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Bye bye

The weeks pass by but the new family hasn't faltered.

This family is my family. I am Natalie Brooks. I was born 2 months early so I had to be monitored for the first few weeks of my life. Here is how the story goes, at least it's what I was told.

The nurses come in to check on Jasmine and Julian. "How are you 2 doing? How is the new one?" A skinny nurse with long gray hair asks. Another nurse kneels by Elias and asks if she can get him any snacks, when he answers she smiles and pats his head before walking out.

"We are doing great," Jasmine says smiling at her tiny baby girl. "Yeah, she seems extra tiny though," says Julian with a hint of concern. "Yes she was born very early, I was actually coming by because it's time to take her."

"What?! I don't understand." Both parents say in perfect unison. "She needs to be monitored, you can visit whenever you want, even spend the night if you like." Jasmine shakes her head slightly before pressing her lips tightly on her babies forehead. "Okay," she says then whispers,"keep her save."

Julian gathers up Natalie and hums her a sweet lullaby before placing her in the nurses hands. "Wait! I wanna say bye bye," says Elias snapping out of his tired haze.

As he wobbles over the nurse bends down,"I love you, don't die." He whispers. Then kisses her before turning around and asking to be picked up by daddy.

Julian bends over Jasmine and kisses her gently,"everything will be okay my love." "Yeah mommy, she gonna be ok." Julian and Jasmine laugh lightly at their son before Jasmine stretches out her arms to take Elias. "I love you my baby boy." "I love you too mommy."

Julian watches the two most important people in his life and hopes the best for the new addition to be welcomed kindly by Jasmine's family. He had called them before the c-section but no one picked up. He would call him parents in the morning when he had another chance to hold Natalie. They were gonna want pictures. They always said they were glad he found love even if it was with a white woman. His parents in law on the other hand did not like him, those racist bastards he had a feeling they wouldn't pick.

"Julian are you alright?"

"Yes I am okay, just thinking about your folks." He says avoiding eye contact.

"What have they done now?" She asks with great concern."Oh nothing just never picked up, they don't know Natalie was born. But never mind that you need sleep."

"Perhaps you are right, should I scoot over so you can sleep too?" "No that's okay you need your space, besides Elias is keeping you company." He says regaining his joyful smile.

"Okay goodnight, I love you." She says barely able to keep her eyes open. He kisses her once more before getting comfortable in a chair, soon all 3 are sleeping.

The next few days were routine until Jasmine was able to check out and return home, Natalie still at the hospital made the return a bittersweet one however. The next morning the family was woken up by loud knocking.

Julian pulled himself out of bed before Jasmine could, she still needed rest. The faded white door opened with an ear shattering creak, or maybe it was the sight on the other side of the door that made it seem that way.

"Uh uh what are you doing here." Julian stammered while his eyes darted between the two people. "Well isn't it obvious we are here to see my grand-kids." "Dad! Nancy! What a surprise!"Jasmine said almost tripping as she scrambled to get out of bed

"Move aside Julian," Jack muttered,"I want to hug my daughter."

"She's my step daughter too," Nancy giggled, glancing at Julian slightly longer than friendly. "Oh Julian you look hot for a new dad give your step-mother in law a hug baby," she said squishing her boobs to his chest. Julian couldn't help but feel slightly violated. "Nancy what about me," Jasmine said smiling, but she was clearly pissed, no one hugged her man that way.

The visit didn't go well, Julian and Jack got in an argument the next day, it ended with Jack calling Julian a nigger and storming out. Jasmine and Julian would end up not speaking to Nancy and Jack for the next 2, almost 3, years. Except on one occasion, which ended up screwing up the rest of their lives.

The time leading up to Natalie(me) being able to come home was simple. About 3 times a day Julian, Jasmine, and Elias would go to the hospital. They would hold Natalie and Jasmine would breast feed her. It was only a few months after Natalie was released that they left Arizona. Almost no money and two young children.

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