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Chapter 2

After dropping his daughter off at the school yard, Liam decided to run to the police station and see if they had found anything.

“Well we did find one thing,” The officer told him.

Liam’s eyes lit up with hope that they found something that would help them find his wife.

“We were looking around the area that we had found the car and we found this.” He said holding up a crimson red coat. “We found some longer hair on it and it matches up with the hair samples you sent in for us.”

“Yeah, that’s her jacket.” Liam told him with a look of pain on his face.

“Right now I we can't say for sure but we are starting to think that the only conclusion for this is either a run away or, a suicide. Sir we have searched that entire woods and found no trace of your wife other than the coat. We will let you know if we find anything else out. All you can do now is let us know if you hear from her and take care of yourself and that daughter of yours.”

Liam walked out of the station with tears in his eyes, and got into his car just as his phone started ringing,

“Hello, is this Lindsey’s dad?” The lady on the other line said as he picked up.

“Um, yes? Why what happened to her?” His voice shaking, panicking and thinking about what could have happened. He’s never gotten a call from the school about Lindsey.

“Hello, is there any chance you could come in so we could talk about your daughter Lindsey? I’m a little worried about her.”

"Yes I'll be right in."

(At the school)

“Thank you very much for coming in on such a short notice Mr. um what is it?”

“Just call me Liam”

“Okay well thank you for coming in. So about Lindsey. She’s always been a very good student, but lately we’ve noticed her falling behind a bit. I’m not sure if this has something to do with her mom disappearing or if it’s something else. Have you noticed anything different about her? Like difference in what she’s reading or eating or behaving?”

“Um no ma’am not really. I mean she’s been keeping to herself a lot more but I’m sure that’s because of her mom. I can talk to her and see what’s going on when she comes home after school.”

“Thank you very much Liam”

(After School)

Throwing her book bag on the chair and running up to her room Lindsey was determined to figure out what happened to her mom. Everyone said it was a suicide or kidnaping but she knew there was more to it than that. There was something going on in those woods and she was going to find out what it was.

“Lindsey, come down here please.” She heard her dad say as she was running up the stairs.

Stopping in her tracks she made her way back down the stairs and sat down on the couch by her dad.

“What’s up dad?” She said as she kicked off her black boots.

"The school called. They said you have been falling behind and have noticed some different behaver from you. What's going on?" Liam asked his daughter with concern in his eyes.

"Dad I think I might have an idea on what happened to mom AND the 2 brothers who went missing, there something in those woods and I'm going to find what it is."

"Lins, listen to me. There is nothing in that woods. Okay? I get your upset about your mom but that doesn't mean you can just go around saying there's some weird thing in the woods. I want you to calm down and try to focus on school , and let the police figure this all out. This is their job, not yours. Okay?" Liam snapped at her.

Hurt, Lindsey nodded her head, picked up her boots and made her way back up to her room.

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