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Chapter 4: Safal

When Akshay woke up one Sunday morning, he got baffled with the absence of Gappori in the flat. He did the reconnaissance before continuing in that state. On holidays Gappori used to wake up late and if he wakes up early you can find him in the next room reading newspaper. The only muscles which he used were restricted between jaws and throat. According to Gappori, his childhood was filled with glories and stories of a sportsman and an athlete which was hard to imagine even during those days. Once a sportsman, always a sportsman; it has nothing to do with your achievements in the field. Some achieve professional success some don’t but in the core of their heart their love remains. Akshay in attempt to come out of this confusion called Gappori. He told him to be back soon with an exciting news. He came back in the afternoon with two tickets for a cocktail party at Aalishan. His company had organized a gathering for the budding entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. Aalishan was famous for its opulence. It was the best hotel in Bada Shehar. It was located in the picturesque surroundings. Akshay was not very excited about party but he thought it would be a good change for him from his mundane life. Akshay put his already worn thrice denim jeans, well ironed full sleeve shirt and sports shoes and was within no time but something was happening with the another human being. He was stuck staring at the wardrobe as if he wanted to win the prize for the best well dressed male that night. Once the dress was selected, it was the time finish the body to be put in that dress. He was concerned with the part that was visible. He started the process with shaving cream. But there was nothing to be razed. It was like using grass cutter on a ground without any grass. He washed the face with face wash followed with face scrub- a walnut one which had showed good results on his face. Akshay regretted his decision to get ready before Gappori. He knew that he would take time but that day it was frustrating.

After the ordeal of Akshay, both of them were ready to hire a taxi to reach the destination. Akshay was feeling less confident than usual as it was his first encounter with the world of opulence. The door man who opened the door for Akshay and Gappori was better dressed than Akshay. Now he realized why Gappori was spending that much time for the preparation. They felt as if they had entered a new world. It looked heavenly at first. They had no idea where was the party hall? Gappori asked the staff of the hotel about the party hall in an accent which was aimed to make them believe as if he comes there regularly. Hotel staff directed us towards the party hall with a smile on his face. It looked as if nobody was unhappy in that world. World is an affluent place replete with happy people. They reached the hall. Almost everyone was dressed in suits. People were talking to each other in small groups. There was a lot of noise in the hall. Gappori found his colleagues in the hall. He started talking to them. Now Akshay was alone in the hall. He decided to have some mock-tails and snacks. He was feeling lonely in the crowd but was enjoying the moment. In that crowd where everyone was wearing suits, he saw a young gentleman in jeans and t-shirt. He was drinking some form of alcohol and looked like an athlete. An air of confidence was blowing around him. He was not handsome. But there was an attraction in his demeanour. Akshay felt like talking to him but was reluctant to do so. He sat down on sofa with a glass of mock-tail in his hand. He saw that young man coming towards him. He sat on the same sofa in which Akshay was sitting and started introducing himself.

“Hi, I am Safal and you?”

“I am Akshay,” replied Akshay.

“Are you an entrepreneur?”

“No, I have come here with my friend. His company has arranged this party. I am here for a change. What about you?”

“I have started a new venture and they have awarded me with the most promising young entrepreneur. This type of gathering gives you an opportunity to come across new ideas. What do you do?”

“I do tutoring.”

“That’s good. Are you from Bada Shehar?”

“No, I am from Shehar. I am staying here with my friend. I came here to explore different aspects of life. Don’t ask me what are they?”

“I won’t but it sounds interesting. I am a workaholic person who gives the top priority to work and everything else comes after that. This is working well for me. I believe your work is the heart of life and everything else is just the part of life. People know you because of your work. Achievement gives me a sense of pleasure. For achieving success I can sacrifice carnal desires. Until now the carnal desires are being satiated but I am ready to let them remain unsatisfied for the greater success. There is one more thing that comes with material success- your opportunity to satisfy the desires. I think I am stretching it too long.”

“Absolutely not! That’s why I have come to Bada Shehar.”

Safal’s mobile started ringing. He went out to attend the call as there was a lot of noise. Akshay was waiting for Safal. At the same time he got up and brought some food to eat. Safal came back after fifteen minutes.

“Sorry but it was an urgent call.”

“Not an issue. I had my dinner during that time.”

“That’s good.”

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Why not?”

“Why did you choose to become an entrepreneur?”

“I wanted to become entrepreneur to work efficiently and keep continuing exploring myself. I never wanted to control the life of the people by employing them. I wanted to know whether ideas which I had in mind will conceive fully or not. As an entrepreneur I can contribute in a much larger way. I am not against the people who are employees. It’s just difference in opinions. Moreover, I realized that I am a workaholic; why not to channelize that energy.”

“Have you ever been in love?”

“Why are you asking that?”

“That’s a long story. You tell me if you are comfortable.”

“I am quite comfortable. Once I got infatuated with a girl; one side affair. I came out early without delving deeper into it. You know if love is not mutual it becomes the figment of imagination. I want to live here,” he replied pointing towards the ground and continued.

“I am not a lover boy kind of person. I am not enthused by love stories. There is nothing called love, it’s a form of competition. I am an achievement oriented person. If one day, I will go after love that would be only to enhance my list of achievements. I realized this very early. For me the thing that matters the most is my work. I feel that it’s the realities of life that persist. They are independent of your perspective. I just want to keep moving. Moving fast as much as I can. I want to become the leading industrialist of the country or may be of the world; one day. I will give a shot to that at least. Can I suggest you one thing at the moment. Don’t think about the questions about life and its meaning. Just do your karma and keep doing whatever you want. Life is not about thinking too much. Too much thinking cripples your actions. You should plan your actions for success but never let your desire to succeed, restrain you. Perfection is a concept that can never be realized in human life. You can only strive for it. Again never let perfection to stop you from taking actions. Let me tell you one interesting thing. Have you seen why these rich people keep getting richer all the time? I feel money is like hot air. It is attracted towards the people at the top. Till the time you are at the bottom it always keep running from you or you keep chasing it all the time. Once you reach a certain height it starts coming towards you. You just have to create whirlpool around yourself to keep it moving around you. No more chasing. It doesn’t mean that I am greedy. There are certain rules in playing every game. Before you start playing you should first acquaint yourself with the rules. Now you can make best use of your skills. There is no point complaining once you are defeated. Accept the defeat and start off once again with more vigour and energy.”

Mobile started ringing. Safal went out of the hall again. When Safal was attending his call Akshay was contemplating, what Safal has said. He was impressed with the way he expressed his perspective.

His thought process was broken by Gappori.

“Enjoying the party.”

“Yes, dude,” he said smilingly.

“Sorry for not giving you company tonight.”

“Not an issue. In fact, I am enjoying every moment of it. You carry on with your obligations.”

“You are my sweetest friend, Enjoy!” He smiled before leaving. He says this more often in a drunkard state.

Safal entered the hall again.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“I have got an idea. Let me take you to my best friend. His name is Jyani. He will be able to satiate your curiosities. He has the answers to this so called life’s question. For me, he is a materialist saint and motivational guru. Whenever, I am stressed in life; I go to meet him. His words are magical. I don’t know how he evolved into that kind of an individual. May be he is the result of his positive attitude towards life and leading a balanced life. That too comes with intelligence. In school days, he was a temperamental boy. He was a passionate person bubbling with energy. I feel still that energy is there. He has channelized that energy to his benefits. He has gone through that process. There was a time he was frustrated with life. He used to remain irritated at that period of time. I think he realized how to channelize the energy which irritated him to the same energy to calm him down. He is strict with himself. At the same time he enjoys his company with himself. Seeing him I started believing “Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed; it can only converted from one form to another. That’s how the temperamental boy changed into motivational guru.”

“I think I must visit him. When can I meet him?”

“Let me call him. He is a busy man now-a-days. Even I have to take an appointment to meet him.”

Safal rang Jyani. He talked to him for five minutes.

“You are lucky. He is free tomorrow. You can go there. I will give you his address.”

“Can I ask you for a favour?”

“Why not?”

“I want you to come with me for the first time.”

“Ok, I will do that.”

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