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Eli has been affected by a set of circumstances that relate to his brother. Through his many conversations we learn what happened, how he reacts to the situation at hand, and how he himself changes.

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I have to be strong, so I won’t say, “I want out of here.”

“Is it wrong to prefer spending the majority of my time in solitude?”

“Isn’t that kind of weird? Humans are naturally social creatures after all. Being alone is never something people want after they have felt it for a while. Everyone searches for someone who can understand them or something to belong to.”

“It isn’t that I’m adverse to spending time with others, I just enjoy being alone more than interacting with other individuals. Not all of the time of course. Your presence is comforting to me and I love our moments together. The company afforded to me by current circumstances is not the best to affiliate with though.”

“Without even trying to get to know others you’d be unable to reach that conclusion. Try it out, maybe you'll find some guys you get along with and you'll form a friendship that will make the time fly by.”

“As true as that could potentially be, I believe I have always had this preference in personal contentedness. Even when we were at home as kids I did not interact with our peers. Instead, I chose the comforts of the library or the parlor to read an interesting book. And I do not believe this current setting will lead me to forming long lasting bonds.”

“Not to be redundant, but without a frame of reference you would have been left wondering. No one can say for certain if they really enjoy or are bothered by something unless they experience an alternative way. By at least making an attempt you can say for sure how you feel about something. Then it's not just a guess on your true feelings.”

“Truthfully, I have pondered what spending time with others was like, but have not been very bothered being by my lonesome. Our camaraderie as brothers was certainly enough for me growing up, and now I do not feel it necessary to interact with the others here.”

“Our going back in forth will not change the opinions we each hold at the moment. For feelings cannot be held to the standard of facts.”

“Utterly correct as always my dear brother. And while I do believe feelings to be opinions, some are held to be unalienable facets to be protected under the law.”

“That's true, but people’s feelings are not as rigid as you’d like to believe. People shift how they feel all the time. It's only natural to change how your feel. I don't think anyone but the realists and pessimists of the world could understand that truth.”

“Fool, anyone who has been discriminated against or betrayed can understand wholeheartedly. That truth is not limited to realists and pessimists. Idealists and optimists can acknowledge that much, but they choose not to let the thought fester and inhibit their actions like their counterparts do.”

“How can I not understand when it was the two of us who were turned against?”

“Even if that may be true it is I behind the glass and watched by guards, not you.”

“Rain, you’re my brother. We will face the world together because life will surely win if we go against it alone.”

“Eli, while you may believe that we will each experience different facets of life separately. Do not worry so much for me, I’ll be fine. Our time is up for today, good-bye little brother.”

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