The Spoken Word: Words of Life

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Chapter 11: More Than a Conqueror

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Harmony Café

A great crowd stuffed Harmony almost to the point of standing room only on this beautiful Friday night. Among the faces were Darius, Michelle, and Erica. Darius and Erica were on their second ‘date’ and had immensely enjoyed each other. Michelle definitely gave her approval through one of her huge, pretty smiles. She was happy for her two friends.

A little later, Khrystal joined the group on this special open mic night. She was greeted with hugs from the other three as she took her place at the round table. There sat the four friends awaiting the performances of the poets.

Then walked in Jeremiah, with Mrs. Emma’s cane in tow. But he was not alone. He had a guest with him. It was Jerrel, all cleaned up and looking like a brand new young man. They walked over to where the rest of the group was, Jeremiah with a limp since he was still in rehab. The group didn’t notice Jeremiah and Jerrel at first. Jeremiah walked up behind them and cleared his throat loud enough for them to hear. All of them turned around to get Jeremiah and Jerrel in their vision.

Darius was the first to remove himself from the table and gave Jeremiah a big hug. He then moved over to Jerrel and shook his hand, along with a headshake of amazement. He was taken aback by Jerrel’s new look of a clean shave, fresh jeans, button down shirt and brown blazer.

Darius’ greeting was followed by Erica, Khrystal, and finally, Michelle. Yet, Michelle’s was a little different. She went up to Jeremiah and not only gave him a hug, but a small kiss as well. She flashed a bright smile and whispered, “Good to have you back.”

The MC, Big Bryan, came over the sound system. “Let’s welcome back to the stage, a favorite of ours, Mr. Jeremiah Washington!”

The roar of the people was near deafening. Jeremiah gave a smile and walked up on the familiar stage with a slight limp. He had been gone for months, but he had returned home.

Jeremiah gave Big Bryan a hug and stepped up to the mic. “God bless you.” Jeremiah teared up a bit, but continued to speak as he sat on the stool provided. “It’s good to be back home! I’m not one for long introductions, so I want to start this off with something I wrote a while back. This is for you, Jerrel.”

Jeremiah grabbed the tip of his trademark newsboy cap to adjust it. Then he recited the poem “Re|Deemed.”

“Beautiful spirit buried deeply in sin

Tortured by this disease that has overtaken man.

Separation from God has befell him

Only God’s love could redeem him.

See, redeemed is to be revived

Relived through the eyes of Christ.

Reborn to be renewed

Black skies transform to blue.

Trade in the old life for a new mind

Submit to intervention so divine

Much given, much required is true

New man in as the old man flew.

I give myself three-fold

A renewed, living story is told.

Mind, body, spirit to the Lord

Living strictly in His Word.

Redeemed, now I reflect Jesus

Through Him, more power than Greek Zeus.

I walk differently, don’t talk the same

So fresh off the press that I have a new name.

Jesus died that I may have new breath

Picking me up when I had nothing left.

Now I owe Him everything I have

Releasing the iniquity that had me trapped.

Redeemed, deemed to be unfixable

Re, rewind to the future attainable.

Float to newness by God’s grace

Use to see darkness, but now I see His face.

No longer even recognized

By the mere human eyes.

Must look through me with spiritual sense

See the man I’ve become, a better me

Not the man I left behind, the use to be.

Redeemed, it’s a change that feels so good

New growth after the negative flood.

I praise God for who I am now

Redeemed to the point of a new vow.

Rehabed, Renewed, Re|Deemed

Thank God for Him being in me.”

As Jeremiah finished, Jerrel was the first to stand up and give applause. Everyone else subsequently stood up to show approval to Jeremiah’s work.

After it had quieted down, Jeremiah spoke yet again. “God bless you. I would like to do one more. This one means a lot, because it’s the second poem I have written since my incident. But it gives me hope for my future. This one is “More Than a Conqueror.” “ Jeremiah got up from the stool, leaned on the cane, and recited the poem.:


God told me

In his unfailing Word

That I was more than a conqueror.

He said that in me

Was the sound of victory

Because victory is one of His many names

So in me was the same.

I have the confidence

Undeniable assurance

Of the label “winner”

The imposed mantra of victor.

The overcomer of all

That was created for my fall

When they said die

God said, “I give you life.”

More than a conqueror

Through my Heavenly Father

The spiritual battle already won

The future fight already done.

My hands raised in the sky

All negative around decided to die

Now I stand up tall

The enemy


Has taken a fall.

I give my God praise

While my fist is raised

Because I can do all things

Through Christ, in His name.

He gives me strength and might

To fight the good fight

I shall rise above the faults

And know this battle wasn’t for naught.

So now erect

I scream in my determined dialect

The line each should rehearse to one’s self

Even through hard rain and a flood of mess.

More than a conqueror!

More than a conqueror!

I am…

More than a conqueror!

With each new stanza, the tone of Jeremiah’s voice become more boisterous and convincing. There was excitement that voyaged from the depths of Jeremiah’s belly to the creases of his lips.

At the ceasing of the poetic words, the crowd gave one more applause as Jeremiah exited the stage. It was the group of Jeremiah’s close friends who were the most supportive and clapped the loudest. It was one that seemed to last an eternity.

They were exuberant to have Jeremiah back where he belonged. On the stage, rhyming with reason, using the talent God had given him.

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