The Demon Inside

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Chapter 1 - My Sister's Keeper

"What is this?! What am I?!" Alicia thought, freaking out. She now had black eyes, sharp teeth, and no glasses. "Oh shit....." She said, remembering what she had said earlier. "I knew I shouldn't have said that..........." She started to regret that statement.

She had stayed up the rest of the night, not going back to sleep. It was now 5:30 in the morning and she needed to eat. But the demon inside of her wanted something else.....her soul. The pain from the demon eating her soul almost brought Alicia to her knees, but she was still standing.

After she ate, took a shower and got dressed while getting her stuff ready for school, Alicia had to put on her glasses to control her eyes which turned back to normal. "What time is it?" She said, mumbling. She then checked the time and realized it was 7:10. "Damn! I'm gonna be late!" She said, grabbing her stuff and house key, leaving out of the house after locking the front door.

After Alicia went to the school's candy store and got herself some Skittles, she went to her first block which was Gym class. "OK, students! Go get changed and start walking around the gym until I say so!" Mr. Davis said. As soon as Alicia heard that, she quickly went into the girls locker room, got in a bathroom stall and started changing her clothes. But suddenly, she clutched her chest tightly like she was in a lot of pain. Everybody else went back into the gym with their gym clothes on.

Her friends, Michelle and Lynne were waiting for her. "Where is Alicia?" Lynne asked. "Still getting changed, girl. Let's go check on her." Michelle said to Lynne as they walked back to the girls locker room. "AH!" Alicia screamed in total pain, clutching her chest and falling to her knees. "Why here? Why now of all places?!" She thought, still screaming.

Lynne and Michelle heard the screaming and ran over to the bathroom stall that Alicia was in, opened the door and found Alicia in her gym clothes, on her knees, clutching her chest tightly. "Alicia!" Lynne said, rushing over to her friend. "You alright, Alicia?!" Michelle said as she and Lynne picked her up by her arms so that Alicia could fully stand up. "No! I'm not....." She said before passing out and dropping to the floor. "ALICIA!" Lynne yelled, shaking her. But it was no use, they took Alicia to the nurse's office where Lynne explained everything to the nurse as Michelle sat Alicia's lifeless and unconscious body on a bed.

"What the hell is going on?! Where am I?" She yelled in her mind. But then somebody a demonic voice that was the same as hers but was a bit distorted. "You're in your mind because of one reason......" She said as the demon came over and appeared in front of her, wearing a long black dress, black ringleader boots, black fingerless gloves, a black pendant, black earrings, and had short black horns on the sides of her head.

"Who are you?" Alicia asked, looking as her demon form of herself. The demon then laughed and then replied. "I'm the demon inside of you. Your inner demon that likes to come out at night and play..." Alicia was shaking her head. "This can't be true. I said that I would never believe in demons! Demons are not real and don't exist!" She yelled, falling to her knees while holding her head. The demon laughed and disappeared, leaving this. "Demons exist...and because you don't believe in them.....there is one inside of you: me."


Lynne and Michelle were waiting near Alicia's bedside, waiting for her to wake up. They became Alicia's best friends since school started. They had all of the same classes together including lunch.

Suddenly, Alicia opened her eyes a little and blinked. "Lynne.....? Michelle....?" She said weakly, still wearing her glasses and was wearing an oxygen mask so that she could breath. Her friends looking at her, smiling and happy that she was back. "Welcome back, Ms. Davis. Or should I say....Sis?" The nurse said. Alicia knew who that was. "Alexis....?" She said. The nurse walked over and smiled. "Hey, sis. How you feeling?" Alexis asked. "Weak....." She replied, sitting up. "Good. I told your Gym teacher that you passed out and he gave you a free 100 while Lynne and Michelle got a 60." She added. Lynne and Michelle frowned but laughed it off afterwards. "Well, anyway, we will see you in Latin class, Alicia!" Lynne said, leaving with Michelle following close behind. Alicia waved weakly.

"And I told your English and Math teachers not to give you homework......" Alexis said. Alicia weakly touched her sister's face. "Thank you...." She said with a broken voice. Alexis nodded and said I'll be back to pick you up later. Be careful now." She said, leaving the room.


After her sister left, Alicia got her stuff and as soon as the bell rang, she headed to Latin class. She walked in the classroom, sat near Lynne and Michelle and just talked about stuff. "How are you feeling?", Michelle asked. Lynne nodded and said "We were so worried about you, girl." Alicia just chuckled and said "I feel fine, just had some chest pains." The Latin teacher, Ms. East taught the class about spells in the Latin language. Alicia took notes on her phone while Lynne and Michelle wrote their notes down. When the bell rung, it was time for Art class which the three best friends enjoyed very much. Alicia grabbed her stuff and left with Lynne and Michelle to go to Art.


After Lynne and Michelle sat down in their seats, Alicia decided to sit in the back of the room away from everybody else in the classroom. "OK, class!" Ms. Matthews said. "Today, you will be painting a portrait of either your struggles or something postive! And this is due at the end of class!" She added. Alicia got out some black, white and red paint and started to paint for a few minutes. Everybody else was done with their work until Alicia screamed from the back of the room in pain.

"Ms. Alicia! Are you alright?" Ms. Matthews said, running over towards Alicia. "Stay away from me!" Alicia yelled, standing up. "I cant-" Ms. Matthews said again, even more worried. "I SAID STAY AWAY FROM ME!" She yelled again, her voice now getting distorted. Everybody got back away from Alicia, but then Alicia's eyes widen as she fell forward, getting knocked out. "l'll take her home, Ms. Matthews." Alexis said, picking her sister's body up and carrying her home. Meanwhile, Lynne looked at Alicia's painting and was surprised. But she wondered about what happened earlier.


Alicia woke up in her mind again, but this time, her mind was black. The demon appeared and laughed in front of her. "Do you believe me now, little girl? Or do you still refuse to believe that?" Alicia got up and looked at her. "I SAID DEMONS DON'T FUCKING EXIST! SO LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!" She yelled, getting mad. The demon laughed madly and grabbed her by the neck, strangling her. Alicia started to cough and choke, fading in and out of consciousness. "Little will soon learn who is running things here....and you will soon learn what your future holds in store for you!" The demon said, laughing madly. Alicia gave one final breath and passed out.


Alexis kept a close eye on her sister, making sure she was alright. But she noticed something else: Alicia was tossing and turning very wildly in her sleep. She was screaming and crying so badly. "Alicia!" Alexis said, running over towards her sister, hugging her tightly. Alicia jerked up and hugged her back, still crying and coughing. "A-Alexis..." She said in a broken voice. "I had a nightmare...!"

Alexis looked at her sister. "What was it about?", She asked, sitting her sister up and wiping her tears away. Alicia was sniffling and there were more tears running down her face again. Alexis decided to pull her sister into a sisterly embrace, rocking her back and forth. "Shh, it's don't have to tell me if you want to." She said in a quiet and calming voice. Alicia finally calms down, wiping her tears away and looking up at her sister. She then falls asleep in her arms. Alexis then put her sister back to bed, covering her up with a blanket and then sat by her bedside.

"Alicia..what's wrong?", Alexis thought, worried. "Why won't you tell me....?" She finally fell asleep, staying beside her older sister's bedside. Because she is her sister's keeper.......or is she?

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