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Rhythm and Melody

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If you’re already doing a dance or looking to head into the carrier of Dance you will love watching Wayne McGregor. At this stage, I want to stay with music as music is the expression of emotion Rhythm and Melody is about helping people who are looking for advice in getting into the arts of Singing, Music, Dance, Musical Instruments, Acting, Comedy and Musicals Rhythm and Melody gives people an understanding and helpful information on advancing their careers in these areas.

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Steve Bowker
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Steve Bowker

Sound waves are the same, they travel through a medium by making atoms or molecules shake back and forth. But all sound waves are different too, Each wave can be big or small: big sound waves have what’s called a high amplitude or intensity and we hear them as louder sounds. Then we incorporate sounds into music thanks to today’s digital age we are able to show you exactly how that is possible. Something that would have been impossible to do back in the 90s. The rise of the machines (sorry not Terminator or Sky Net) I don’t think I could afford Arnold Schwarzenegger, to do the clip. Which is just as well as Arnold was more into Action movies than he was studying music.


This will give you a good sense of music Transforming Noise Into Music | Jackson Jhin can do

better than I ever could explain it. Noise Into Music well it best if you watch and have Jackson Jhin explain it. As a quick run down De-constructing what it is that makes music, Notre Dame student Jackson Jhin uses both sound and imagery to explore the delicate balance between predictability and variability that makes the human ear (and brain) interpret harmonies as appealing—and dissonance as noise. In this topic we will cover Dance and what it means, we have A Choreographer’s Creative Process in Real Time Wayne McGregor talks to us about Choreography but that’s later


I know if you’re already doing a dance or looking to head into the carrier of Dance you will love watching Wayne McGregor. At this stage, I want to stay with music as music is the expression of emotion. Firstly, a listener could perceive any emotion in a piece of music; and in a non trivial sense, it would be inappropriate to claim that the listener is wrong. The subjective impression of an individual listener Can not be disputed on objective grounds.

The one way to index emotional expression is to accept the unique impressions of individual listeners: Whatever a listener perceives in the music is what the music is expressing, does that make sense, how often do you relate a mood to some kind of music you have heard earlier that day? Music also relates to passion joy heartache and pain, while music opens up our music senses and touches our in dauphins. that course pleasure with in us all. Music is that emotion that tells our body to move which we relate to dancing. feeling or an emotion is the things that motivate us at least once in our daily lives. description of a works does not fill in the blanks of expression because it lacks an answers, we will try to make it this, expression assumes a connection between music and emotions, this happens in different ways. Feeling music is one such way many of us are moved by music in many ways and that comes back to our emotion at the time, good bad happy sad we choose songs to live and work by our day its filled with music no matter where we are. You may have the radio on in the back ground as you read this or music on your lap top, Phone in your car or boat, music is in our hearts. Another form of music is brings us into the instruments that make music


showing you the solo of each performer will allow you to hear their rhythm and style, there are more musical instruments out there than I would like to name but saying that everyone has a unique purpose and a quality of sound.

The children who attended schools in the seventies will remember the instruments we were given at school it was either a flute or a triangle. Something few of us managed to master. Although back then with music from the Beatles, Jimmy Hendricks and the Big Bopper we were all aspired to play the guitar or drums, for those who did not have the voice to be lead or back up singers. With records coming out faster than cars, singers and bands raced to get their new songs on vinyl EMI , VOICE and APPLE records being the major recording companies produced thousand of records and make hundred of singers and bands famous from vinyl to the radio, into peoples homes and cars it launched the music industry and the music too great heights, with more popular singers and bands becoming household names, the more concerts and shows were performed around the world. Rock music, popular, or pop music had its origins in the mid 50s and 60s. Popular music is different to rock in that it uses simple melodies, harmonies and words to create great songs or ballads that are easy to remember and had a wide appeal to the younger generation. Pop songs are more likely to be influenced by fashions and are more short lived in their popularity than, rock music ever was. Bands like AC/DC , Metallica ABBA and Australian Crawl Dominated the Australian charts with hit after hit. The Bee Gees are an example of an Australian pop group that achieved international success as singers, songwriters and performers. The brothers Gibb emigrated to Australia from Britain as children Two Australian pop musicians who may be considered ambassadors for our pop industry are John Farnham and Olivia Newton-John. Whilst both were born in England they are two of our most loved and popular singers. John Farnham’s first notable recording was Sadie the Cleaning Lady although written in America the song was sent to Australia with a load of other cassette tapes that were rejected by the American studios. In 1968 it became the largest-selling single by an Australian artist of the 1960. In 1981 John Farnham went on to join the Little River Band as lead singer. Female artists like Olivia Newton-John’s first major success was in 1974 with the single I Honestly Love You, which was a hit in the UK and the USA. While in 1974 Olivia Newton-John’ was awarded the Country Music Association’s Female Vocalist of the Year. She then starred with the musical Grease which became one of the biggest musical of its time. Still, today being performed on stages around the world as well as ABBA,and MAMMA MIA. For those who have lived under a rock for the last two decades ABBA was a Swedish pop group formed in Stockholm in 1972 by members Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, and Anni-Frid Lyngstad ABBA was also the name of a Swedish canned fish company; fortunately, they agreed to lending their name to a pop group. The Eurovision Song Contest on April 6, 1974, turned out to be the most famous moment in ABBA history when the group won the international juries over with ‘Waterloo’ From there they performed around the world till the band split up but from their legacy became a musical MAMMA MIA. the outline of the story. Set on a Greek island paradise and inspired by the story-telling magic of ABBA’s classic songs, writer Catherine Johnson’s heart-warming tale tells us of a young bride-to-be, on the eve of her wedding, who wants to discover the identity of her father. She brings together three men from her mother’s past, back to the island they last visited 20 years ago.

To see some of this I have added a clip from MAMMA MIA


When we think about musicals are mind can wander far and wide


Music and dance The deep cultural connections Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have with the land and sea are also kept alive through their art, music and dance that is taught to each new generation. Every culture has a respect for dance and music and there are many forms of all from flamenco to rock, jazz to classical, just to name a few. Spanish dance it self has always been famous over the centuries as Spain is an example of a country where the art of dance has been developed extensively. So much so, that dance could be said to be the national art of Spain. In fact, Flamenco has been considered to be of such value to Spanish culture. With the expansion of the Spanish empire, many of the Spanish colonies began developing their own styles of dance based on those performed by the Spanish men and women. The Philippines is an excellent example of this as they still dance some

of the old Spanish folk dances. The world is full of art and

expression. From children to adult hood we love to sing and dance we love to perform Pantomimes, Plays, Shows. Our body allows us to show their expressions and movements some more vigorously than others, but we enjoy doing it. Dancing is art like a picture is art to a painter. Dance is art to the dancer and music is art to the singer. We all represent art when we paint sing or dance. And to get the best of our selves we listen to the people who know how to perform this art and make it fun and entertaining. Already I have introduced Wayne McGregor another person whom I love and admire in the Choreography field is Paula Abdul. And I believe you will get a lot out of this video


Paula has a great style. I know many will be saying Paula is old school but what is wrong with old school? So I will also add for the Y generation of today “BAD AND BOUJEE” - Migos Dance


There are so many videos you can get know on you tube so if you have a favourite Choreography watch and study their moves. What you have to be aware of when you perform as a group in a musical is that you are a group and you must perform as a unit.

Community bands, groups and choirs not only provide great featured music for local events, they are shining example of the simple joy of making music with others. All ages and experiences are invited to dust off the vocal chords or restring the guitar and join their local group they sing together in harmony they train together to get that sound they want. The same can be said for Dances the routines they use have to be uniformed or it looks like a train wreck. It is said that Your team is a collection of leaders. It’s a collaboration of personalities, interests and talents. It takes a special person to relate to such a diverse group of individuals. Perhaps you’ve been given the chance to serve as team captain.

Or maybe you’re a hopeful candidate. Either way, it is important to approach the position with poise. A quality captain strives to improve themselves and their team. You are expected to wear many hats. Although keep in mind that there can only be one captain in any team. “Why”? you might ask. Well I will tell you but to do that first off I have to explain what a captain must be, you are easy to respect you don’t abuse your power on other team members, your team-mates value your authority and don’t take advantage of you. Your role as a team captain is to set an example and behave well with others. That you are fair and confront issues head-on, that you are prepared to listen to team members and allow them to have a voice and allow them to express their opinion. Be firm but fair remember that you are the captain of the team and they look to you for inspiration, your job is to push your team and to get them to step outside of their comfort zone. You deliver constructive criticism effectively. As a good leader, you should develop a programme which is interesting, relevant to you and your team. Along the way, you should all have fun, make friends, learn new skills. When dancing if you’re lead,and somrthing goes wrong this can take the form of doing a move you thought would work and it doesn’t. It could be your mistake or perhaps your dance partner is new to the move, hence it didn’t work. A good Lead will always improvise. They will go with the flow, adjust, and turn that blunder into something beautiful. Practice is the key to anything in life you want to excel at. In life, when you communicate with confidence, your people can follow your lead more clearly. And if you don’t, they may pick up that insecurity and stumble on their feet along the way. Always encourage your team. Congratulate them when you get a routine down pat. Remember that your team members need to know you appreciate the hard work they’re putting in.

Jazz and Swing are great to work in your moves when practising a new routine. I have added a video from Lindy hop site. Lindy Hop is by far the best dance style. To be here, you are probably like us and you are really passionate about Lindy. You are probably taking classes and going to workshops, local and international. Lindy hop is addictive and a big part of your life. When you find it you can’t live without it anymore. This is why you also love to spend hours to look for Lindy videos on you tube. And if you are like us, you are always trying to find interesting new moves to practice


These types of moves can be added in your routine there simple to learn and simple to teach to your team.

We are one, that’s the battle cry to the audience as, they see you on stage watching every movement synchronised and choreographed to perfection. Are you aware of how many people at that performance look for that one person who is out of sync while you are performing? Believe me when I say it’s a good 40% of the audience. And do you know how many find them? Less than 1% because 99.99% of acts that go on stage are flawless, this is to do with practice, professionalism and standers, it is because of this fact that no artist performs an act unless that performance is 110%, of course, we are talking about the professional artist not your run of the mill kids show or amateur performers. We can all laugh at how well Cindy did at the kinda show although little Johny lost his pants. Or how your sister and her band forgot the words in the little river band number they were performing at the local dance last month. These mistakes are expectable for these amateurism events. They are not when you are looking at going

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