The Changeover Aria

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In the town of Avery, Kinsun, an unusual thing happens to some of the inhabitants. Some go through new transformation, and some battle with sanity and logic themselves. 18 year old, Kira Torrence, just started her last year of school when her life is hit with a sudden obstacle. This obstacle is unlike the kind she has seen. It isn't any of the typical life shattering obstacles like disease, and illness...but...the storm of emotion that started when she was eight, and ten years later it intensifies. Struggling on the brink of insanity, how will she get through this life changing event?

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Yessi Schieckoff
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Chapter 1: Nightmare

Chapter 1: Nightmare


I lay in my bed as I hear sirens wailing right past the town house my mom, dad, twin brother and I live in, in the town of Avery, Kinsun. The result of a 911 call that happened around eight minutes ago. The sirens are going to 3579 Ridge Drive, about three town houses down the road from ours. Truth is I did not get woken up by the sirens, I was already awake by a nightmare I had 10 minutes earlier. Two minutes before the call was made, a six year old boy drank bleach and then got poisoned. Chances of him living…slim to none.

Anthony can you watch little Kory while I go do some laundry please Hun? I should only be 10 minutes at the most.

Such a happy family, two loving parents with an adorable little boy. It’s a shame that he is not going to live for very long…unless a miracle happens. I thought to myself as the nightmare continued that I had earlier.

Yes my dear Josie, I will watch our little man. I won’t take my eyes off of him for a second while you are gone.”

You better not take your eyes off of him. He is an adventurous little boy who loves to use his imagination, he could be playing something and when he goes to get a secret potion ore something… it could very well be chemicals.”

Such a loving family. I felt the usual tears come down my eyes and cheeks, when I remember the rest of my horrid nightmare.

I am going now, remember don’t take your eyes off of him. I’ll be back in a jiffy.”

I watched Anthony as he watched his little Kory playing whatever game his active imagination can come up with. I watched as he tried not to blink. He couldn’t help but to blink a few times. Our eyes need to blink so they don’t go all dry. His wife came back up and she was all smiles. I watched Kory as he had a curious face upon him towards the cupboard under the sink.

No no nooo, don’t play with that son, in there are very dangerous chemicals. We will put them somewhere else as soon as we can.”

Soon enough Josie came sauntering back up the stairs, cheery as ever.

There done! Laundry is in the washer and some laundry is hung up. Did you take your eyes off of him?”

Nope never did. Let’s go put little Kory to bed, he must be getting sleepy. It’s way past his bedtime.”


The young couple hugged and kissed like a happy family would. Next thing they know little Kory opens the lock and takes a bottle of bleach and took a few sips.

KORY NOOOO!!!” Both parents yelled but it was too late. Josie was in tears as she saw her little son dying in front of her very own eyes, while Anthony called 911. Will they get there in time…probably not…depends how much he ingested.

That was when I woke up, and five minutes later I heard sirens go towards that house. I started crying into my pillow. Trying to not wake my family up. My sobs were loud, especially if it involves a nightmare and little kid dying. My brother was right beside my room, and my parents were across from us. I heard a knock, when I heard my brother Kieran’s soft and comforting voice I let him in.

“Hey Kira, can I come in?”

“Yes you can.” I spoke sadness still in my voice a little. I hope he doesn’t notice.

“I have some news, it isn’t good news either…”

I knew what he was going to say, it would be about Josie, Anthony and Kory. Sirens always wake my family up, I don’t know why. Maybe because we lived in the country then moved here so my mom could open up her own bookstore. My dad works as an architect. He designed our old country home. We are looking for something bigger with a huge back yard.

“What is it Kieran? What happened?”

“You know the nice little family you baby-sit sometimes for…the Piersons.”

“Yes, Anthony, Josie and little Kory. What about them?” I always did this, played the stereotypical dumb blond, even though I am far from the stereotypical dumb blond. I have black hair with purple streaks and dark emerald tips. I like to be different.

“Seems little Kory got into some chemicals…”

“Oh No! Is he okay?”

“We don’t know the paramedics got there in time but it really isn’t looking good. He broke into the child safety lock on the cupboard. It was below the sink. Do people ever learn?”

“That is a good question Kieran. You would think they would learn from television and stuff but still things like this happen.”

“I know, you would think…Mom and Dad went over to comfort them. You know they were good friends with Tony and Josie, actually they were named the god parents of Kory. It’s so sad.”

“Really they were named the god parents of Kory?”

“Yup. Mom and Dad have known the Piersons since they were in school. Tony and Josie were jealous that mom had us twins when they couldn’t have any. Then they had Kory and this is what happens.” Kieran spoke in a sad voice

I tried not bursting into tears but it failed. Kieran right away grabbed me into his arms and comforted me, like he always did when I broke down like this. It’s happened more than once. Many times before today, I would lie in my bed and I would have these strange nightmares of people who are about to die. Whether they be elders, adults, young adults, teenagers, kids, toddlers or babies. I would see them all die. Every time I would either scream, cry, or both. Kieran has always been there for me, and he still is even though we are like 18 years old. I know he will always be there for me how ever old we happen to be in the future.

“It’s okay Kira, its okay. I am sure they will all be okay whatever the outcome is…all will be well…trust me.”

I did trust him, I will trust him with my life forever. As we sat there mourning the loss of Kory, my mind wandered to when all this started happening. It was when I was 8 years old.

Mommy can I get a kitty pleeeeeeeeease!” I begged my mom when I was six years old.

I don’t know pumpkin, do you think you could handle a kitten?”

My face scrunched up in an eight year old version of a sarcastic glare. So basically a pouty, no fair face. “Yes mommy I know I can. I will care about the kitty all I can.”

Okay if you are sure you can, I will let you have a kitty.”

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Thank-you mommy.” I hugged my mom so tightly that very day.

My mom took me to the pound to get a little kitty. It was a multi-coloured calico cat, that I named Mimi. I was spoiled when I was little. I always wanted this and that but my brother just asked for a lizard he named Calli, whom is still living to this day. So I had the cat and he had the lizard. So I had Mimi until I was 8 years old…I had a nightmare that Mimi was going to get sick and die in a day. I woke up screaming and my brother immediately came to my side and my parents as well.

Kira what’s wrong?”

Princess what’s wrong?” My dad asked me.

Pumpkin what’s wrong, are you hurt?” My mom asked me.

I told them “Mimi…she…she…she’s going to…die.” I spoke between sobs.

My dad then called my cat and she came as healthy and perky as ever. Nothing seemed to be wrong with her.

Kira, Princess you just had a nightmare, go back to sleep now okay.”

I just nodded and went to sleep. A few days later, Mimi started acting different, like she was sick.

I ran to my mom and she grabbed me because I was in tears.

What’s wrong?” She asked worried.

Mimi, she isn’t eating…no matter how much I give her. She isn’t eating or drinking! She just lies in her bed all day!”

My mom inspected Mimi.

Mimi…Mimi wake up! Wake Up… Please Mimi Wake Up.” I yelled frantically. “Mommy what’s wrong with her!”

I don’t know, I’m calling the vet right now. We’ll get her in as soon as we can.”

Okay…” I sniffled.

An 8 year old Kieran came to see the ruckus. Grumpy his sleep was interrupted.

What’s going on? I was in the middle of a good dream.”

It’s Mimi, we think she’s sick. Mommy’s calling the veterinary.”

Oh no, I am sorry.” Kieran said and hugged me, all traces of grumpiness gone and filled with worry.

She came back and told me to get my coat on, the vet will see her right now. So I did. We arrived and I was told to stay out of the veterinarian office. I wanted to go but mom said it is best if I didn’t. She came back out without Mimi and the doctor. She had a sad face as she approached me.

Honey your cat is very sick.”

What’s wrong with her mommy? Will she get better?”

My Mom was very silent for a while when she said to me, “I’m sorry pumpkin, she is going somewhere else. We can’t take her home.”

It was then that I knew this was my nightmare coming true. I didn’t know how, but, I just knew that it was coming true. I was an eight year old little girl who foreseen my cats death in a nightmare. To be that young and have this happen it was traumatic. It was then that I became the quiet and weird kid, hiding the fact that I dream of deaths, exactly how they happen. I knew I was different then all the other kids. I knew if I told anyone then I would be considered more of a freak then I thought I was. I didn’t want that, so I just went through the motions of school. Not worrying about any of this, hoping it was a coincidence but secretly knowing it wasn’t.

After that day, my parents and my brother never asked me if I have been dreaming of more deaths. Just like me, we all dismissed it as a weird coincidence. I never thought that it would continue after Mimi, but here I am 10 years later, 18 years old and I dream of death. What else could happen?

My brother took me out of my memory as tears still streamed down my cheeks. Kieran was still there hugging me. I didn’t care, I wanted and needed the comfort.

“Are you almost done crying sis?” He asked me in an even tone.

“Yeah, I am. I don’t know why, but I always melt into a baby when someone close to our family dies. There was our great grandmother, from natural causes; Ashley our cousin, a car accident; and Ms. Stewarts, mom and dad’s friend from her house burning down. I just…I don’t know…”

“You care a lot about people Kira, it’s a good thing.”

“Yeah you are right, I do. I care about people, even ones who don’t deserve it.” I spoke to him in an even tone. It doesn’t help I saw them all die either.

“We need more people like you Kira, don’t ever forget that Kira.”

“I know people with hearts is a lost art, but…I am just tired. I am tired of always breaking down every single time…it’s exhausting.”

“I can’t say I can relate to how you feel, I never will be able to…but it isn’t a bad thing…it is a good thing. I see it this way: the reason you react so strongly to deaths close to the family is because your heart is made of a light, and purest of golds. Your heart shines through you, and your emotions. Remember that Kira.” Kieran finished comforting me.

I was silent as a smile formed on my face.

“Ah, there she is, the Kira I know, love, and will do anything for her to keep her safe from sorrow and sadness.”

“Thanks Kieran.” I said as I hugged him close to me.

“You’re welcome Kira. Anyways I don’t know how long mom and dad are going to be, we should get to bed. We have school tomorrow. Good Night.”

“Good Night Kier.” He left my room and I tried falling back asleep.

I found myself waking up to a bright sunny morning. It was beautiful. I got up got dressed did my make-up and went downstairs searching for breakfast.

“Morning Kira, did you end up falling back asleep?” My mom’s sunny voice welcomed me in the kitchen. Her voice was so very sunny and peppy, but hidden with worry and sorrow.

“Yeah I was able to get back to sleep. How about you and dad, did you get any sleep last night? What time did you get home?”

“We got back at like 3am. We stayed with the Piersons, while Kory got taken to the hospital. He isn’t dead yet, but he may stay there for a bit. I hope he comes through. Your father is sleeping. It was a rough night for all of us.”

“I hope he does too, I really do. They don’t deserve something like this at all. It is just so unnatural for a six year old to die like that, well for any six years old to die really.”

“I agree with you. Anyways, here is some bacon, toast, and eggs. We have chocolate milk, and juice in the fridge, as well as hot chocolate, tea and coffee. Pick what you wish to eat.”

“Okay, thanks mom.” I grabbed the eggs, toast and bacon with a big glass of chocolate milk. Kieran came to the kitchen chipper and happy which is weird, shortly after I was done.”

“Morning sleepy head, did you end up falling back asleep after last night?” I asked him.

“Yes I did actually. Thank-you for asking mother”

“What has you in a good mood today?” I asked bitterly jealous.

“Well I heard from a friend who co-ops at the hospital last night, that little Kory seems to be doing just fine. It’s a miracle really. On top of that I had a very nice and tension free dream last night. It helped the whole anxiety of little Kory last night.” He spoke cheery.

“Wait, you don’t have any friends who co-op at the hospital. I know all your friends.”

“Of course I do, she is a new friend of mine, and her name is Angel Stormwell. You know me, I talk to everyone. So what’s for breakfast this morning mother dearest?”

“Bacon, eggs, toast and whatever beverage you want. We have coffee hot chocolate…”

I began zoning out when she was saying what she told me for our beverage choices. Something isn’t right here. How can he be all chipper after a night like last night, and he doesn’t have a friend who works in the hospital, and he certainly doesn’t have a friend named Angel Stormwell. I do know all his friends. When I first started dreaming of death, I made an effort to know everyone of his friends, my friends and anyone I can around us. Who knows what one person could accomplish when he/she is young and alive. I wonder if he just shakes off the 911 calls and deaths and whatever. My mom is sad I can tell. My dad is asleep, and I am trying not to be a wreck form the inevitable unfair consequences of parents. Kieran is happy, like he always is after things like this happen. He mourns when the time is appropriate. Hmmmm, very strange.

I told my mom I am leaving early to study at the library for an upcoming test, when I actually was going to the hospital to snoop. I don’t know how I will manage that one. I could say I am visiting Kory because I used to baby-sit him, it is the truth. I also really don’t want him to die. I don’t even know how he can be doing well. It makes no sense.

I got into my emerald green jeep that I love and sped down the road, into town and to the hospital. I went to the front desk and asked to visit Kory and his parents. I can say I am his baby-sitter, which is true; I can say I am technically his god sister, which is true as well; I’ll think of something.

“Hello, I am here to see a patient” I said casually.

“What is his or her name young lady?” The secretary spoke calmly.

“His name is Kory Piersons. I am a family friend of his parents, and I baby-sit him.”

“I am sorry, only immediate family allowed. I am sorry for the inconvenience.”

I stood their trying to figure out what to do, when a lovely girl came rushing towards me and the secretary.

“Misses Fern, is that Kira Torrence?”

“I don’t know Miss Stormwell, she didn’t say her name. Is your name Kira Torrence?

“Yes that’s me. Here.” I said as I showed her my driver’s license.

“Yeah Angel it’s her, why?”

Stormwell…Angel…Angel Stormwell, that’s the girl who Kieran claimed to be friends with. I have to find a way to get her and ask if she knows my brother.

“Mr. and Mrs. Piersons Okayed for her to come into the room. Her and any other members of the Torrence family. They said if Mrs. Fern has any suspicions to give them a call in Kory’s room.”

“Hmmmm, I’ll just go and call them just to make sure. I don’t want any hooligans messing with Kory’s healing time.”

“Okay.” I said completely calm.

“Okay” So Mrs. Fern called them up. After her phone call she looked at me and gave me the answer.

“You can go on up. Stormwell can you bring her to their room?”

“I certainly can Misses Fern, room 208 right?”

“Yes 208.”

“Thank-you. Come this way Kira

I followed her as she led me to the room. I decided to take this moment and ask her if she knows Kieran.

“Angel isn’t it?

“Yes, how can I help you?”

“Oh I was just wondering how you got a job here. Just out of my curiosity? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“I don’t mind at all. I am actually here in a co-op program for my school. I want to be a doctor and this hospital helps me learn. I was an exception. Hospitals don’t allow high schoolers, but I was lucky. They loved how interested I was in this stuff. I am really honoured.”

“Cool. So if you can answer, how is Kory Piersons doing anyways? Do you think he will survive?”

“Honestly, I think he will. He is a small boy with a little body, and he did ingest some sort of chemical but he is still looking pretty good. He is a very lucky boy that the chemical didn’t kill him. It’s a miracle if you ask me.”

“When did you figure out he was okay?”

“We figured out, at 6 o’clock this morning.”

“So not last night?”

“Nope, it was too hard to tell last night. We needed him to stay overnight for observation.”

“I see, another question that may seem odd…”

“What is it Kira?”

“Do you happen to know a Kieran Torrence? Did he ever enter this hospital ever since Kory got brought in?”

“Ummmm, nope. I don’t even know your brother, he is your brother right? I can say I do hope to meet him. Well here is Kory’s room.”

“Yeah, he’s my brother.” So he was lying, I knew it. He can’t hide the truth. Though if he did lie…how did he know?

“Thank-you Angel, I appreciate it. So another question, what school do you go to? Again just curious.”

“My you love asking questions…” She spoke as she chuckled and continued. “I attend Kinsun Avery High. I know the name is so unoriginal, but I like it there. What about you? You seem like a high school student, which school do you go to? If you don’t mind me asking.”

It was my turn to chuckle. “I don’t mind at all, besides I asked you more than one question today so it’s only fair. I also attend Kinsun Avery High. Maybe I will see you there one day. If I do I wouldn’t mind, you seem like a nice person.”

She blushed. “Well thank-you and hopefully we do some day see each other at school. I am sorry to cut this conversation short but I need to get back to my duties and shouldn’t you be in school right now?”

“Nah, this is more important. I’ll come up with some excuse when I arrive. I’ll see you again I am sure. Now enjoy your co-op Angel.”

“Enjoy you visit.” She spoke with a smile.

I entered the door after I knocked a few times. I hugged both Josie and Anthony and sat next to Kory in the hospital bed.”

“Thank-you for coming Kira, we appreciate it so much, and especially since it is a school day for you. Shouldn’t you be there right now?” Josie said with tears of happiness, sorrow and fear strolling down her face.

“Hey visiting you guys in the hospital is more important, and besides I can come up with an excuse.”

“We don’t want to be bad influences on you Kira.” Anthony said tired but amused.

“You are hardly a bad influence on me. It’s okay my school should understand and my parents should understand. So how is Kory doing?”

“Well, he is stable. Doctors say it’s a miracle.” Josie said relieved.

“Yeah, we have heard ‘We have friends in high places’ so many times now.” Anthony spoke happy and annoyed.

“Well you do. It’s amazing, and bewildering that Kory survived.”


“Do you mind if I sit with Kory for a bit? Don’t worry about school.”

The two shared glances between them both until Anthony spoke to me. “It would be a pleasure. Josie and I could use something to eat. If anything happens to him while we are gone, don’t hesitate to get someone to page us okay Kira, we will be in the cafeteria.”

“Righto Anthony. If things change I will call you guys right away.”

“Thanks sweetie.” Josie spoke as she kissed my forehead. “We are so glad you came.”

As soon as Josie finished speaking, they left the room for something to eat. I walked over to the chair beside the bed and took his hand. I quietly whispered to Kory.

“Kory its Kee-ra…” He always pronounced my name Kee-ra it was so adorable…”Your mommy and daddy stepped out for a minute to get some food. They will be back soon.” I sat there and held his hand like he is my own child. I looked at the clock and it was 9:00. I am totally late for school. Mom isn’t gonna be pleased. When I get the chance I should call the school. I am 18 after all, I am a legal adult.

After a while of sitting on the chair I started mumbling little hopes for Kory. I was mumbling softly that no one else could hear except myself and Kory if he understands a word I am saying. It was then that another vision of Kory’s death crept up into my mind. I saw myself staying in here with him, doing what I am doing now. I saw the EKG start to malfunction and a scared me freaking out. I saw myself call the nurses and doctors and then, they were calling Josie and Anthony. Anthony was holding me and Josie in his arms, and I was hugging Josie tightly. I saw myself mumble something quietly to myself. I couldn’t make the words out. Guess I’ll eventually figure out. After the vision faded the EKG started malfunction, so it was starting.

“I NEED SOME HELP IN HERE!!!” As I yelled people came in to the room. I moved myself out near the door and yelled at some other workers to get Josie and Anthony back in here. “QUICK GET JOSIE AND ANTHONY PIERSONS BACK TO THEIR SONS ROOM! SOMETHING IS HAPPENING! THEY’RE IN THE HOSPITAL CAFETERIA!!!!!” I immediately felt tears come into my eyes.

Josie and Anthony shortly came and Josie was bawling her eyes out.

“I swear I didn’t do anything, it just happened all so suddenly.” I yelled defending myself.

“We believe you Kira.” Josie said between tears.

So me and Josie both were crying and like in my vision Anthony held on to both of us and I was hugging Josie amongst Anthony’s hug.

“Please don’t die Kory. You’re too young to die Kory. It’s not your time to go, I will not let you die” I kept mumbling to myself quietly over and over again like I could actually do something about this situation and like I actually could save him by the power of my voice.

“Please don’t die Kory. You’re too young to die Kory. It’s not your time to go. It’s not your time to go! IT’S NOT YOUR TIME TO GO!!! I WILL NOT LET YOU DIE!!!!” I realized I started yelling loud and panicky like my mom. No one was focused on me so I yelled once more with all my might and my voice panicked and filled with fear.

“IT IS NOT YOUR TIME TO GO KORY MERRIK PIERSONS!! I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO LEAVE THIS WORLD!!” I screamed to the heavens from an unknown part of my heart and soul, in hopes that even though it can’t happen, he will live on.

It was at 10 o’clock in the morning, that something incredible happened right then and there in the Avery Town Hospital.

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