brian and I still miss him. That’s what happens when you lose someone you love.”

“She wiped the tears away. I’m sorry I woke you.”

“Don’t apologize. Sometimes it helps when we know we aren’t alone, and tears are good. They help to wash away the pain.”

“I don’t want to go to my great grandma’s house, Ginny. She didn’t like my mommy and she won’t like me.”

“That’s not true, Molly. What makes you think she didn’t like your mom?”

“She didn’t come to see us and she didn’t write.”

“Sometimes parents and their children have misunderstandings, Molly. Disagreements don’t keep them from loving each other. Your grandma wouldn’t have invited you to dinner if she didn’t want to see you. Besides, Brian and I will be there. If you’re uncomfortable or she is rude to you, we will leave. How’s that.”

“What’s she like?”

“She’s about the same age and height as Abigail, but’s she heavier. She has brown eyes and silvery blond hair. You’ll love her voice, it’s soft and melodic. She can’t read unless she uses a magnifying glass, but she moves around the house without any trouble at all. Her housekeeper Grace told me that she feels insecure when she’s outside, so she rarely goes out.”

“Mommy said that she is an artist.”

“I heard that to, but I didn’t see any of her paintings. Maybe she will show them to you.”

Molly’s eyes were drooping and her words slurred.”

“Can we see Abigail tomorrow?”

“Yes, we can. As soon as I get off work, I’ll pick you up from Carol’s and we’ll drive over to New Holland. Abigail is eager to see you.”

Molly didn’t respond.

Ginny rocked her gently and hummed a lullaby. When she was sure Molly was out completely, she laid her down, pulled up the covers and tiptoed out of the room.

Brian was waiting for her by the bedroom door. “I heard her crying. Now, I can’t go back to sleep.”

“How about a cup of cocoa?”

“Sounds good.”

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