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"SHE'S COMING NOW! GET THIS DAMN BABY OUT OF ME!" A woman screams as doctors and nurses rush to her aid. "You still have 2 months." The husbands stammers afraid that something is seriously wrong.

"It's okay sir she will be okay, do you need anything for you and your son while we get your wife ready?" " it's uh okay I uh need to make a call can you watch Elias??"

"Yes yes of course."

The man rushes away to take a call while his wife is wheeled to a room.

"Ma'am your baby seems to be coming, a c-section would be best. Her small frame can't handle natural birth."

"No I can't! Elias was c-section too!" The young mother begins to sob.

"Yes we are aware," explains the doctor,"but it's best for her survival." "If you really think so....," says the woman finally calming down," Where's my husband!" She says becoming frantic once more.

"I'm here, I'm here!" Says a tall black man, with shoulder length dreads, carrying a tanned boy with curly hair. "Baby are you alright, just breath Natalie with come out safe and sound I promise," he says lovingly.

The pretty blonde shakes her head, "No Julian she won't! She's coming too early." Julian lifts her chin with his hand and kisses her nose,"Jasmine, it will be okay, me and Elias will be right here all the way for you."

Elias, only being 2 can't keep quiet any longer. "Mommy is my little sister gonna die! Mommy please save her!" He whimpers. Julian and Jasmine both look up shocked. In unison they begin reassuring their poor son.

"Mommy will rescue your new sister and she will join our family soon." Julian says as he kisses his wife and steps back so the doctors can begin.

In. Out. Jasmine repeats to herself in an attempt to calm herself down. She knows that soon they will cut her open, but she knows from experience the pain won't come yet. It will come once she is home. This wasn't the plan for her life, she wasn't supposed to be having her second child at only 22 years old.

I was supposed to graduate college. Did I screw up my life she wonders. Maybe her Catholic school was right, sex before marriage can only lead to bad choices later. How can I think that Marrying Julian and Having Elias brought meaning to my life. I hope I'm a good mom to Natalie. That is my one wish.

As the mother's internal conflict ends her ears focus on the high pitched cry of a new born baby. Her tears well up and threaten to spill over as the tiny child is placed in her arms. So small and fragile, yet so strong.

The doctor approaches with a sullen look on his face. "I'm afraid she will have to be kept at the hospital for a few extra weeks for monitoring but you can come and visit every day after you check out." He begins walking away before she can respond. As the doctor passes through the doors Julian and Elias are allowed in.

A peaceful hold falls over the four beautiful people, no words of sorrow are spoken just the feeling of love is felt. The extra time kept in the hospital and family issues can be faced later.

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