The Witch Bridle

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Chapter 34

“It’s supposed to be in the modern day, not the 1990’s,” Thankful said. “Women don’t dress like this anymore.” Thankful was beside the dark lady who had an old Vogue in her ghostly hands. The girl was more relaxed than she had been with Lucia, although the fear of failure remained strong and deep inside her.

“I come from the 1690’s” was all Lucia said. She continued to leaf through the magazine.

“My lady, when will you tell me your name?”

“When will you stop asking me such meaningless questions?”

“When you tell me your name,” she said, as if asking.

The lady rose off the bed as if she were angry with the girl. Thankful scrambled into a corner and cowered.

“I am the Priestess Lucia!” The Dark Witch conceded the disclosure was necessary for the child-witch to advocate properly. Furthermore the dark one grew in confidence and surety that, with the Spell securely upon Oona, “I may call the dead to rise from their tombs, and they will obey me.”

“Okay,” Thankful whispered.

“I see the spirits of the dead and their ancestors, their kin and kinsmen who came after them, and they shall arise from their places in the earth.”

“You’re scaring me,” she whispered.

“I, Lucia, shall take your worthless little body, you weak minded little girl, and do as I please! And soon, very soon, I will do whatever I please to whomever I please. Now, if you do what you are told, then you and perhaps your equally worthless family shall live.”

Locked in terror, the child-witch cowered in the farthest corner of the room.

“I may conjure dark images of those I choose to deceive…or wound…or kill. I shall pull images out of your own little mind. I can see your dead father now.” The Black Witch’s presence smothered the girl’s space. “I shall do the same with your mother’s mind and anyone else of my choosing. Do you hear my words? Do you fear me?”

To these questions the girl only shook.

“In time I shall see even hers.” As she said these things for her own reassurance as well as to frighten the young girl, Lucia clearly referred to Oona. She knew full well she was neither ready to pull tricks from Oona’s mind nor assume the role of the All-Powerful. Lucia was not yet the omnipotent knower of all things. Neither was she the keeper of all things known. The Great Book would deliver those things to her once she dispensed with Oona. And for the moment, patience was the key to destroy Oona the witch. Oona would wither away. Of her own options, Lucia would exercise great caution and distinct purpose. With each and every action she took, Lucia’s strength was diminished. Her emergent spirit required both rest and nourishment to continually replenish. With each and every action she took, Lucia’s strength was diminished.

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