The Demon Inside

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Chapter 2 - My Secret Is......

"What the hell happened? The nightmare felt like somebody pierced me in the heart....." Alicia said, waking up in her mind. But when she looked around, it was, black all over but with black rose petals and feathers falling from the sky. She then stood up and walked forward for a bit, but the she felt something around her neck, wrists, and ankles. "What the hell is this?!" She said, trying to break free from her restraints.

"I've got you now...." Her inner demon said, appearing right in front of her, laughing. "How are we today?" She asked, walking towards her, grinning evilly. "I'm not telling you anything!" She yelled. "Let me out of these chains!" The demon looked at her and started to laugh in a distorted voice. "I'm sorry, but I can't do that..." She said, holding her chin up so that Alicia is looking at her. "Then tell me this: Why am I chained up?! Tell me!" Alicia yelled furiously. "The reason I have you chained up, my because I want to break you." The demon said, smirking. Alicia's eyes widened in shock. "" She said. "I want to see how far I can go until I break your spirit......and maybe take your soul....." Her inner demon said. "I won't let you break me!" Alicia said, tears rolling down her face. The demon, Alice, looked at her and laughed, "You look cute when you're crying. That's what I like to see.." She said. "But heed this, darling: Once I break you, you will be nothing more than a crying, broken doll - one that moves weakly and can be broken easily!" Alice said, disappearing. Alicia was crying and crying so hard that she passed out, leaving this: "I......."

Alexis was pacing the room, worried about her dear older sister. "Come on, Alicia....." She said, muttering. Alicia then woke up a few hours later, coughing, sweating, crying a little, and her eyes were red. "Alicia!" Alexis yelled, running over to her sister. Alicia then looked at her, her vision blurred. "Y-Y-Y..." She started. Alexis felt her sister's forehead and it was a little hot. "You're warm." She said. "I'm going to call the school and tell your teachers that you have a fever and also that you're sick."

Alicia looked at her, nodding. "How long-" She said before coughing really badly and her breathing started to get worse. Alexis then hugged her sister, rubbing her back to make her breathing go back to normal. "You okay now?" She asked, setting Alicia back down on the bed on her back. "Yeah....." Alicia replied, getting under the blanket. "Well, I'm going to call the school now", Alexis said, kissing her sister on the forehead. "Get some rest." She added, leaving the room.

Alexis went to the kitchen, picked up the phone, called the school and told them what happened to Alicia. After talking with the school and hanging up the phone, Alexis walked back into Alicia's bedroom, checking up on her. "Sis?" She asked quietly. "Hm?" Alicia replied, sleepily. "I called the school and told them what happened to you. You have one week of school off at home and your teachers will not be giving you homework." Alexis said. Alicia then turned her head towards her sister. "OK...." She said, falling back asleep peacefully. Alexis smiles, then hugs her quickly. "Have a good nap, sis." She said, leaving a note on her sister's bedside table and left the room with her head held down. "Alicia....." She thought, getting ready to go to work at the school. She then left the house locking the door and then headed to the school. Alicia, however, was having another nightmare......but this time, it was worse.

"Feeling sick, are we?" Alice asked Alicia, holding a black rose whip with thorns on it in her hands. "Well, are you going to answer me?" She asked again, looking at Alicia. Alicia was wearing a dress similar to Len Kagamine's from the song 'Imitation Black' except the dress was all black including the black ribbon that covered her right eye, black high heel wedges, and black fingerless gloves. "I'm not going to answer you...." She said. Alice looked at her with a frown, held the whip up high and started to whip Alicia, giving her scratches and cuts on her arms, legs, and face. The thorns ripped little of Alicia's clothing off with the ribbon coming off.

Alicia then looked at Alice, bloodied and cut with tears rolling down her face. "Yes?" Alice asked. "S-Stop this! Stop! P-Please!" Alicia begged, tears running her face. Alice grinned evilly and laughed. "I'm afraid I can't do that....until I finish breaking you!" She said, holding her chin up. Alicia winced in pain badly, tears rolling down her face. "But remember this......." Alice started, letting go of Alicia's chin. "Once I break you, you will be nothing more than a vessel for me to take over. Like a doll that I control." She stated, fading away. leaving a crying Alicia in pain and scared for her life. She then passed out bleeding.

Alexis was getting home from from working at school as the nurse, the she felt "Alicia?" She called out, walking towards her bedroom. But when she walked in there, her eyes widened in fear and shock.

"Alicia!" Alexis cries out. "No..." She thought to herself. Alicia had tears rolling down her face, both of her arms and legs are bleeding and she has cuts and scratches on her face really bad. Alexis then runs over to her sister, checking her pulse and breathing. "This is odd...." She thought. "Her pulse and breathing were normal before I left...." Alicia's pulse was weak and her breathing was irregular. "S-Sis.." She said weakly. "Y-Yes?" Alexis replied. "Do you mind keeping a secret for me? can't tell nobody else, even Lynne and Michelle....O-K?" The older sister said before passing out due to blood loss. Alexis nodded, crying. "Yes..." She replied, calling 911.

"My dear sister...." Alicia said, this time not chained up and now levitating on her back in her mind wearing the same black clothing and shoes with the cuts and bruises. She opened her eyes slowly with tears running down her face with black rose petals and feathers falling all around her. "I'm sorry..." She said, closing her eyes.

After the ambulance took Alicia to the hospital, Alexis called Lynne. "Yo. Lynne here!" Lynne said, picking up the phone. "Lynne. It's Alexis." The nurse replied. "Oh...I thought Alicia would pick up.." Lynne said, a little upset. "That's what I need to tell you about. Alicia the hospital." The nurse said. Lynne was silent for a few moments. "Why? What happened to her?" She then said. Alexis sighed. "That's what I'm trying to know. Go get Michelle and come down to the ER." The nurse said. "OK." Lynne replied, hanging up. Alexis hanged up as well, pacing the ER waiting room.

When Lynne and Michelle arrived, they saw Alexis, sitting down. "Hey, Alexis. What's wrong with Alicia?" Lynne asked, sitting down with Michelle. " Well.....from what I know is this: Both of her arms and legs are bleeding and she has cuts and scratches on her face really bad. Also, her pulse and breathing were weak and irregular." She said. "The doctor will be here in a few minutes." A nurse said to the three. They all nodded.

The doctor walked in. "Davis?" She called out. "Yes. That's me." Alexis said. "Good. I'm here to tell you about your sister's condition." She said sitting down in a chair. "Your sister is stable, but she did lose a lot of blood." She stated. "Overall, she is well. Would you like to visit her, Alexis?" Alexis nodded. "Yes.." She said. "We'll see you later, Alexis." Lynne and Michelle said, leaving.


After Alexis found her sister's room, she walked inside, tears welling up in her eyes. Alicia was awake with IV's in her arms which her bandaged as well as her face and legs. "Alicia...." She said, close to tears. "Hey..." The older said. Alexis just pulled her sister into a hug, crying. "Don't you ever scare me like that! Understand?!" She yelled. Alicia's eyes widened at the hug. She then hugged back, closing her eyes. "I understand..." She replied The two girls talked and talked until Alicia was falling asleep. "Sis? Can I tell you my secret?" Alicia said, sleepily. Alexis nodded. Alica then sat up and whispered in her ear this: "I'm a demon...." Alexis then looked at her sister, who already fell asleep. "Sweet dreams, Alicia...." She said, getting up and leaving the room, and went back home.

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