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I climbed up the mountain, wondering where I was going in the midst of my life. There were too many things going on that caused me to become confused. It was the mountain that was watching me. The mountain waited for me to climb up. The mountain waited for me to begin my journey upward.

Other / Fantasy
Daniel Hur
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Prologue: Hardened beginnings

Peter Morgan tugged at the grass. His fingers threatened to slip as they enclosed on their blades. The cleats of his sneakers scraped against the dirt, scattering mud in all directions.
Come on, Peter! You've got this, man. You've got this, he thought to himself; however, looking at the ground that was up above, he heaved in his breath. A huge amount of ground bellowed right before his eyes, causing his hands to quiver. He pressed his body against the mountain. His finger nails dug into the ground.

"Everyone will see how accomplished I am. Once I finally get to the top of this mountain, then I will..." A sudden lightning bolt struck him across the face.
"Gaaahhhh!!!" he cried. His head sprung up. Realizing he was back inside his bed, his eyes scanned across his body. Not a single electrocution was present. He sighed and looked out the window. There he could see the mountain in a faraway distance. He placed his hands on the pane of the window, searching for a way to break through. Somehow there needs to be a way, he thought.
In the midst of the darkness of the night, he caught sight of a shadow. He narrowed his eyes, struggling to make out the shape.
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