One step

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Part 2, So it begins

Remember the story I told you? About my brother humping a cat. Maybe that was a sign that he wouldn't end up happy and kind.

Close your eyes. Breath deep. Where are you, no not the physical place, let your mind go. Where is the first place your memory takes you. Do you picture Christmas, your birthday, a beach, or something attached to a good memory? Consider yourself lucky. When I close my eyes and think my heart races, my eyes water, and my throat closes. I am afraid I can feel the hot breath near my ear. All I want is to shrink away, to escape but I can't.

I bet your wondering what I picture, what rattles my bones and cuts me deep. Too bad, you can't know yet. My story isn't bad yet.

"Let's go guys! Elias....Natalie where are you?" My mother shouts from the front door. Is it time to leave I think to myself. Elias walks by and I giggle, it has only been a few weeks since he humped the cat. I planned on telling but decided not to.

"Put your boots on, it's cold outside," my daddy says as he walks by and ruffles my hair. I see him talking to the couple we were staying with while mommy ties Elias' shoes. "Come on playbabies." My dad says as he walks by and kneels down so Elias can climb on. (My dad called us that I never really knew why) I look up as mommy places my hand in hers, but then decides to also pick me up. They walk and walk, never really sure of where they are going. At least that's what I think while I bounce on mommy's back. We stop for fruit a lot.

"Hey Jasmine do you think we should move on?" My daddy says placing Elias on the ground. "Where would we go..." she asks him questioningly. Her smooth voice lulling me to sleep.


BUMP.....I open my eyes to little slits and look up. Mommy is above me but hasn't realized I'm awake so I drift back to sleep. When I finally wake up for good we are driving. "Mommy where are we." I whisper, being a quiet child, she doesn't hear me so I say it louder,"Mommy..where where are we.?" She glaces down and strokes my hair,"Baby we are in the car."

"Oh." I say and turn around to find Elias. We start playing by pulling one another's hair until my dad gives us the look. "It isn't polite to play like that you might distract the man driving," he says.

"Oh it's okay, I'll be dropping you off in Florida, is that alright?" The man says glancing at my mommy then daddy. "Where in Florida?" my mommy questions.

"Not sure yet," he says and the conversation dies.

The trip is a blur, a few stops and a lot of sleeping. I'm about to drift into sleep once more when we stop.

Trees, there's a lot of trees. "This is the National Forrest, you can camp out here, sorry I couldn't take you into town." He says apologetically while he helps my dad get our tent and backpacks.

My dad says something but I'm too busy looking around, who knew this many trees existed. I plop on the ground, am I supposed to be scared?

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