Jesus of Vancouver: the Left Coast Memoirs

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“Jesus of Vancouver: the Left Coast Memoirs” is the real-life memoir of a ubiquitous, unnamed drifter the author refers to as “Jesus.” His life, and the life of Mary, a young runaway that crosses Jesus' path, are followed to gain insight into their personal experiences, trials and tribulations, while growing up on the west coast of North America. This is a shared narrative many will recognize. The story moves from small towns on Vancouver Island to the streets of Vancouver, the environmental protests in Tofino, the mountains of the Slocan valley, and, finally, to the beaches of the southern Baja.

Michael Goodliffe
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This is not a religious story. It is not another coming-of-age story, although characters within the story do come of age, sometimes against their will. This story is not just meant to amuse you, although it certainly may. It is not meant to enlighten you to some higher level of consciousness, although it likely will. It is also entirely probable this story will scare you, as it absolutely should. If you have lived in the places traveled within the story, it is meant to bring back memories that invoke emotions and circumstance long forgotten –some of those may have been left behind for good reason. It is not only the author’s story; it is the history of the people within it –the remembered and the forgotten, the latter being the most deserved of its telling.

You, the reader, may find yourself somewhere in here in the periphery of events or in some shared memory of the locations described. You may remember them differently and that’s ok. Life is subjective and each of us enhances the whole truth with what we share. Our sum becomes far greater than all our individual parts. You are just as integral to the story as the characters within it, so engage the tale as much as you wish; but remember, it is your story just as much as it is mine and that makes you equally as responsible for the feelings you may uncover.

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