The mind of a three year old.

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A small one has lost her she waits.

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Chapter 1

HI! I’m three years old and I have a loving family, especially my mom. She holds me when I’m afraid of the thunder and gives me treats when I’m good. She makes sure I am in my warm bed every night before she goes to bed but sometimes she lets me sleep with her....especially during those storms where I am terrified. I like it when she combs my long sandy brown hair and gives me a bath, I feel so comfortable after that. She also gives me a treat after the bath and I always look forward to it.

I love her smell when she hugs me, I can smell her sweet breath and feel her heart beat when she does that. My mom is my family and we live alone but we are not really alone with each other. Every morning we go for a walk but sometimes the side walks are very crowded with lots of people that seem to just push me away, but mom is always there to watch out for me when this happens. Sometimes she picks me up and carries me when it gets too crowded because they step on my feet and it really hurts and I cry. I love my mom more than anything and will stay with her forever.

One day we were out walking and it was crowded, more so than usual it seemed with people so close my mom had to pick me up and carry me. I just looked around at all the face as we passed by to see if anyone was interesting or not. Some seemed old and some were young and I even saw one that looked like me! I tried to sit up higher in moms arms to see but they dispersed in the crowd. Then something happened! I heard a loud crack that was scary then felt a hard bump and mom let go of me. I fell to the ground hard and it hurt so I yelled.

The crowd became even heavier with more people that were pushing and kicking me out of their way as they tried to run. Several of them stepped on my feet and it hurt so bad I cried but no one paid any attention to me as I looked up at them, they would just scurry off. I moved to the side of the sidewalk to try to get out of their way but my two feet hurt. As I sat there I felt some of them seem to kick me but when I looked up they ignored me and my mom was no where to be found to pick me up!

More and more people went by but they seemed to calm down and not move so fast now but I could not see my mom anywhere and this made my heart begin to race. I tried looking up at the people for help but only a few looked at me as they passed by. I was afraid and alone for the first time in my life and I did not know what to do so I just stayed there, waiting for mom, I knew she would come back for me.

But she never came and it was getting dark now and a little cold and I wanted to go home. I stayed near where mom dropped me as it grew dark and I wished I was home in mom’s bed in her loving arms, I could smell her now but when I looked around, I was still alone. I tried laying down because I was tired, cold and hungry and the sidewalk was nearly empty of people too. No one wanted to help me so I lay down and tried to close my eyes and dream of home .

The warm sun woke me up and the sidewalk started to become busy again. Still no one would pay any attention to me so I just sat there next to a wall watching the people go by. I looked up at them but only a few would even look at me. One tall man reached out to touch my head but then he went his way. My stomach was empty but that did not matter, I just wanted my mom and to go home.

Then I heard a familiar voice in the distance! It sounded like my mom but I was not sure so I sat up straight, looking in the direction of that voice. There! There is was again! That WAS mom! I can hear her calling me.

“GIGI! Were are you baby?”

I began to cry, then I barked, loudly! I tried to run towards the voice but there were too many people that just kicked me away. Someone stepped on my foot again and it hurt but i did not care...I had to reach my mom. I cried loudly when I saw her, I began to bark without stop, then whine in between barks. She turned and saw me, her face lit up with a smile! As she bent down to pick me up I jumped into her loving arms and licked her face. I could smell her breath now and feel her heart beat. I was home!!!

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