Diary of a Gay Man in Love with His Straight Best Friend

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Ro is no longer in the picture and new characters take over. Enter the hot twink Outlaw who will change Tom's life forever and become his greatest friend and constant love interest until a tragic end.

Tom Peter Gallagher
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Chapter 1

Continue from diary of a gay warlock’s novice.

New beginnings

The end?

Da fuck! It aint over till my fat dad sings.

I just took a break but the diary never ends until you stop reading or I have enough and finally top myself. Its been about three months since we last spoke and everything changed and all the players of the game are different too. I couldn’t cope with living with Abbie (psycho tranny) and she turned into an uber bitch and kicked me out. I came crashing back to leeds and had to move in with parents for a few weeks. I quickly came back to Middlesbrough and bought a bastard printer reselling business scam for Marcus (marcunt). I moved in with Chris and we worked the business but the printers were broken and we are stuck with 11 broken printers that no one wants and we can’t shift them. Thanks to psycho tranny she drove a wedge between me and Ro and we never really recovered. She told me he never cared about me, played me and called me a twat and she told him I called him a cunt. As a result in the second diary Ro was no longer my hero and become the cunt of the diary until he was given final cut and that version can never be read. The poodle rants on youtube were crap and I gave up, Ro warned me if I ever made a video about him calling him a cunt he would punish me so I quit making them. We text a little but we aren’t really friends anymore and sometimes I really miss him, we used to average about 100 messages a day and going to practically nothing is a great pain on my heart. Moving in with Chris I met up with Andi again the twunk off a gay app and we started dating but he is now known as Andi the twat. He was camp, in ya face, stole from me and felt up my friends behind my back. The final straw was at Kassim’s birthday party (fruit juice) where he was a twat and pissed everyone off and gave me an anxiety attack add lizzie had one too. I politely told him the next day to calm it down and he dumped me. I was upset and spent a lonely depressing week all alone and it was a miserable week. I have suffered a lot of anxiety attacks yeah they still happen and we started another bastard business as data miners with sapon, the bindians (bastard Indians) and hired akil a new bindian worker. We take an order on a number of emails and CV’s give a quote then mine for the data. The problem, the bindians always need upfront payment and payment on completion then no one ever pays and we never close the deal. The final one was with Joe for 15000 Cv’s for £13.5k. He always maintains I will get paid time and time again then the money never arrives then he disappears for days and we go through it all again. My debt is maxed out and there is no more credit and I am surviving on my wits alone. The main new player is Matthew Outlaw (bandit) a gorgeous young twink and my muse for this diary. He is so handsome, 20, gorgeous smile and he became my best friend and I have developed strong feelings for him, even before I knew he had a ten inch cock. He is a head fuck as he is straight but such a gay flirt always kissing and hugging me and loads of other gay men too. He essentially is straight for now and has slept with approximately 200 women quite a feat for a 20 year old and only one gay man when he was smashed out of his head. He calls me his GBF and I think about him all the time, he has taken over from Ro as my conversation friend and we chat everyday on facebook. I have continued going to gay group and have developed close bonds with many members. At Kassim’s birthday party he started dating Adam and I picked up my furniture and what psycho tranny left behind to fill the pare room and Adam moved in. We have our own nuclear family now where I am considered the dad, chris is the mum and Adam is out son. Not really how I panned my life at 36 but it’s better than nothing and better than the hell of living with my parents at 36. Recently at gay group Ben turned up a cute 34 year old gingery guy who has the most awesome personality of all the gays he is so charming and bonded with everyone on his first visit. Jynx fro gay group was playing footsie with him under the table but Ben noticed we chatted on a gay app so he finally gave me the hug in person he promised and we chat frequently and I hope something may develop one day. I had a strange spiritual experience one day with a bit of banter on Ro’s social media he said I would go to hell. That night I felt like I was dying and my soul was going to hell and woke up with aching kidneys for a day as though my soul was lost again. The next night I felt a spiritual cleanse again and was back to normal however my magic was gone and I can no longer connect to source, train to be magician and I finally get to rest at the end of this life and don’t reincarnate. Ro was at a loss and said it had never happened before although I don’t know if it was he who took my magic I guess I will never know.

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