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The abuse begins

"Come on Elias and Natalie," Nancy said as she bent down to take my hand. I shook my head and instead walked inside the huge door once more. What if mommy and daddy don't come back, they have to.

Nancy motioned for me and Elias to follow her and Jack up the stairs. Before I came to Jack's house I didn't know stairs or houses could be so big, it was weird. "You and Elias will sleep in here with me and your grandpa." Nancy said as we reached the top of the steps. She turned into a giant room with 2 walk in closets, a bathroom the size of a bedroom and a huge deck overlooking the pool. Jack or my "grandpa" as he's called left the room, when he returned he had a large bag.

"That's a blowup mattress." Nancy said,"You guys will be sleeping on it at the foot of our bed." We both said okay and then I asked to leave.

It seemed like we were there for years but it was only a week or 2. I started to trust Jack, Nancy, and Jessica but I still missed mommy and daddy. When they finally came to get us I was so happy and also a little sad.

"Jack! Jasmine and Julian are here bring down the kids things." I looked at Nancy oddly. "Who's that?"

"Your parents silly." She said then went to find Elias whom was probably watching tv. I thought their names were mommy and daddy I thought to myself. Then ran outside when I connected that they were back.

"Mommy!!!" I screamed running to her. Then Elias ran out and hugged her too. "Hi daddy." I said and he smiled. "Wheres Damon?" Elias asked, and I started looking around. "He's sleeping in the back in his cart seat. I peeked in, "awww."

"Now don't y'all leave without saying goodbye," grandpa Jack said as he walked outside, Nancy following behind. "We won't," we both said running up and hugging him and then Nancy.

"Where's Jessica," my mommy asked. "She's at her friend's house but she asked me to give you all a hug for her." Nancy said giving me another hug.

After all the goodbyes were said we climbed into the car and waved once last goodbye. Would I ever come back? I hope so, I thought to myself as I settled in the seat and tried to sleep.

I awoke in a strange room, the room was empty except for the bed I was on. "Mom!" I screamed slightly scared. She came running in,"Yes? Are you okay?!?" I looked at her oddly are I wiped my tears. She explained I was just in my new room then showed me around our new house. It wasn't as big as Jack's but there was 3 bedrooms and a big backyard.

"Where's Elias?" I asked becoming increasingly bored. "At the store with daddy, they will be home soon." She said picking Damon up to nurse him.

I was only 4 and soon my mom told us she was pregnant with a new baby. I was so excited I could barely contain my join. As mommy grew bigger daddy seemed to grow angrier.

" Mommy," I whispered peeking into her room. "Hi Natalie, she's not here, she's at the store." I nodded and started to walk away. "Wait come here," daddy said, I nodded and walked in the room. I waited for him to speak. "Come here." he said.

"Okay," I said not thinking anything of it, I'd been in their bed tons of times. Today was different, daddy seemed different. He sat up and stroked my hair. I looked down at my hands, what is he doing, why is he touching my hair? When I looked back up he had removed the blanket. Startled I started backing off to get off the bed, he was naked.

"Natalie come back here," he said slightly frustrated. I shook my head no. He reached forward and grabbed me before I was fully off the bed and pulled me closer to him. I could feel his bare skin and I wanted cry. I couldn't speak or move I was frozen, who was he?

"Touch it," he whispered in my ear. I didn't lift my hand so he said it again, angrier now. "Fucking touch it." Still I didn't move, then he hit me, I could feel the sting on my cheek.

"Get out my dame bed, I'm telling your mother when she gets home that you were bad, all your toys are going in the trash." He said then laid down and pulled the covers over his face. I scooted off the bed and rushed back to my room tasting the tears as they rushed down my face. I ended up crying myself to sleep.

My toys were all taken and I was grounded for a week. I could't talk normally anymore, I developed a stutter when around my dad. After a few months I completely stopped talking. Well until Sasha was born. I finally had a sister!

Slowly I was able to behave normally. He started hitting us a lot though. Daddy hit me and Elias nearly every day. I feared him. I started to only talk to Elias.

I finally turned 5 and me and Damon started sharing a room. "Damon, Natalie, Elias!" My mommy yelled from inside. I had just watched Elias and Damon throw a poor turtle over a fence and onto concrete several times. What monsters. Quickly I wiped my tears before going inside, daddy would hit me especially hard if I cried. "Natalie we need to move your stuff in Elias' room. Sasha can't sleep with us anymore.

I opened my mouth to object but then daddy came into the living room through the kitchen, I shifted my eyes to the floor.

At first sharing a room with Elias was fun but then he did what daddy did, only he took all my clothes. "No Elias don't do that," I pleaded. He only shushed me and got naked too. He slid one had down my tummy and touched my vagina, I had learned what it was from mommy. She said boys were't allowed to touch me there. He used his other hand to hold me down, I squirmed and cried for mommy but then he'd cover my mouth.

The next morning Elias was awake and outside before I was. I dressed myself and wiped all my tears off before heading for the backyard. When I saw him I ran at him, he thought I was trying to tag him so he ran away. I chased him for what seemed like an hour.

I finally caught him and shoved him down, he was bigger than me but I had surprise on my side. He went down hard and started to get up but I jumped on him. I felt so much anger and started hitting, kicking, and scratching him. I didn't stop until he started screaming for mommy to come.

"Why would you do that?" Mommy asked. I grabbed my vagina and said, " He touched me here mommy, you said no one is supposed to do that," I cried desperately. Her face was a mix of sadness and hate but she pulled me close and held me until I was ripped from her arms. Shocked I looked up and daddy was gripping my arm painfully hard.

He slapped her hard twice and then yanked my hair, I started to cry. I heard mommy telling him why I hurt Elias and he said it was no excuse, as he drug me inside to get a beating, it was the first of many severe beatings I would get.

A pattern began to emerege, Elias molested me every night and every day I would chase him down and take all my anger and hate towards him out on him. And when I was done daddy would beat me but I didn't care, Elias didn't get to do that and not get in trouble.

My life was a spiral of hate and molestation, how would it ever be better?

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