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A Journey

The road was tough, the saying,"Blood, sweat, and tears," applies quite nicely.

17 years ago it was safer to hitch hike than it is right now so that's exactly what Jasmine and Julian did. With little resources they weren't sure where they were going. Most hitch hikers took them as far they could.

They walked on rocky beaches, saw dolphins in the dark of night, and ate wild fruit. Their journey stopped in Michigan, Natalie was still a small infant. For the first time in months they stayed in a real home, not a tent or cheap hotel. They were cooked hot meals every night and had spare time to get jobs.

They were staying with Julian's family, his parents welcomed the children and gladly watched them as Julian and Jasmine went to find work.

When Natalie was nearly one they had finally saved enough money to buy an apartment. Life was good, the family of 4 was thriving when one day they received a call. It chilled them to the bones when the name popped up. Despite their feelings toward the man, Jasmine picked up.

"Hello dad. What do you want, Julian wants nothing to do with you."

"I know sweetie and I'm sorry, but I've realized how wrong I was to call him that. I'd like you to come stay with me, I want to meet Natalie properly and spend time with Elias." He pleaded.

Later that night Jasmine and Julian sought advice from God, they prayed night and day for several days. A decision was made and they sold the apartment once the lease was up and said farewell to Julian's parents. Luck was wished for them to have a save trip and to visit as soon as possible.

They took the Gray hound all the way for Florida, but when they showed up Jack would not allow them to stay in his house. Julian looked for a job in hopes of being able to rent something in town with their savings and establish a life like they had in Michigan but fell short. Jasmine pleaded her father for help but he refused.

All hope was lost and they left Florida, this time would last a few years before they even spoke to Jack. They were able to obtain bus tickets back to Michigan, but when they got back their apartment was sold, even though they had only been gone a week.

They again stayed with Julian's parents. This time lasting nearly a year. Natalie was almost 2. They had to move on however, Jasmine and Julian packed up once more. The first stop on their new Journey was Oregan.

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