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Morally Right

By Sheila Woolum All Rights Reserved ©


Morally Right

Why do we need answers, why do we want answers, why do question, we hope we are treated right, we hope we do the right thing, we hope we make the right choices in life,

I was standing on a hillside in the wind, by the lake , with a fishing rod in my hand with the winds upon my back, in Love, and feeling the wind beneath my sails, and when someone you should put your hopes and dreams into the reality funny , how odd that works, inspired to do stories, given by choice, a voice of reason, that spoke to me.

Do you think this is Morally right, oddly you of all people want to express how to treat others , you feel that they need to know in Life, you feel life needs to be told a lesson, and here you find yourself doing the very same thing , that you are against ,

Morals ,,I have to laugh , it is the very same thing I am writing about , waiting to feel as pain as people in this world gives you for lack thereof without reason and without excuse but to pull the pain back upon themselves in silence in hopes you will turn the head in the other direction, or hopes you will forget , because they as people will never give account for their actions, take the responsibility for hurting others in this day and age because it has became a selfish time bomb, something they prey as the lions in the night in waits to eat the prey , to feed upon the flesh as the lamb has no choice but to be lead in silence to the slaughter , they wait to catch them with Honey and melt the dew off the back of the ears, of the Honeycomb from lies of deceit they wait to tell them stories of fantasies that never has the happy ending, they wait to tell them of fairy tales as Mysteries to catch their hearts like the net upon the Oceans, they wait to catch them as the donkeys feet caught in the net, they snare them up to lie and eat them for the feast before their eyes,

they are the deceivers those that tell the stories of the Balls without the Carriage to pick them up to find the rotting flesh behind them as the stench within the wheels of the others that are before them and will be after, you will follow the the Ball, you will your own, you will be told you will have you Glass slipper upon the Castle of Promises you will be there for your own Ball only to find that others are also invited you will watch them play the Music as you get to sit it out , you have been deceived , you will be deceived. you will dress as pearls and lace falls across your Beauty , and the greatest horses will come to take you in the night, to carry you beneath the prisons of the Moon, the forest will give a hollow back and you can feel the Barren land as the thistles and thorns falls beneath the sides, you will swallow the Blood from the vines and grasp for air before the thunderstorms calls your names, the storms will rage and you will find yourself lost in the Whirlwind of confusion ,, Because you have been invited to your Ball of Musical whims and fancies only to find the joke was on you to began with.

Never worry about the Music , they say it plays in your own Soul, they say it comes back at night, there where flutes that play to the beat of the heart, but they say it fell beneath the mystery and it never grows old, there are two Mask upon this earth that we are allowed to wear, the Masquerade ball that your invited to will be the one that you will wear, but it is the form of silence of the mystery of the real and the fake , we are as humans try to find the Prince beneath the barren , and the Mask that was once sold in silence for his own punishments and self worth , he still waits to dance with his bride, but the cost will be for his own Dance and the Mask he will choose to wear.”

Morally right ,

How can we perceive anything to be but wrong or right when we are left without answers, Morally right,

how can we love when others do not know what Love is , or how or sustain the unwinding venture of it all

Love how can one know what love is , and be morally right , without being wrong,

it is an endless journey to the winding path that makes it wrong and right , Morally right

Morals based on endless painful persecutions of timeless battles of those that has gone before our walks to make the path a gateway for our walk , Morally right our love our Kindness something we have no idea about but our own walk,

Morally right it may be something we know nothing about but everything in due season, Morally right,

walking as though we never can tell what our journey takes us but giving to the others without knowing our hearts, why do we search for answers knowing them , knowing that we have them , can we as people gain trust within ourselves to trust again , to trust for the gain of self venture , self-gratification, Morally right, we as people have gained a sense of battle wounds and pick others to blame for our lack of perseverance , something we can only blame ourselves for our own crippled feet , our bending knees without our walk , something we should not embrace but to walk standing to walk upright without bent knees, are we feeble within our own prisons of punishment , is it easier to blame others for what we bring upon ourselves,.

there has to be a time clock for that we put our hands to the plow , there are always reaction to an action that we put forth in our minds and lives, that is called Karma , for better words it’s called giving back to ourselves for if we give to others and it would bring something full circle then it would give us nothing better than a Mirror of the crimes that we put upon our own self , or flesh , can we really handle the truth, can we actually see the scars we cause other Human beings,

Being Human isn’t easy but being loved seems to come with a price, is it that we pay out what we can afford , or is it that we buy something with a credit hoping to get something in return, there are ways to do things in this life, some ways are better than others, recently I have seen others that offered advice on how to live my life to inspire someone else, waiting to an open line, I am living it , I hope to see the Love that I am thinking that others deserve but sometimes the eyes and heart is blind sometimes we are Blinded by prisons of passion , prisons of pain , sometimes we cannot forgive to love, our hearts are full of pride and selfish gain , what is in it for me , why do I need to give without anything in return, if our lives is based on getting , and our lives are based on taking , what do we then give back , are we to expect anything for ourselves, lack of love , lack of grace , lack of life, how could we expect to show others , if we cannot be an example of Love.

Morally right, how can we know the two differences, we are to blame for our own self if we cannot give to others and then in turn to expect, it’s a short glory to ourselves, but if we walk uphill on our Bending knees then we may make it on a slower pace but by a pace we will make it , if we run the race of our own mountains, then we take a chance of slipping and falling back down in the valleys , but that is the chance we must take in this world,

Morally right, this is a Book based upon values , perseverance in life and struggles when our world is ending and the Mountains cave upon our Backs , it’s up to us to push forward, and that goes within guessing as Love and giving and also doing for others today .

Our walk on this planet has become so self consumed with self, we have become a lazy generation , self-sacrificing to ourselves, we have had Children to allow in hopes for grand parents to raise the children as we watch the Fathers lack of responsibility for their seed upon Man kind , how could it be that we are hoping others pick up the slack for our lack, and work , how is that most Men now days are working less , in hopes that the struggle for the Home would be bent by Women , now the Divorce rate has went off the charts, what hopes do we have as a family , as a father and mother figure , what hopes do we have where is the ties that Bind up the pain and those that wait to help raise children for the New Generation, where is our hope.

what happens to our children with drugs that hope to lose our minds and escape nothing but madness into the poverty-stricken homes, and also in the wealthy avenues, what happens to the hope.

Where are the Mirrors of hope , why do we hope to see what we are afraid to see and still go blind to our own self lack, people walking by people and in hopes they cannot see, Morally right there before their eyes, it’s better for them that they can sleep in their own pain , without acknowledging it in front of their eyes, they will blind fold themselves to the World and hope it goes away , they will hope it fixes itself oh what Man as done to himself,

We sit and watch our own self hang ourselves with our own rope upon the Podiums of lack of ability to give to the insight without our Blindness of passions only for our side left or right to hope no one sees us do nothing, we put our hands down to the sides as we are led as sheep to the slaughter we are without a voice,.

a voice that leads us to the pastures where is the waters that split for us , are we leading or are we following , do we hear or are we deaf to the silence of the tears we do not hear from around the World, how could it be so , are we def, we hope that others into the darkness has a better answer a way of right , when the right is before own self .

it is our Heart that gives and our own mouth that can raise the Banner of self-proclaimed freedom , we are moving into a sad generation when we have thrown our hands up to the Bigger fish to be swallowed up by the sea, we wait as the Hook bares within our mouths we wait as the fisherman comes in for the day and then hooks us as though we had no choice, why be silent when our hopes are within our own self, why look to others for a hand and way , when your way is right before your own eyes, it is the path, we can help lead the water , but when the water is there and we have lack of Motivation for change ,

well the water will dry up and we will not make it there, we hope that the time is now , but if we keep putting off time, then the time passes , and we are without the thirst quenched, we are thirsty as a people , thirsty and tired for the same , we want change, but do not know how to get it , we look for the boards upon the roads to give us signs , something new something different.

We are the change, we are the difference, we are the People , we are the hearts, we are the Souls , change will come , when we want change. and until then we have none. we will walk up the hills with the slaughter and the sheep with the Blind folds upon our Backs and we will keep silent for others to tell the stories , but it is our own mask that we wear to give back to Society , we are the people we are the voice of freedom we cannot be right without the right. we cannot be wrong without the wrong, we are the People.

we will give to new beginning only to take back the old, for if we bear fruit of another kind then we cannot bear our own, we are the people , we live in our own mask, we have our own time, we are the people. how is it so we are so ashamed of what others will think if we have a voice , how is it so if you are a male or female and you have a voice about your own mind you would be looked as though you never belonged, how sad it is today for today’s people to walk away without the voice, we are silenced by fear , and although we feel we have freedom our freedom as been in disguise our freedom has slowly been taken away from us , we feel it is ok , to take from the left to give to the right , and take freedom from one hand to give it to another , where are the people who gives from both sides. you hang as the chalice as the Justice she weighs in Balance as her eyes are blind folded before her , she hopes to give back to the Justice that is before her , she waits for the call of the people to give back to her time, she holds them up high in weights before her as a struggle to balance it all , she is Morally right.

it is you the people that has the choice of the scales, they weigh before you as the mask holds it tight upon your face, and you will have the choice to balance good and evil , left and right, it is your choice as the people to tempt your grace to do what is right upon this Planet, this earth, we have been taught Men’s rules men’s guidelines, we have been taught freedom through books and others opinions , we have been abandoned in hopes of waiting for someone to tell the truth , but what is the truth ,

is it our hearts , what is the truth do we know it when we feel it. our thoughts would be our own guidelines, we are Morally right. when our hearts becomes the chains of Justice, within our own self , we are the People.

we have fallen from grace to grief , we have taken from our children to give to the oldest, we have considered ourselves the moral and done what we thought, we hope we have the right answers, we have become the double minded fools, someone who has no answers in hopes that we do the right thing, we are double minded generation with an arrow of Justice in one hand and a noose in the other. we take from the poor to give back to the rich , we set up a Government in hopes to make it work for others as we hide the ones that founded the truth upon the Blood grounds of the battlefields , we have erased History from our eyes in the pain and punishment that the world has given most people it has followed people for Years and we look away , those Men that fought the Blood baths we hope that was not in vain , some could say you can still fill their pain and hold the hands of the Motherless , we can hold up the hands that support our own self taking lives of Innocence within the wombs of Mothers, while we pay the price with our own Money that we give back the system, we take the hope from the greater and give the very same speech to mock those that are in positions while the doors are shut to the crime of passions and sickness within its walls of freedom of speech and Religion, we have been Man for so long that we have forgotten to be Human.

we are set in a motion to give nothing back but to understand , we can promote freedom on one and lock you away for the very same thing that we promote and sell , you can undertake the change to be locked away for the thing that science , will give you for medicine and the traditional aspect of what our Natives and all tribal people have been involved in since the Beginning of time, Morally right,

Morally right, we can give a voice in the Wilderness and none will want to hear, Morally right , you can help build the arch and wait for the floods but none will want to build , we will wait in the waters and wait upon the thunders from Heaven,

Morally right.”

This Book was inspired to be based upon a time I was between hope and without hope , but as the earth turns she doesn’t slow down to give breath , she just does what she knows how to do , and turn without asking any questions, because she does not wait upon the Sun nor the Moon , she gives back to the people without question, ”

Sheila Woolum June 29th 2015 (C)

in our race, we walk but forget to run to the finish line, how could it be so that we blame others for our own self respect and the right or wrong way of thinking, how could it Morally right

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