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The way Akshay cooperated with them; they didn’t feel the need to handcuff him. One of the sleuths held him by his wrist. They were five in number. All of them were like monsters. Their appearance and way of talking can send chill across the spine. He thought how one person (hero) can beat such monsters (as shown in movies). Right now, he was not aware of the mess he was in. The charge was like a wound; pain starts after the wound gets old. They searched his house and took his desktop with them. Akshay was dumbstruck with incident. He didn’t know what to do at this moment. He thought that following their direction would be a wise decision for the moment. The moment baffled him. After taking control of the Akshay and the desktop and completing the search, they left Baikunth. They left the place shattered. They came in SUV.

Akshay sat in the middle seat with two sleuths on either side of him. Two were sitting in the front seat and one of them was driving. Fifth one sat on the back seat. One sitting on the front seat with the driver was the senior most.

“For how long you have been working with the group of Videshi people?” asked the senior most member of the group.

“Which group?”asked Akshay.

At this one of the sleuths sitting beside him grabbed him by his collar. The senior most officer ordered him to leave his collar, which he followed.

“Do you know Sameer and Asif?”


“They have been sent by for carrying out terrorist activities in Shehar.

Sameer and Asif are on the run. They are missing since the blast.” “Does that mean I am also a terrorist? I visited his place as he was the class mate. Sometimes I visited as Asif wanted me to teach him whatever has been taught in the class. He seemed to me a good guy. How could I know that he was involved in the terrorist activities?”

“How do you know Sameer? He was not your classmate.”

“One day when I went to Asif’s place, Sameer was already there. He told me that he was a painter and has come to Shehar to make a name for him.

I saw his paintings and they were good. Once I told him that I wanted to learn painting from him. He nodded his head in approval. But the idea didn’t materialize because of my busy schedule.”

“What do you do?”

“I do tutoring apart from doing a computer course in Professional Course Institute.”

“Are you sure you met Sameer just once?”Asked the sleuth sitting on the back seat.

“Yes Sir. Why I am being charged?”

“On the basis of suspicion as you were seen with them many times by his neighbour. Now the court will decide your fate. It is the work of the court to absolve you from the charges put on by us. We can’t take risk by letting you roam free. Where are your parents?”

“I don’t have parents. They died when I was young.” “Do you want to inform anybody regarding the incident?” “This is the not the moment to be proud of. No I don’t want.” The SUV zoomed past the empty roads of Shehar in the wee hours of the night. They put him in the cell in the basement of the headquarters. He was told that he will be taken to the court tomorrow. Only then, his fate will be decided. He was alone in the cell. Time to contemplate. He was shocked at the incident. Life was in mess. He didn’t realize life can go so haywire. He was utterly confused and devastated as if how to get out of this mess. “How can a nationalist be charged for an involvement in terrorist activity?” he thought. He was sitting in the cell contemplating, why this incident occurred? He called Aks.

“Why this to me?”

“This is beyond my comprehension. Only rebirth can explain this phenomenon.”

“Bull shit. Don’t console me with this crap.”

“I know it’s hard to accept the fact that you are in prison on false serious charges. But getting angry and frustrated won’t help your cause.” “What am I supposed to do now?”

“They say law is to protect the weak. You are weak but honest in this case. Go for the legal way. That’s the best and the only way to come out of this situation. You cannot control the external situation which is not in your hand but you can always control what is happening inside. So try to manage yourself which is very much in your hand. I also know the fact that it is easier to say than to do.”

“Right now the frustration is so much that I want to bang my head on these walls. I don’t understand why this is happening to me? It would have been better if I had committed suicide at that time.” And his eyes became moist. It became difficult for him to speak. There was lull for a moment.

“Don’t be a coward.”

“I won’t, you know. So don’t restrict the flow of words.” “Sorry.”

“This solitary confinement is killing me. What am I supposed to do?” “Don’t lose your sanity till the final aim is achieved and wait for the legal process to finish the agony for you. Wait for tomorrow.” He was not able to sleep the whole night. This was the longest night of his life. Exhausted, he slept in the morning. Around 9 o’clock in the morning two officers came. They opened the cell, handcuffed him and took Akshay with them. As Akshay came out of the building with the sleuths, flashes of camera welcomed him.

An act to defy venal

Now he was the venal

How will he defy himself?

The questions were asked

The answers were not given

The journalists were asking questions about the role of Akshay in the plot.

After the sleuths had taken him to the court, there was a press conference in the conference room of the headquarters. The press was told that Akshay was not directly involved in the bombing but he was the regular visitor to Asif’s house.

ATS told that they had charged him for conspiring against the state. It was a unique case in which a person of the Shehar has conspired with Videshi. All eyes of the country were in this case. Asif and Sameer were absconding. Police wanted the custody of Akshay to know more about the conspiracy and the whereabouts of Asif and Sameer. Court ordered Akshay to be handled to the police. He was put in jail. Police started torturing him to know the details. But the irony was, what to tell. He was not aware of the activities Asif was involved.

They stopped torturing once they were sure that he knew nothing. After this they put him in his cell. He was unconscious. He lay in the unconscious state for a day. As he woke up Aks was waiting for him.

“Sorry, Akshay.”

“No need to be. It is the way it has been designed. I can handle it.” As Akshay was in conversation with Aks he was interrupted by the voice of Safal, Kavi and Jyani. “Hi Akshay,” said Safal, Kavi, Jyani.

“Hi Safal, hi Kavi, hi Jyani. Good to see you. Meet my friend Aks.” All of them said hello to Aks in unison.

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