Don't Stop Believin'

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A story on the song Don't Stop Believin' by Journey. (A "prequel" to Don't Stop Believin' Too) Mirabella Worth feels that she no longer belongs at home. So she sets out to leave, for a normal quiet life, but ends up--unexpectedly--finding a crazy adventure instead. When Evan Porter walked into her life, everything went topsy-turvy. Can she handle her new crazy life, or will it make her choose a different way for a new life for herself?

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Chapter One

--Just a small town girl
Livin’ in a lonely world
She took the midnight train goin’ anywhere--

I dragged my small suitcase behind me, a backpack on my shoulder, not caring where I was going. As long as I was as far away from home. I finally made it to the train station and bought a ticket, going anywhere. Once I boarded the train, I took a seat in an empty compartment, glad that I was alone.

Or not. A small voice told me.

I sighed and pulled out a book, waiting for the train to pull out of the station. It seemed like it took forever for the train to finally pull away. As I turned the page, the compartment door opened and there was a young man standing in the doorway. We both blinked at each other, surprised to see another person.

The young man smirked at me before saying, “Is the other seat taken?”

“No.” I put up my book in front of my face, ignoring him.

I heard him sit his suitcase in the compartment above the seat before plopping down in the seat across from me and I could feel his smile through the pages of my book.

“So,” He started to say. “What’s a young lady like you doing all alone?”

I looked over the brim of my book and narrowed my brown eyes at him. “That’s none of your business.”

“Maybe. Maybe not.” He quirked a perfectly constructed blonde eyebrow at me.

I rolled my eyes and went back to my book.

Pride and Prejudice, huh?”

“What?” I asked, shutting my book.

“You’re reading Pride and Prejudice, right?” He pointed to my shut book.

“What about it?” I gave him my stink eye that my mother always hates.

“I just didn’t see you as a Pride and Prejudice type of girl.” He said nonchalantly.

“What is that supposed to mean?” I said incredulously. This guy was really starting to tick me off.

He saw the tone in my voice and backed off. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude.”

Rude? He thought he was rude?! More of like a perverted jerk, that’s what! “Just keep to yourself.” I scooted myself over to the window and stared out of it, watching the darkness.

I was walking down a corridor lined with doors. They were all differently colored, and I inspected each and every one closely, looking for the right one. Something inside me told me I needed to be quiet as I did so, fearful of the shadows lurking in the corridor, going to report back to their master.

After inspecting a purple door with glittery stars all over it, I turned to continue down the corridor, and stopped short. Someone was standing in the corridor too. I was no longer alone.

It was a young man. His face and hair color kept changing, not forming someone I would know. “Why did you forget me? Why, Mirabella?” He looked heart broken and crestfallen.

“It’s not my fault!” I called out. “Nigel pushed me too hard.”

My response didn’t seem to help. It made him somehow sadder. He put his hand to his face, hiding his ever-changing face, allowing me to only see his changing hair color from black to blonde to brown and every shade in between. “Don’t tell me that Mirabella. It hurts me to know that someone has been hurting you and that I couldn’t do anything to stop it.”

I walked up to the man and took his hand away from his face and held it in between mine. Looking into his changing face; his eyes were light green, never changing in color, just in size and shape; I asked him, “Why do you care so much about me? I’m a nobody. And I can’t even remember who you are…” I looked away, feeling ashamed that I had forgotten about someone who cared for me. I awkwardly turned his hand in mine, nervous to what his reply would be.

He used his other hand to pinch my chin between his fingers to make me look at him. “You are someone who means the world to me.”

I could feel the tears trying to burst forth, the weight of this man’s affection becoming too much for me. “How will I ever remember you?” I could feel a tear leak out of my eye, trickling down my cheek.

The man wiped away the stray tear. “By this, you’ll remember.” He said softly before lowering his head toward mine and kissing me. The kiss was familiar but who this man was, was still a mystery to me. The man pulled away from me, looking around, wary. He looked back to me, concern in his light green eyes. “You must leave now. He’s almost here.”

“Who’s here?” I questioned.

Just then, a loud scream pierced the corridor, making me cover my ears. The man didn’t seem affected by it, just very cautious and worried.

“Go. Before he comes.”

“Go where?”

“Anywhere. Just make sure you come find me, Mirabella.”

“But how will I? Where do I even start?” I cried out, flabbergasted that this young man was asking too much of me.

“Just go!” The young man yelled at me before he pushed me through at random door where I started to fall into a black hole.

As I was falling, a laugh echoed inside the black hole. I tried to pinpoint where the laugh was coming from. Once I found where it was coming from, I screamed at the face of my ex coming at me at full speed.

He smiled creepily at me. “You’ll be mine again, Mimi.”

I continued to scream till I hit rock bottom.

I jerked awake, sweaty and breathing hard. I put a hand up to my heart, willing it to be calm. I looked around, trying to figure out where I was at. It wasn’t my room. It was a train compartment.

Then I remembered that I had bought a train ticket going anywhere. Just to get away from my home life.

I sighed as I leaned against the bench I had been sleeping on. I felt a pair of eyes on me. Then I also remembered the young man I had let stay with me. Quickly turning my head, I found the young man looking at me oddly.

“Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” I brushed off his concern.

He narrowed his eyes at me. “I don’t quite believe you.”

I crossed my arms across my chest. “It’s none of your business. I don’t even know you.” The moon from the outside was the only light in the train compartment. The shadows of the trees passed by on the floor. The young man and I just stared across the compartment at each other, neither one of us wanting to give in to each other’s whims.

The young man finally huffed, annoyed that I wouldn’t give in. “Fine. Whatever. Just don’t scream in your sleep again. It was annoying to be woken up to that.”

“Ooooo.” I seethed with anger as I watched the young man turn his back to me, ignoring me. I reached for the closest thing to me, my Pride and Prejudice book, and threw it at his back, accidentally hitting the back of his head instead. He tensed up and I froze, worried for my life. I didn’t know this young man. He could be anyone, do anything to me. He turned his head to glare at me over his shoulder. “I’m sorry.” I squeaked. “I meant to hit your back, not your head…” I looked away, not being able to take his glare.

He just turned away and huffed again, clearly annoyed by me.

Fine. I pouted in my head. Be a jerk.

I laid back down on my bench and turned so my back was facing him, staring at the seventies styled pattern on the bench.

Instead of being afraid to fall back asleep, like I usually am after having nightmares that involve Nigel, I went to bed, angry, trying to think of ways that I could get back at the young man without me having to die because of how much I would anger him.

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