The Witch Bridle

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“Look to The Light, Lieb, and you will see your family when their times arrive. Now is your time; the dark one has been defeated and those who you love are all safe. You must choose now between Eternity and that small sliver of time you had on Earth – something you can never have again. Lieb: your earthly body will never return. Do not be trapped there because Eternity knows no limits. You risk everything now to be with those whom you would love again, but for only a short time longer.” Anton’s eyes looked tired. “Please, mein Lieb, follow the rules and you shall all be together again in Heaven. Forever! Yes, someday, if you only follow the rules.”

“I want to stay relevant to their lives, Opa. I felt that way on Earth too, for sure, and now I still feel it, Opa, here in this place; in this ‘God’s Waiting Room’.”

Anton gave a dismissive wave of his hand. He slowly shook his head from side to side.

“Anton: Hear me out. It was never about love that makes me so passionate about this. It’s Hate! It’s hatred of injustice and greed.”

“What are you talking about, Lieb? Your personal crusades are forever over. Those noble tasks, worthy as they may all be, must be left to others who live on Earth. It does not matter how long you were there on Earth. Forget it! What matters now is what you have here. And you are here, in the Hereafter, to stay.” Privately Anton fully grasped Drew’s dilemma. Sadly, the choice still needed to be made.

Andrew Bohme fell to his knees and when he rose, he turned his face forward to The Light. In a similar way, he would now turn his back to the world of the living.

“Countless others have chosen this path, mein Lieb. I want this for you as well. It is the True Path.”

A few days after their return, Louis turned ten. There was no party and most everyone had other things on their minds. Oona was stunned with her condition and felt many emotions, some not all that bad. She was very happy to be back and also suffered a terrible self-loathing for setting the Lucia calamity in motion. It seemed to Oona that KC accepted, without reservation, the story as told, and that she, Oona, had no hand in Louis’ ruse. And as best as she could determine, everything that happened in the present time remained burned into memories, though with no physical evidence of Lucia’s many misdeeds around them. And where KC had gladly consented to her arrival in the first place, Oona tried to convince herself that ultimately the responsibility was squarely with chance: the Book and the Willing Witch together in the “Province” of Massachusetts.

Now confident the future was secure and free of Lucia, Oona was mostly content. Surely some things needed to be…fixed. And though she returned gravely wounded, she worked hard to quickly adapt her powers to meet all necessities, old and new. Oona was supremely confident in herself and her future. Oona realized she had gained certain powers beyond what she once had. And in place of her physical freshness, there was as strong an air of paranormal presence such as she had never known. It even seemed, as incredible as it was, that spirits of the past, Nabby Goodberry and Hansy Dietrich among them, who would advise her on things that were yet to be.

That evening, after dinner, the family went their ways; KC and Oona descended to the séance room where they found places on the couch. Oona carried a bottle of her favorite red. KC was dressed in her banker’s best: blazer with a matching skirt and t-strap heels.

“Louis cannot return to school looking like this,” started KC. “He should be sent away to school for the short term at least, maybe to Holland. I spoke with Trix the other day, and she suggested several places near Purmerend.”

“And how does Louis feel about that?”

“He agrees wholeheartedly Oona. You know Louis always had a thing for Europe. And he has changed in a lot of ways.”

“There is also home schooling. We could set that up, KC, with no problem; success assured.”

“Along with your nannying of pubescent Charley and the young and wizened witch Thankful? Uh, no thank you!” KC took a short breath and thought of Oona’s questionable influence over her children, and of being together with them too much. Then she took another, longer breath.

“Seriously Oona, what about your ontology practice? What about your predicament? You have a lot going on. I think it’s too much for you to take on home schooling, and we agree we can’t just put Louis back in his school the way he is. He should go to school somewhere, somewhere else, maybe just for the rest of this term; or maybe for the rest of the year. KC paused and looked at her friend; aged but no less striking. “Oona: it is heartbreaking to see my son so…grown up. He’s almost as tall as Charley! And I know that’s not too dramatic, but emotionally it is devastating! I feel we have all been utterly robbed of Louis’ youth. And I need to take a break from this…predicament, and you know Louis has aged emotionally too.”

“I vow my darling, to make things right one day.”

“Oona: you have your own challenges right now, and I know this thing was not your fault.”

“Do not feel sorry for me,” she began, with her trademark French affectation. “I will figure this all out,” Oona said.

“Maybe we can find some ‘cure’ to slow his body down or something?”

“I am not so sure his affliction is ongoing.” Privately Oona conceded that the likelihood of a “cure” for the boy, though possible, was not likely. She could gladly masquerade as his personal doctor, but she needed first to work her magic to restore her own strength. Once she was restored, the chances improved to reverse Louis’ condition. And to do so with great resolve would be the ultimate expression of her love for the family and especially for KC. How her body had aged and her mind and relentless libido had not.

For Louis, the experience surely had changed him though in some mysterious ways that no one, including himself and probably not even Oona, really understood. Beyond the “growth spurt” – Louis was now almost as tall as his teen age brother – Louis had grown in stature of mind well in excess of his ten years. Outwardly he looked a little older, nothing too dramatic. For Louis, the experience alone surely did change him. Inside the boy’s head, and behind his pale blue eyes which everyone adored, his intellect and seer powers were greatly enhanced, no doubt much stronger than when he left. And whatever those learned elements of knowledge really were, for now they were well hidden secrets which he must preserve. And though wizened Louis would settle for “weird.” Their time travel had lost two minutes to Time and taken years perhaps from him. A toll on him, but not all of it bad.

Louis also had those “well preserved artifacts” as Oona called them, from his recent trip; things of great interest to local people or establishments that would pay a lot for old shoes or clothes from that era. Or for an old Horn Book which he stuffed in his pants for his return trip to the present. It remained to be seen what he could do with those small treasures.

KC knew there was a Hereafter and that one day she would feel her husband’s kindness in a warm squeeze. She was certain of that and still she imagined the depths of those worlds she knew nothing about. And there were some things she would never care to know. Thankful was a witch; Louis was a seer; KC got that, but what came to pass far surpassed their known childhood abilities.

“I can’t even rise from this bed. I am so exhausted, so spent, so…content.”

“Well you must rise because I must go to work,” Oona said firmly. This morning her bottomless eyes looked as if they were made poured from a deep pool of black, shimmering water.

Trixi lay there on the bed and pined about their love affair, both past and the present. There could not be a future now; no, not after her love’s transformation. Still Oona was forever the lover and enchantress of whom Trixi always dreamed. Oona’s allure was her voice and her eyes. The magnetic attraction of Oona’s eyes. And her drive! And her prowess. Trixi would never not want Oona.

KC noticed the scent of her French perfume. She hadn’t made love since her husband died. And she wanted to now. There were times they came dangerously close to making love, dissuaded in the end. Her lips moved now, but she could not hear her own words. All the sweeter. She smelled that fragrance even every night she was gone. Do with me now what you do with your girlfriends.

Oona smiled as if she heard KC’s thought. And it was KC who would forever remain her dream conquest, her forever-friend and partner in a shared future. That special someone of whom she had always dreamed.

“It is not how old I am,” Oona winked, “but how young I feel.” With KC aching for love, Oona bared her soul for her, from fifteen years her junior now to fifteen years her senior, and the one who she hoped would look past all her imperfections. Oona’s smile lessened when she thought of her “better days.”

“You don’t have to be pretty to be sexy,” KC stammered. “And you are…so…enchanting still.”


“I notice people and I try not to stare,” KC finally said. She lent a gentle hand of comfort and thoughtfulness to her dear friend seated beside her. The mother of three lamented the terrible price Oona had paid to defeat Lucia with her acts of courage and love, yes love. Oona truly loved her adoptive family. And though she returned “old,” Oona captivated her and she was still lovely beyond words.

Then KCs feelings jumped to the fear of losing control of a tryst. She was suddenly overcome and withdrew her perspired hand from Oona’s. A tryst was all it would ever be for Oona, and of that KC was sure. Oona could never be faithful to her or anyone else. KC simply would never satisfy Oona for very long. It would never last. Her drive, there was too much of it, even with her advanced age, it was inevitably her drive that would take her away. And inevitably the inevitable would begin at the reset mode.

KC had not made love since her marriage was taken from her. Of late, she had thought of dating someone other than Oona. There was one girl she met on the train, a bubbly cute thing she noticed, with a certain look about her. She could have been gay, but KC didn’t think the girl was. With her wandering eyes, and bobbed hair (similar to her own) that fell forward when she read her books, she was just curious, KC thought, and she dreamed. Still nothing at all came of it. And she didn’t care. Off and on, KC struggled with the same sex thing, and thought to make a pass of some kind, but she didn’t have the courage. And she had never done such a thing before. KC’s fears and inhibitions kept her apart and she became lost then hopelessly focused on Oona and, to a lesser extent, faced with the bizarre age difference, only in reverse. And never to a woman so powerful and so self-centered had KC ever been drawn, a woman whose lust was more than love, more of a conquest than cherished feelings between two people. And for Oona who would never settle down and never be content with one true love, KC feared she was no more than a passing attraction.

“Oona: you gave so much to protect our family.”

One day you meet someone…who fits the fantasy.

“I love you for who you are not what you are; and not because you’re a woman, but because you are Oona.” KC thought to herself and wondered if the witch had heard. Oona retained her full breasts, trapped inside of a sheer black tunic. One quarter a Haitian beauty, and three parts French, Oona Neeci was now and always a marvelous blend of female humanity. Yes, this one would definitely do. And with lips you’d love to have latched onto any part of your body. No, never to anyone quite like Oona had KC ever offered herself. No, never more lust than love. KC always explained her feelings candidly and as best as she could. No, never to anyone as self-centered as she. And with whatever she said to Oona, these days there were only sparks and innuendo that flew between them. Am I falling in love or in lust?

Over what seemed like an eternity, Drew, with his Opa’s assistance, compiled the Annals in good “time.” Still Drew was not perfect for Paradise. He’d had problems letting go and with his full disclosures (“The Six Chapters of the Annals”) concerning his time on Earth, the Annals fully engaged Anton, whose Swabian loquacity was always balanced and measured. In all honesty, for Drew there was never a moment for boredom or depression, or anxiety. Better still, all those stories he told inexplicably brought him closer to The Light.

Drew wondered if everyone went through such an ordeal as he had. Most importantly, one Plebian privilege for Andrew Gerhard Boehme, the new Heavenly Plebe, allowed for more direct communication with those gifted enough to reach him. And to have that privilege alone, Drew didn’t mind so much all the eons of time it might take to enter those “Pearly Gates.” Drew, though not enthusiastically, was resigned to the rest of his “life” in the Hereafter. He knew it would get better over “Time.”

“So we can send random pieces of information to our people, right man?” Drew asked with a bit of a swagger. Right Opa?”

“We have gone over that, Lieb, and in a few short moments we shall part and I shall say, “Auf Wiedersehen.”

“Wait a minute. For now, something’s missing. I know something is not right.”

No, you wait a minute!” Anton thundered. Then much more softly he said, “You must wait for Louis to call you.”

“Can’t you use some pull to see what’s going on?”

“Ah, no! We must wait for their next calling, Lieb.”

And just like that, Drew heard something. It was his son. Unmistakable. It was the voice of Louis.

And through her younger son, KC bared her soul to her deceased husband. She talked about the kids and the mysteries around his parting, and said that they were all safe again, thanks to Oona. There was a little problem with Louis, she said, but nothing serious. She talked about Oona, and their age difference; different than KC’s difference from his age. She told Drew that Oona was greatly aged, but scintillated as a vivacious sixty something! Time tested and proven. Yes, Oona was still very beautiful.

“Be wary of Oona,” cautioned Anton. “Recall she knew so soon after your untimely death.”

“I don’t know about that,” Drew responded.

“You are correct, Lieb.” Anton said after a moment. “And I am being a bit vengeful I suppose. Still, Oona has many dimensions, and KC should…be…prepared to deal with her in new ways. Here now, look at your widow.”

And Drew saw his widow, KC, in full and living color. Though she appeared a bit drawn, she was still unspeakably elegant. How he missed her touch.

“Oona has many…friends.” Anton looked deeply into Drew’s green eyes.

“Oh, I get it. Yeah, I’m totally cool with that Anton. No arguments from me. Look: I’ve said it before: if KC wants to do it with somebody, I’d rather she do it with another girl.” Then Drew suddenly looked as if he had a new idea. “We should help her. Come on Anton.”

And before Anton could say, “No,” Drew noticed KC’s continued correspondence through Louis. His wife, his widow, was determined now to begin the rest of her life.

KC choked back her sobs. “So let’s plan on catching up when my time comes, whenever that is.” “You probably know,” she added.

“Yes, I will definitely show you around,” Drew said to Anton, who in turn conveyed the response to Louis, who in turn handed it down to his mother.

The exchange seemed to last for hours and when they were finally through, Drew was confident his wife and kids were okay. He and Anton had passed to a place where Drew could tell it meant the end of something and the beginning of something else.

“This is the place, mein Lieb.”

“So, uh, what do I do if I hear Louis or somebody?”

“Ask any Scribe; they will freely serve you as a conduit, just as I did. Lieb: I must return to the office. It has gotten quite busy. Auf Wiedersehen, mein Lieb. They briefly embraced. “See you again! Bye, Bye.”

And just like that, Drew was on his own. He wiped his brow, though there was really nothing to wipe from his brow. And he turned toward The Light, now a bit closer, and he moved along.

“I think it’s a good idea for us to bond and heal,” KC started. It was an unusually calm Saturday morning. The kids were all somewhere else. And they sat together in the kitchen. “And I think we should hire a nanny.”

“Oh, yes?” said Oona with great interest.

“Yes, and she must be in her eighties, in poor health and appearance.”

“Jealous?” she asked.

“Honestly, yes,” said KC. “You see…I think I’ve fallen in love with you.”

“The love you feel for me now is not the same love as I have for you – then or now.”

“Stop talking in riddles. Truth be told, you have worn me down over the five years I’ve known you.” KC had to take a deep breath and remain calm. “It’s your charms and radiance, your confidence, your guidance at times, and even your indiscretions. For years you have been my most secret and precious of fantasies.” There, she had actually said it! KC shook out her bobbed hair.

“For you my hunger has never lessened,” Oona responded. Sadly, Oona turned away from KC and quietly sobbed. She raised her withered hands to her wrinkled face. “My love for you is unlike anything else I had ever experienced. And now my body is old.” A breath later, Oona turned into a rage. “I shall fight this thing that robbed me of my vitality! And if I must, I shall attempt a Time Trick to the future to return to my past, my youthful existence.”

“Oona,” KC interrupted. “My concept of love is to love those you love, regardless of age…and regardless of gender.” KC kissed Oona softly on the cheek, after which Oona turned her face toward KC. They remained frozen, only inches apart.

Oona was suddenly carried away by a flood of self-doubt. She had dreamed of this moment and now that it was about to become a reality – the start of the “happy ending” – she wanted something else. And with the heavy mantel of unrequited lust squarely upon her, Oona could not believe the moment she had been waiting for had finally arrived and then vanished at the same moment she would acknowledge a loving commitment. Now, even after her transformation and the perceived loss of her physical attractiveness, it was Oona who embraced the old patterns of the life she already had. And after everything, Oona acknowledged her passing attraction to the one person with whom she could settle down. But Oona would never be content with only one. And Oona not only wanted it, but needed her freedom.

They looked at one another.

“No exclusivity,” Oona announced, and she looked straight at KC who did not move an inch. Then Oona added, “I love you and have loved you for years. I will love you forever.”

“Life is not long and love is a song,” KC said and held back tears. KC always saw sex as a commitment. And in spite of all her words to the contrary, Oona did not want a commitment. KC leant toward Oona and buried herself in her bosom. Then she gave Oona a soulful kiss.

“I could never love you in that way.” Oona was briefly torn whether to make love with KC. Then in another moment the two women were stretched alongside one another on the floor of the kitchen.

“This relationship must be on my terms,” Oona continued.

“Shut up and kiss me,” said KC. KC really had fallen in love with her. “Now she loved Oona as Oona had once loved her, though fifteen years her junior.

“I shall be transparent,” explained Oona. They kissed more deeply now and Oona felt the thorough exploration of her body by the novice and hungry hands of her partner. “I profess my sincere love for you, KC, though never my fidelity. And I swear I am devoted to the general well-being of this household.” Then with gentle fingers, Oona meticulously splayed open the lips of KC’s vagina; and gently pinched her lover’s hardened clitoris which would quickly explode in a splintering orgasm.

“I shall place my left leg beneath your right and begin a rhythm which you must follow.” Oona looked deep into the KC’s electrified eyes, her lips parted. And once KC arched her back for the final spasms, they were through. KC collapsed like jelly out of a jar. Oona “got the girl.”

It was hours before the kids returned from their Saturday morning activities. By chance no rides were needed, thanks to a couple of mutual friends with overlapping family interests. Oona got the girl many times over. Her libido was strong as ever, even in her present state, although after the morning with KC, Oona was shamefully fatigued.

They lay in bed, covers off and exhausted, doors open to the modest balcony off the master bedroom. Oona felt content because she was mostly content. With some anxiety, and inclined to follow her all too familiar path in life, Oona sincerely hoped for all those things which were important to her to continue, and she prayed they would remain friends and lovers forever.

She arrived at the Piedmont Urgent Care Center around nine o’clock Monday, once the kids were all safely deposited as school. Oona thought to make a doctor’s appointment first, but she quickly realized there would be too many questions. Aside from the aging, Oona had not felt right since her return from the past. Her afflictions were physical and not paranormal. This morning was bad enough to finally go and see a healthcare professional. Long term, she would need to find a PCP, but for the here and now, she would pay cash, see a clinician, and hopefully be on the road to recovery. She felt tired and as though she was coming down with a good old fashioned case of the flu.

“Hi,” I’m Gaye,” said the face of the Greek Goddess who suddenly stood before her in the Waiting Room.

”Is that so?” Oona said with a smile and a wink.

Painted toes.

Gaye showed Oona to an exam room at the end of a maze of hallways. Inside, the glint of Oona’s diamond nose ring shone bright against the white sterile light of the exam room. Oona leaned closer to Gaye and said slowly with her lips, “Do you require any knowledge of my condition?” She offered the young woman a small smile.

“Oh no,” Gaye demurred. My boss Sara will take care of you.

“Do you work together?”

The woman looked at Oona with a good measure of pride. “We do everything together.”

“Everything?” asked Oona with her eyebrow raised and her trademark smile.

“Everything,” Gaye said, and she finally smiled. She left the exam room and closed the door behind her.

Oona sat in isolation and imagined how a certain employer would be tempted to hire a subordinate – equally stunning in every sense of the term. That the boss would drive the subordinate very hard, day and night. Demand a strict dress code and fitting punishment for even the slightest infraction. “Sometimes roles reverse,” she mused, “and the master becomes the slave.” Oona swiveled in her plastic waiting room chair and imagined she knelt down before her object of worship. And softly she stroked the forbidden fruit with her tongue.

After two quick knocks, a nurse practitioner named Sara entered the room. Sara had a thin, well defined nose and thin lips, and a totally professional and expressionless face, until Oona artfully kissed the hand of the tall and dark young woman. Though diminished in powers and strength since her return, Oona had not lost her charm. Sara’s round face and deep green eyes were most appealing. And the fine lines of her dark brows.

Sara had an odd look at first and was clearly smitten. The married woman was a bit overwhelmed. She felt a gentle surge and a wave of lightheadedness. Sara took a deep breath and a short pause. It was time to examine her patient.

Oona sat up straight on the beige colored examination table. Oona freely allowed the nurse practitioner to do her job, though the great witch and enchantress was dissatisfied with her formerly prized and flawless body. Still the lines in Oona’s face only framed her beauty differently. Her skin showed signs of age, though it retained a richness which was more tanned than most, and more golden than others. Oona’s sun baked skin and her toned legs carried a strong Latin-Caribbean look, and hers was a unique and almost coppery tint in spite of her “age.”

“I see you…are…61? Remarkable physique, I must say,” Sara said. She looked Oona over and continued to review her medical questionnaire.

“Oh, merci ma chère.” The twinkle survived in Oona’s deep and lively black eyes. A testament to her rich quadroon heritage, one fourth black Haitian through her beloved Mamie.

“I feel tired and drained. I feel like I have never felt before, with a nausea which comes upon me occasionally, and not to mention my…lost features; my…youth.” Oona had not changed doctors since she moved from Virginia. And it had been well worth the wait because, as the libidinous witch observed, she was well prepared now to receive every touch of the young nurse who probed her body.

Sara had no idea of the price Oona had paid for her time travel, and she never would.

Oona retained her seductiveness. Nor had she lost her power to woo or to charm and entice.

“My, you are an attractive woman,” Oona finally said with a false timidity. She reached and grazed the doctor’s hand and offered a slight squeeze. Does Sara notice my delicate hands and small curves; and my well-bred voice?

Again Sara took pause. “Let’s do some blood work,” she finally said. “We’ll also take a urine sample. We’ll test what we can here at the center, and we’ll send the rest out.” Sara smiled slightly and bowed her head to Oona. Her high pony-tail betrayed Sara’s relative youth. Oona’s thorough examination continued.

“I see you have no trace of menopause.” Sara was most acclimated to matters of women’s health. “That’s highly unusual for a woman your age.”

Oona smiled at the word “age” and leaned closer to the nurse, her lips slightly parted. Her eyes were slightly cooperative and fully playful.

“When was your last period?” Sara asked.

“About March fifteenth,” said Oona.

“There’s no dryness down there and I believe you said your breasts are a bit tender, though your nipples are not sore. Are they?” Sara paused and stood with one hand up to her chin.

Oona locked eyes with the young Sara and shook her head from side to side. She reckoned the nurse was about the same age as her former self had been: twenty-nine.

“In fact, your breasts look a bit enlarged and they seem full. Your vital signs and your ENT all look good. There are no obvious infections or inflammations. There’s no sign of the flu. And with the dizziness, the tenderness, the upset stomachs and the vomiting you described, I’d say you could be pregnant.”

Moi?” Oona hastily placed her hands over her belly. With Child?

“If you can wait, we ought to confirm that in just a few minutes. And if it’s positive, we should go ahead and check size and dates with a quick ultrasound.”

The thorough examination ended where it had started. And a few minutes later, the report results came back positive.

“So you are saying I am pregnant?”

“Yes, you are,” Sara said, as if she could hardly believe her own words.

Oona stretched out her hand to the doctor and grasped it gently. “I make love with both men and women, but Sapphic tendencies do not get women pregnant.” Something happened with that farmer. “And this is one reason why I prefer women. And another is: women are far more sensuous.”

Sara smiled bashfully, eyes down. She dared not to look at the enchantress.

“Tell me, ma chère, is that not a Shake Weight exercise tool?” The perfect toy.

“It is. We use it for PT.”

“You and Gaye?”

“Never mind the toy – I mean the tool – uh, the weight!”

“Rhythm, yes, Rhythm only,” Oona smiled and calmly transitioned the subject. “Tell me: do you have children?” It could have been Angry Indian.

“Ah, no,” said Sara, more anchored now.

“Are you married, ma chère?”

The NP stood frozen. “Yes,” she finally said and waved her left hand at Oona, with a simple gold band on her ring finger.

“I see.” Oona smiled again and spoke volumes through her eyes, surrounded by a soft hazy green and earth tone shadow.

“You know I have always had a thing for married women.”

“Yes, married women should rule the world,” young Sara feigningly responded.

“No, really, ma chère.” Oona looked deeply into the young woman’s eyes and added, “And I am accustomed to getting what I want.”

Shyly and exasperated, Sara looked away and asked, “So, how did you get pregnant, if you don’t mind me asking?”

Oona was silent. “How does anyone get pregnant? Love, lust, circumstance?” She supposed that time travel was among the one percent of circumstances that were not protected by the Pill. Of course Oona traveled intentionally with no protection. Oona thought for another moment and then spoke evenly: “Something must have rendered my Pill-protection useless when I traveled to the seventeenth century a few weeks ago.”

Or it may have been that man with the gummy smile, or it could have been the ship captain.

“Oh, I see,” said Sara. She had a small smile at the corners of her mouth. “You’re silly.” She kept her smile.

Still the alluring one, Oona gave the physician’s hand another squeeze. Even with her outward appearance of age, Oona was truly remarkable, with her wild, white tresses and her bronze skin visible behind her well-formed garments.

Sarah took a very deep breath. She left her hand with Oona’s and said, “What I mean is your pregnancy is normal for a 30 year old woman, but there are elements of your body –your heart, your metabolism, your hair and such, and God knows what else among your internal organs, that confirm you are someone much older. Your skin (and she grazed Oona’s cheek with her free hand) is still quite beautiful. It shows elements of an age much younger than your years.”

“I have been under a considerable amount of stress lately,” Oona began more seriously. “There have been many challenges and many difficulties of late, and I would not be surprised if you, my dear, have similar challenges.” Oona looked almost pleadingly at her care giver, then brightened her demeanor and said, “On the other hand, my premature aging is not entirely bad.” She looked deeply into Sara’s blue eyes. “With age comes experience you know.”

Sara stared at her patient.

“Do something wrong or go against who you are and you ‘piss off’ your fans,” Oona said and winked her wink. “I have had quite the shambolic experience over these last few weeks, ma chère.”

“I would like very much to follow-up with you,” said Sara. The clinician looked amazed and confused. And she could feel the attraction. It was as if a magnet had taken hold of her senses.

“I will have the admin set something up,” said Sara who broke off eye contact with her patient.

“Or we could just meet, anywhere you wish.” Oona said.

“Perhaps we could do something…over lunch…or dinner perhaps. You are an amazing woman,” she declared.

“Of course, ma chère. Of course.”

“I mean your condition is remarkable.” She motioned for Oona to lay back on the table and Sara gently laid her hands on her belly and moved them steadily all over her. “I want to see you in about a week.”

“I feel better already,” and Oona. She rose back to a seated position at the end of the exam table. She broadened her smile to which was added a glint of her nose stud. “Perhaps we can do a full workup and a complete physical.” Oona put her mouth on Sara’s bare neck.

“I look forward to it,” Sara answered stiffly, and took a very deep breath and moved away. She stood near the side of the table, as if to consider her next move.

“Absolutely,” Oona agreed.

Then, as if in a trance, the nurse practitioner added, “Yes, we must follow-up soon.” Sara seemed to force herself away from Oona, and she moved toward the door.

Oona remained on the examination table and looked fully at her latest fan. For this lovely novice, Sara was surely worth the wait.

And I cannot wait to tell KC the good news.


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