The Demon Inside

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Chapter 3 - The Second Player

They say every story has two sides. Both are told from different perspectives. A side of the story that revolves around the one that is suffering in this case, and the one that wants to help. Someone will do whatever it takes to help Alicia. This is that person's story.

Inside his bedroom, a 15-year-old teen is at a laptop doing what he does best. Roleplaying. He is wearing a light blue striped t-shirt, black athletic pants and black and blue sneakers. His friends call him 'Flash', so that's what he's going to be called in this story. He gave himself an Ultimate title just like Alicia called herself Ultimate Mastermind. He called himself the Ultimate Pokemon Trainer. Don't ask why, that's what Flash went with. He is busy roleplaying with a group of friends that he plays with, one of those friends being Alicia. Now, this group ships Flash and Alicia. Neither of them objects to the ship pair, so they live with it. Then there are the times the group jokes about them doing a three way with another friend known as Nan, which is where the two of them draw the line.

But today was different for him. He got the PM that Alexis sent him and read it over. It said this in a nutshell,

'Flash. It's Alexis.........and I have bad news. My sister is a demon. I repeat, demon. I don't know what's going on with her.... Can you help?'

"A demon? But why?" Flash paced around his bedroom, which wasn't really that big as he began thinking of why she was what she claimed she was. He responded with the following,

'I don't know myself, Alexis. But I'll do what I can to fix this. Trust me.' Ah yes, if anyone cared enough about Alicia more than her family and friends, it was Flash. Quickly, he pulled out a notebook from his nightstand and began writing in it.

'Just found out my friend Alicia is a demon...but why? I seriously need to see her to see the damage for myself. But I'd have to go to where Alicia lives to see that. Hmm...' He then wrote the question for him and him alone to answer, 'How did Alicia become a demon in the first place?'

Quickly, he went back to the laptop and began researching for any information about demons. He was smart enough to use incognito browsing since well; his parents might get suspicious about him. He some days didn't trust his parents alone with his personal life. Since, it's personal. He probably was embarrassed to let his parents know he roleplayed with people that they didn't trust but did it anyway. Such a rebel...

'Let's see...' Flash thinks as he reads. 'Many people believe that evil spirits, often called demons can take over people's bodies today. No crap, that's what happened to Alicia.' Sighing, he feels he's not getting anywhere by reading this. 'Let's also see...blah blah, the Bible, yada yada, under the power of Satan- I think I know why I don't do religion.' He keeps reading, looking for any clues as to why one would possess Alicia. 'They fear the Judgment and eternal punishment...maybe that's a clue? Well they aren't physical diseases like I think some doctors would think. So from the wounds that Alexis told me about in the PM, they likely aren't self-inflicted.' Then he decided to look elsewhere for answers. 'Maybe she just doesn't believe in them?' He thinks. Then decides, 'SCREW. LOOKING IT UP.' He then closes out of the incognito window and begins writing down logical theories to why Alicia was possessed.

'All after thinking about it, I think I got the idea. Alicia must have not believed in demons, and one took her over. Or is in the process of by wounding her spiritually. I'm gonna go over to her and set things right. Hang on Alicia...I'm coming to save you.' It's what he'd do for anyone of his friends. Because you don't mess with him, as it is just a simple rule of nature. Mess with him, and he would come for you.

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