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Someone like Brandon

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Apparently, everyone has this thing called a ‘’brain buddy’’; a person whose brain is connected to theirs, and is able to think and feel the exact same way you do… Although you aren’t supposed to part ‘’Are you two like…. A thing?’’ I try not to get flustered. I can feel Addie glaring at me, but I ignore her. ‘’Not even a question,’’ I answer without a second thought. Bryan looks over at Addie for confirmation. ‘’We just met....’’She says softly. Bryan looks at us skeptically. After a long moment, he shrugs. ‘’Too bad man; she’s cute. If she wasn’t under age I would go for it.’’ I cover my mouth in horror! Did he really just say that? Right in front of her too! At least have the courtesy to say stuff like that behind her back… I look over her to see the same horrified expression painted on her face. I am so sorry, I think to her hoping she doesn’t go off and tell people I am a creep just because my brother doesn’t have a filter…Before I can voice the apology she takes my hand away from my mouth and smiles. ‘’It’s okay’’, she says. Despite my confusion as to what she was talking about, I can’t help but smile as well. It’s like she knows what I was thinking and I can feel what she feels. It’s weird since we just met but if there is one thing I have learned in my 16- going on 17 years of living is that nothing is a coincidence.

Other / Mystery
Ashtyn Emerson
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Chapter 1: F-E-A-R: part one: Forget everything and run

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