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A guide to Escaping Complex

By Darius Gunn All Rights Reserved ©



Break the cycle. Save Your family, Save Your relationships. save your life. It doesn't have to be this way. Our families, the world, you can change it. this one is for you


The root of it all. The origin. The reason for my books. Our families have been weakening. No matter where I go, the family is at war. With each other, with relatives, with friends. But the family unit is so essential to all parts of human life. Families are the basis for just about everything. Towns came to be by families joining together. A bunch of families of animals becomes a herd. A town of families joining with another town of families becomes a city. A Church is made up of your Church family, which includes everyone, not just your close family. Everywhere you look in history and other things, Families our the basis for our very society. What we can’t accomplish alone, we can do with a family. People couldn’t survive a storm, so they worked together to build shelters. People couldn’t find enough food so they worked together to create a farm. Armies run on the work of families. From before times until now, everyone’s job was important. The wives would cook the meals and raise the children, The Father would serve the country for all he held dear back at home as a knight. The oldest would learn and one day help the father. The young would keep the living quarters clean and help clean the weapons. The combined efforts of these people are what keeps the army sustainable.

So then what is the problem? If we have all this power, why do we struggle so much? Chaos, within the household. The family is at odds. If each of your family had a wheel, but nobody wanted to share, how would the car be able to move? Simple, It wouldn’t move very far, nor fast. If even one were to add their wheel and push their hardest, they wouldn’t be able to do it alone. What causes the Family to be at odds? Selfishness, pride, arrogance, no ability to listen, being able to listen but not hear, lies, betrayal, and more. Weak families make weak towns, just as weak families make weak Churches. The enemy wants our families to be weak. It weakens our entire structure as a society. Fathers who have sex but don’t take responsibility, divorce over stupid things, the mother who left, abuse, superiority complexes. Parents who don’t listen, Kids who don’t listen. People who listen to what you say but don’t hear it. The belittling of opinions. We are made by design to function in families with each other. The things we could accomplish if only we worked together! Stress, one of our worst enemies, could be greatly relieved, depression would be so much lower. People take pills for depression, but that is not what they need. What they need is someone to listen, someone to go beyond the normal “I’m fine.” and reach for our broken souls. They need a father who can be there for them. They need a mother who will kiss away the wounds of the world. They need a brother to hold their shoulder up, and a sister to hold their trembling hands. They need a friend who will be there for them like they were for that friend. They need someone to believe in, someone to be there even should all the others fail you. If you can’t go back home to escape from the world, where can you go?

But that is where we come in, Yes dear reader, You and me. I was given the task of making this book so that the people will be able to have the knowledge so they can do better. I need your help, tell your friends, tell the people you meet, about this book. Complexes are our households, and they can be restrictive, or they can be good places. Some are abusive, some are mentally scarring, some are emotionally scarring. But we all want to break out. We want to break free of the eternal loop of hate and selfishness. But it is not something we can do alone. Moreover, we need to realize that for many parents, it's not all their fault. They only know what they have been taught, and should not be held entirely responsible. We have been the generations who don’t learn from our elder's mistakes but learn how to make them. But if we are all to get stronger as families, we must break this time loop.

There is still hope. I have a friend, one who has been the greatest friend to me and is willing to be the greatest friend to you. The world may have you believe he is restrictive, manipulative, and judgmental. But he isn’t. He is incredibly fair, people just don’t look for the truth. His name is Jesus. He is willing to look after you as he's done for me. I’ve been there, stretched far beyond human limits. Hanging on the edge, feeling by myself. But he was there for me, and he wants to be there for you. If you are willing to look for him, not the fake him that the world presents, but if you are really willing to seek him, go beyond the normal image of him, you can find the true Jesus. You may have to go beyond what normal people say about him, you may have to go past what people who are Christians, Catholics, Baptists, or even Protestants say about him. It's not that you can’t learn some things from these people, but you have to know the lord yourself. He has given you a guidebook to understanding his true self. It is known as the bible. If you look at it and try to understand it, if you have an open mind when reading it, and search for answers to things you don’t know, I can promise he will bless you and show himself to you. But you must be willing to listen. You must be willing to seek him. Never underestimate or reject instantly a child’s perspective of this book, nor an elder person's. We all see things differently, no matter how long we have been on this earth, and there is a lot we could learn from each other.

Once you know Jesus, or are willing to know him, things will be a lot easier, as you will have the first and one of the most important parts to having a strong family, A just God. You may try to do it without him, but I warn you now, it will never go as easily. It won’t be the same. You may always feel like something is missing from your family structure. The second thing that must be done is you must be willing to change, you must be willing to do the things you have learned in this book. You have to be willing to be that Father, You have to be willing to be That Mother, That Brother, That Sister, That Friend. You have to be willing to apologize and work toward being better for every next day. Have a family meeting. State your purpose, what you wish to work towards. Earnestly apologize, and put your works into practice. Depending on your reputation, they may not believe you. But if you work hard, Regardless, and keep your word, trying to be better, and being better despite no recognition, The Lord will surely Bless you. Even if no one else sees, he is taking note, and building up rewards for you that you couldn’t even imagine. But I cannot stress enough how you must follow through. It is a group effort, but you Must do your part. When others see how God has blessed you, perhaps they will start to change too. You can be an example for others. Just remember these two other important things: 1.You can’t force religion on anyone. No matter what, if you force religion on them, they will hate it and won’t actually be into it. You can show them because you love them and want them to be saved and informed, but never force it on them, friend, family or otherwise. They have to make the decision themselves. 2. Give God the credit. I mean it. We can be pretty self-centered and have a tendency to try and claim all the credit for things. God blesses? Don’t try to pass it off as your own hard work. Yes, God acknowledges your effort, but make sure to give him his dues too. It makes all the difference. Also Keep God first. Don’t put your own desires above God. Believe me, things will go better if you Put God first. You may have trouble, you may struggle a lot, but God will be with you every step of the way, and rewards will come. People will notice too. “How come your so blessed? How come you get all this neat stuff?” And then you can reply with “I keep God first. I listen to him and do my best to obey him. If you do the same, truly and earnestly, the same can happen for you. Well, I’m offering you the knowledge. My mission is complete. What you do with the knowledge I have offered to you, well, that is up to you. Only you can be the change in your life and others. The choice is up to you.

In this book, I will be going over important things to help your home life improve and strengthen your family. Note that this book is for everyone, regardless of religion or race or whatever. It's for single parents, parents fighting each other, kids, soon-to-be parents, elders everyone. Because there is a chance for anyone to change and bring their family back together. But I will be using references from the Bible, as God was the very inspiration for this book. If you would indulge me but a little bit, I’d like to share my story a little, my testimony. Now I’m sure you're anxious to learn how to grow a strong family, but you might find the story of how this book and all my other ones came to be a bit interesting.

I’m not what you would call a genius, nor was I someone who had any really useful life skill trait. I wasn’t good with my hands in crafting, I didn’t have incredible math skills. I always thought of myself as quite boring, with black hair in an Afro, brown skin and brown eyes. I thought that there was no appealing contrast, that I didn’t really have anything special about me. On top of this, Family Life for me was quite hard. Though I was better off than some other children, my daily life was choking, and constantly stressed me out to incredible limits. I was betrayed by most of the people I had come to know, my family, my relatives, my friends. In that world, I only had 3 things I knew for certain, 3 things going for me. 1. I had creativity. If there was anything different about me or anything I could take pride in, it was that I was creative. Not that I knew of any Life jobs that cherished creativity at the time. 2. God was on my side. No matter who betrayed me, I could always fall on him in my times of need. It could even be said that because of the distance between me and the people in my life, I was able to grow so much closer to God than I might have been able to otherwise. 3. God gifted me not with extreme intelligence, but with understanding. This meant that I could see much that others miss. It felt as much a blessing as a curse for me, but it was a better thing to have overall. It hurt more because I could understand certain things, but also because others couldn’t understand like I did. I was wandering, and I didn’t know what I would do in life.

Also, something tragic had happened. There was this kid, who came to our church. He didn’t talk much, wore headphones and a hood. I used to be an out-going person, but after multiple betrayals, I had become an introvert at this time. The adults teach our class were nice to him, but me and my friend kinda didn’t know how to deal with him, so we didn’t really engage in talking to him much. I didn’t really know who he was for a while. But one day... He didn’t come back. See, he was having life problems at home with his family, and as result, he was taking drugs and was a really messed up kid. We found out he committed suicide by hanging himself. I knew it wasn’t entirely my fault, but I couldn’t help but think I could have done something. After all, I was in the same situation as him in a way. The only reason I was saved was because of God and the people he sent my way. If I had least tried talking to him, I would’ve felt better no matter what the outcome, because I had at least tried. I remember coming home that day, and I was particularly disgusted with how my family could go back to laughing and joking so easily after what had happened. I mean, I know it's not good to dwell on things like this too much, and we may not have known him that well, but there wasn’t even a small moment of silence for him. Even later, my mom was able to bring up the situation as if nothing had happened a month later. None of us had done anything, and I vowed I would try and help people like him, who didn’t make it while I had.

But one fateful day I asked God what he wanted me to do and asked him to show me what he wanted me to do. A little while later me and a friend of mine were signing up to take the Sat test. I was staying over at his house for the night and we were going to head over to the test center in the morning. Everything was going fine and we turned in for the night. My friend had bunk-beds, ad I was on the bottom while he slept on the top bunk. I was sleeping, when I heard someone calling my voice. Darius, Darius, Darius. It wasn’t a very loud voice, more like a clear and audible whisper. I thought my friend was talking to me from the top bunk so I started to answer him. “Yes?” nothing. “Yeees?” nothing again. At this point, I was slightly irritated “Don’t leave me hanging man!” I said. Suddenly I saw a man-like figure. He had short hair, not sure what color, but he had a blank expressionless face, to where I didn’t see his eyes. He was standing next to a small desk and pointed at a book on the desk with his finger. Now This desk was completely cluttered before, I had seen it before I went to sleep. It was also on the left side of me where it was once on the right side. When I looked at the book and it opened, I noticed the pages were blank. The pages flipped themselves, but they were all blank. He tapped the pages with his finger. Then I woke up. My actual friend was talking to me and we turned on the lights. I was he asked me who I was talking to. He told me he had heard me talking to someone. I thought perhaps I was just sleep talking as I am told I usually do, but on a hunch, I asked if he saw the other person I was talking to. He told me he had. I explained exactly what I had seen and he confirmed most of it, he even told me he heard the person call my name. Me and my friend went on that next day to take our test.

For the longest time, I didn’t understand what this meant. I wondered what this dream could mean. One of my other friends had made a small book and given it to me as a present for my birthday. Then one day, At Sabbath school, my youth teacher showed us a video of someone who had a vision before. Something that my youth teacher said clicked in my brain. “God will always show you a message in a way you will be able to understand.”. A week later I realized what My dream/vision had meant. The reason the book was empty was because I was supposed to fill them. God gave me the task of breaking this loop, of hate, selfishness and weak families. He promised he’d help me though, and when I had looked back on my life back then, he was building me up to this point from the beginning. I was always good at telling stories and had wanted to write my own book at an early age. But due to finances, I wasn’t able to start my book like I had wanted to back then. Eventually, I moved on, but God had bigger plans. Even some of the classes I took in high school that seemed weird were preparing me for the task ahead. British literature, American literature, all the books I got to read form these classes, My vocabulary, the typing that I learned how to do from practicing typing all my reports on my computer. From the beginning, God had been building me up to the point at which I would be able to carry out my destiny. It hasn’t been easy for me. At the time, I was just setting up to pursue my dreams of being an animator/Youtuber. I had the supplies for both. I had the determination, the creativity, the computer, the mic. I had even started recording my first video and making a channel. But the Lord told me “Not yet. Write your books first, then all will come.” I was partially devastated. I Had built up so much for this moment. But I knew all the things God had already done for me. And I also knew that he knows best and only has my best interest in mind. So I stopped with my animations. I stopped with my recordings. Even though people around me were doing the things I wanted to be doing, even though people would call me out for not animating or making videos like I had planned to. But I kept at it, And the Lord blessed me continually. With my friends, with gifts, with motivation, with inspiration, He helped every step of the way, and now, I get to help you. Honestly being able to help you in this way, is a great feeling. To know that I, a lowly person, could be raised to such a high place and chose for such an important position, Is one of the highest honor anyone could ever bestow upon me. Its one thing to say you did good one time, an important good no less, But its another thing for you to be able to help generations, now and to come, when I have long faded away... To be honest, I did wonder about it though. Because when he told me he wanted me to write a book on parenting and the like I was in shock. After all, I was just an unmarried, childless teenage boy. What qualifies me to tell the grown-ups how to treat their children? Especially if I’m not a parent myself! But that is what he wanted me to do, and I wasn’t going to let him down. I asked for guidance and he gave me the words to type.

So that is my story. That is how all this started. Its a long and complicated story, and there is more to it if you truly wish to know more. My whole story Is put into symbolism but is going to be shown and revealed through my Escaping complex the series, the books for it and the animations on YouTube, if I ever get them done. There is so much you will learn from this book if you take the time, and I’m excited to make you see a new perspective. But be warned, dear reader, This book is a full package deal. You can’t follow this book half-way to be successful. You must take all the things you learn and combine them for this to work. I know it's a lot of information, but it will be worth it.

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