The "Last" Quagga

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“Why would I have the samples if I’m not at the site yet?” Amy hollered into the walky talky. The wind yanked her sunhat off of her head as she drove, leaving it to hang by the strap around her neck.

“I can’t hear you,” the person talking to her shouted through the walky talky. “There’s too much wind!”

“Hang on a second!” Amy yelled.

Out of the corner of her eye, a strange animal appeared. Bringing her vehicle to a sudden halt, Amy turned off the engine and stared.

“Dan, are you still there?” Amy brought the walky talky up to her face.

“Yeah,” Dan replied through the device. “Why?”

“You won’t believe what I’m looking at right now.”

No sooner had Amy reached for the camera on the seat next to her, than the quagga turned and galloped away. Bringing the camera up to her face, Amy barely had time to take the lens cap off before taking a photo. But by that time, the quagga was so far away that it appeared as only a small silhouette that could have been anything.

“What? What is it?” Dan’s voice came through the crackly device.

“What is what?” Amy asked.

“What you were looking at. You just said ‘You won’t believe what I’m looking at.’ What is it?”

“Did I say that?” Amy couldn’t remember what she had been looking at or why she had stopped. “The heat must be getting to me.”

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