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When all is going well one accident kills her family and lands Elizabeth Hartley in a coma for 17 years. Only when she wakes up she realizes it's easier to remain unconscious than to forget the past. 58-year old woman, Elizabeth Hartley, retells her tragic and one-of-a-kind life story. With sweet memories, and sharp, startling twists, the author carefully shaped the story to answer many questions one may ask about the many hardships a person faces throughout his/her life.

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Chapter 1: Bitter Memories

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”~Bil Keane

I’ll never forget that day. That day that happened to change my life forever. That day that alternated every seed of hope, happiness, and memories into a spiraling array of confusion. That day that blocked my life from blossoming into what it was meant to be. August 7 of 1999. Never. Never will I ever forget that day.

My life was going just the way I wanted: I had a family, my art career was excessively successful in the market, and I was finally able to plan out where I was to travel for the next 2 years. With paints and brushes on one hand and kids on the other, I was doing fine. There’s an old saying, that goes quite well with the situation. When all goes well, one goes wrong. It’s funny thinking about it, almost ironic. In my case, you would have to change it to when all goes well, all goes wrong. It’s hard to acumen the reasoning behind the distribution of suffering to one being and joy to another. Some name it faith while others suppose afterlife balances out a person’s experiences. If that’s so, I’d be more than willing to go to my afterlife. In fact, I’d take the first bus out of this life. But I’m already chained to my surroundings. I’ve only now been able to truly embrace myself and my past after so long, so I guess I’d take that back. Afterlife can wait, for now.

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