The Witch Bridle

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Chapter 15

Oona surely had her own motives – her own agenda – but she knew now she had gone too far. To put a little space between KC and Drew was one thing, but how did she manage to dredge up so many of the man’s most shameful moments, packed together for his wife and children to see in full color, in all its inglorious surround-sound. That was entirely different. Then, once she did, how could she have allowed that most disgraceful show to continue? Oona realized that something was wrong. Small doses of bad behavior were all she needed to show, yet she managed somehow to open a veritable floodgate of misdeeds and faults which in turn unleashed in KC great distress and unjustified suffering. Oona was most concerned now that her judgment had done great harm to her relationship with KC. She could not bear to lose KC’s trust and confidence, and Oona feared now that those anchors of their relationship were at risk of coming undone. She should have shut it off, shut it down? Or was that even possible for her to do? Oona was confused. This side show was not at all the stated purpose of the Group’s séance, and clearly Oona should have managed the event better.

Drew and Anton sat opposite one another and chatted away when Drew suddenly noticed that something had to be terribly wrong. “What is it, Anton? What’s wrong?” Drew rose half way in his seat.

“It is nothing, Lieb. Now where were we?

Drew lowered himself back into his comfortable chair, and more sternly said, “It is something Anton. Now tell me: What is it?”

Anton looked puzzled and concerned. He said nothing and took a long sip of his pilsner. He pushed back in his chair. “It appears to be over,” he finally said. I believe you were telling me about a Mister Ron Paul and his affiliation with the party of President Lincoln. And there was another fellow you mentioned. Now who was that man?

“Oh, that was Reagan! It was Ronald Reagan. Yup, you can say I am, or I was, a Lincoln-Reagan-Ron Paul Republican. But now,” and he took a swig of his beer, “Please just fill me in on what just happened.”

“A very strange occurrence, it seems mein Herr.” Anton looked a bit mystified. “It seems as though there was an intrusion – a breach of our firewall.” Anton drew on his pipe and pushed back in his chair. “Oddly, the intruders seem to have bypassed me – where and for what I do not know. I believe Louis and Oona have séanced successfully; what I am blind to is what they may have achieved.”

Drew thought for only a moment and realized he felt as if he had somehow been violated. He became a bit unclear and unfocused when, in what seemed to be only a minute ago, Anton and he had been right in the middle of speaking about his kith and kin, including his own father.

“He is where he is right now and is in The Light,” Opa had said. “He is eager to see you, Lieb.”

How closely Drew had listened to his Opa.

“And ‘Yes,’ once you pass through, you will be amazed by all those waiting to greet you.”

Drew felt something happened that scuppered his focus, as if someone or something had pried into the core of his very being. Drew struggled now about whether to share his revelation with Anton. He quickly decided to do so, since Opa was, after all, his personal sponsor for entry toward those distant “Pearly Gates.”

“You know a minute ago I felt like somebody, or something, was prying into me, Anton. It was kind of quick but creepy. Isn’t that weird?” Drew did not look afraid, but he was clearly uneasy about the whole affair. He asked for another beer, and then added, “I think it might have happened once before too, Opa.”

Anton sat motionless in his desk chair, in apparent wonder at what had just happened. Finally he offered, “When a believer is possessed, odd messages or innovations may be conveyed, either directly through a priest or a priestess, or even an unsanctified god or goddess. Sometimes the purpose of these messages or originations is conveyed later through dreams or visions, though these things often remain a complete mystery.”

“So what does that mean?” Drew’s increased anxiety was evident. “Like what are you trying to tell me?”

“I think that Oona or some powerful intermediary, and perhaps more than one, are engaged in some special mission which may have touched your soul. Its purpose and motives are not known.” Anton’s lips were not moving, but his words were crystal clear. “The vehicle was surely by séance.”

Drew did not say a word. He wanted Anton to continue with whatever additional detail he could disclose. The excitement rose in him.

“I cannot tell you everything, and it is likely to be ‘no big deal’ as you would say.” He could see his charge was not satisfied with such a bland remark, so he added, “I am only guessing, mein Lieb. Perhaps Oona herself is in despair, and such a thing can bring out the worst in people.”

“We know she wants to get into KC’s pants.”

Lieb, I do not understand the meaning of this term, but my conscience tells me to tell you, ‘do not speak such crude expressions here’.”

“What else then can I do?”

“We need to compile the Annals of your past.”

“Why does it have to be Oona?”

“Few are as powerful as she. But I remind you, Lieb, this may not have been Oona’s work.” Anton thought to himself there could be evil at work in the house. And while he always had his suspicions about Oona, he was not at all convinced of its source, or even if it were evil.

“Another’s hand or hands may be involved,” he said.

“And you are suspicious of Oona, aren’t you?”

“Well, yes. I do…suspect things.” Anton looked sad and troubled.

Drew easily conjured the image of Oona the bronze-skinned beauty. Not olive-skinned like Middle Eastern beauties, but almost copper as in a multi-racial Caribbean princess. Oona: her gorgeously tanned body against the white skin of his own, former princess, KC. And horrible as his own displacement truly had been, Drew managed to find some solace with the lively vision of his wife with Oona.

“How could you Anton?” Drew finally said. “You know how Oona helped you and also helped my cousin Frank. You remember all that great stuff she did for us when you were freed. Don’t you?”

Anton nodded and then earnestly added, “Oona pursues her own path in life and with a purpose that primarily serves Oona.”

“It sounds like some conflict with Oona is imminent. Are you shitting me?”

“No, not at all, Lieb. And my sincerest apologies if I have left you with that impression.” He drew on his pipe. “And watch the language here.”

“You know there’s a lot of stuff going on right now with my family. There are all kinds of challenges, right?”

Ja, Wohl! Let us move on now, shall we?” And he drew on another fresh, frothy beer. “I do believe you still owe me an opinion, Andrew, concerning the future of sovereign states.”

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