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Commanders Of The Galaxy: Pilot

Okay. Chloe emailed me, and asked me what happened to the book, as she saw it had been removed and wanted feedback, concerned that had to do with Inkitt itself.

First, let me alleviate any concerns for my readers by saying; It’s definitely not the site. As I’ve told Chloe; Commanders Of The Galaxy is currently enrolled in Amazon’s KDP Select program, the contract for which requires amazon to have exclusivity to the title during that time. That will be finishing up sometime in december, after which, the book will make a reappearance in some form here on Inkitt, likely in promo form, as I’m also selling paperbacks now.

Furthermore, it’s secondary series (and, by extension, any other books I want to give out for free); Commanders Of The Galaxy: Short Stories will be placed here in digital form as well, and when they have reached a high enough story count, they will be available in volumes, via paperback, on amazon as well, should anyone want to keep them on the bookshelf at home.

So, that’s what’s going on with Commanders Of The Galaxy! Exciting stuff for me, obviously, and it’s kept me busy for sure.

If I’m not allowed to leave this link for whatever reason, please do let me know and I will remove it:

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