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A collection of short stories that I have written over the years. It is an ongoing piece since I will add new short stories when I finish them to it. None of the short stories are connected to one another. Unless if it is pointed out in the beginning of the story by asterisks saying otherwise. I hope you all enjoy!

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My brain was blank, nothing was going in or being planned. Nothing! Usually my brain is go, go, go. I plan things out to where they’re almost perfect. But nothing was happening. Everything was hazy. It was asleep but awake at the same time.

“Athena, snap out of it.” Tina said, snapping her fingers in front of me.

I shook my head, snapping out of it. I looked to my best friends, Annie and Tina.

They were known for gossip around this, torturous military school.

“What?” I said.

“General Sloan is coming around the corner for daily checks of our uniform, silly.” Annie said, poking me in the arm.

“Oh, right.”

General Sloan rounded the corner, I stood up straighter.

She inspected each of us closely. Ending with me. She grabbed a stray piece of my hair. “On the ground and give me twenty push-ups.” She said sternly.

I got on the ground and gave her twenty push-ups.

“Now, go clean all the weapons off.” She said before going to inspect the other girls.

Annie, Tina, and I left to go clean the weapons off. It was one of our regular, daily chores.

Military school felt like a prison. The only things we learned were, how to shoot guns, how to plan military tactics, and how to make really nice looking beds.

The school was surrounded by walls with barb-wire on the top. The walls separated me from my family. Except for my dad, he was…you could say, the principle of the school. I only got to see him. Well, and my sister Amara too.

Once you got into the school, you never left. And I mean never. Well, until you graduate, then you get to leave.

My dad is very survival-y, so he wants all of us to learn survival skills. My mom supports my dad on this idea, so we get stuck going to military school. My brothers, Ben and Jerry, go to the boys military school and Amara, me, and soon to be Grace, go to the girls military school.

Ben is a genius. He’s one of the smartest people I know. He processes information so well, it’s uncanny. Jerry, he has really good hearing. It’s like a dogs. Amara is, well…she likes to plan stuff. And I mean more than I do. Everything has to be perfect. She’s a perfectionist. It gets quite annoying. Grace is one of the sweetest four-year-olds in the world. She also has great balance and is very flexible. And me, I’m even smarter than Ben. I’m Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, and some other scientists, rolled into one.

When we were about fifteen minutes into cleaning the guns off, Tina started talking. “Did you know they’re thinking of having a military ball?”

I looked at her. “My dad would never do that. He’s too protective of Amara and I.”

“Your dad is seriously thinking about it though.” Tina said putting a finished gun on the rack.

“And how did you find out? It’s probably just more gossip.” I said wiping the gun down with gun cleaner.

“He is seriously thinking about it. I was eavesdropping on him when the principle from the boy’s school called.”

“You eavesdropped on my dad?” I said, eyes wide.

“Is that all you got?”

Before I could answer, the alarm went off, warning us of a breach in security.

We each grabbed a hand gun. When we were in the hallway, I told Annie and Tina to go to the left. I went to the right, toward the surveillance room. My hands were shaking so bad. I have the brains, but not the bronze.

I entered to surveillance room. The guards were knocked out, the room was messy, and a lot of stuff was damaged. I was going to have to clean it up. I sat in a roll-y chair and moved toward the monitors. I hacked into the system and looked at the video feed from the camera pointed at the entrance to the weapons building. I saw Annie, Tina, and I enter. I fast forwarded, finding the fifteen minutes of nothing boring. At 08:00 someone—I didn’t recognize—got into the building.

The scanners flashed a warning sign.

Someone was still here that didn’t belong.

I knew I was going to have to report this and put it in the file cabinet, in Dad’s office.

As I was about to turn around, and e-mail popped up. It was addressed to Dad. I forwarded it to him.

I left the room. I was heading back toward the front door. I was stopped by someone talking.

“Hello, there, gorgeous.”

My legs froze. I tried to move them, but they wouldn’t budge.

I looked into the mirror at the end of the hall. The stranger was tall, had brown hair, I couldn’t see what color of eyes he had, and was at the other end of the hall. Seventy feet away.

I don’t see how he could tell I was gorgeous. I was seventy feet away! He must have good eyesight.

Fear and anger coursed through me.

“What do you want?” I said, teeth clenched, fist too.

“You.” He said coming at me.

He tackled me to the ground.

I jerked awake.

It was just a dream.

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