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A moment where mom is awestruck by daughters reply.

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Anu Menon
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Chapter 1

We were having ‘Mother-Daughter time’ by playing games in the evening.

She decided to play ‘Teacher-Teacher’ game with me. I agreed.

She is my art teacher in the game. She handed me a paper drawn by her with a picture of peacock and tree and with my name, class, and division on it to color.

She said: “As you are the only student in my class since others are absent, I, being a teacher, will give you company by coloring same pictures on another sheet.”

I said: ”Ok.”

We started coloring.

When I finished, I just looked at her and was impressed by her creativity.

As a matter of fact, I told her my coloring is not good and is worse compared to hers.

She said ‘ No, Mom. Don’t say like that. Your coloring is beautiful and cute.’

I told her to give an honest answer as I could see for myself that it is bad.

She replied: ‘ Mom, Whenever I show you my drawing, paintings or any creativity, you have always said:’ It’s wonderful’ and made me smile. You have also guided me how I should do better. So, in the same way, Can’t I bring a smile to your face by saying your coloring is wonderful.”

I was awestruck by her reply and gave her a tight hug.

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