Dark Hunger

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Once again night has thrown it's dark blanket over the city and my hungry passion needed to be satisfied... For the tasty sensual delights that flock to this, Human Market place ripe for the picking.

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martin harris
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Chapter 1

Once again night has thrown it's dark blanket over the city and my hungry passion needed to be satisfied and I knew just the place to feed this hunger. For the tasty sensual delights that flock to this Human Marketplace, where one is guaranteed to meet a fine specimen that can be easily detained for ones pleasure and entertainment, and for me it's virgin territory and ripe for the picking.

The air was thick and heavy with the heat of bodies that danced wildly to the rhythmic persuasion of the music. I made my way through the crowd like a thief in the night, stealing glances from those who lay in my path. I stood still for a moment taking note who would be my new target; my victim, for this feastful night. I began to weave my way through the dance floor when I noticed him watching, watching my every move.

He was tall, solid, muscular build with dark hair and blue eyes. From his look and his energy he would be the one I would claim. I made my place in the centre of the floor and began to cast my spell. Moving my body to the seductive smoothness of the music, I worked my hypnotic power of persuasion around my beautiful victim. Like a moth to a flame I lured him closer and closer to my web where he would never escape. The intensity of the music grew filling the room with more excitement and passion, my lustful grip magnified as the stranger approached. Closer he came, with the short space between us, the air began to burn with steam rising from our bodies. With the final twist of my enchantment I flooded his eyes with mine and filled him with pure erotic desire. He reached out to me gripping me around my waist pulling me close, into his heavily chiseled body, he was trapped, mine to play with, to feast upon with my desires.

As we danced he started to kiss me and I could feel his soul cry for release. his manhood grew and hardened to it's full potential as he pressed against my body; his fiery passion growing stronger. Little did he know what was to become of him, soon enough he would learn of his fate, but, he will be helpless.

His tongue was hot and moist as it left my lips. I could hear his heartbeat and his blood rush through his veins as he began to kiss and lick my neck. I drew back from him raised an eyebrow and then slowly danced around him like a snake about to strike it's prey. Deeper he fell into my bottomless pit. I could feel the pain and ecstasy screaming and begging to be released. I came in close to him once again feeling his hands slide over my arse rubbing me against his firm erect manhood; with his shirt open I could see his moistened chest heave with pleasure and the veins in his neck began to show and beat with a passionate rhythm. Time grew near for his misery to end, and ending it would be my pleasure. I licked and bit at his nipples letting both of us succumb to the mysteries of the night. He moaned and threw his head back as I continued to pleasure is body, and then the time was right, his body was ready. I gazed into his eyes and made my way to the exit. Like a lost dog he followed, helpless and unaware of his fate.

As a mindless zombie he followed as we walked for a short time to a darkened ally. I stepped into the shadows and whispered to him to come with me; he then stepped into the endless shadow. Pulling him closer to me we kissed, I could feel his hot moist tongue pass my lips. The primal medieval fire began to rage in me like it did centuries before. The forces of night flowed through and around me, the sounds of his soul screeched it's deafening tones begging for release. In an instant my handsome stranger fell to the ground, lifeless like a rag doll, the taste of his soul wa powerful but sweet, my hunger was satisfied. I emerged from the blackness of the shadow to retreat, and to rest, ready to haunt my new domain.

Looking out into the birth of a fresh new night, I could feel arousing sounds of souls calling to me; daring me to play with them. I have grown accustomed to the black disease that flowed through my veins and I could feel it's carnal urge to delight my craving. The dark heart of midnight approached and the mindless nightlife of the mortals that wondered this earthly plain, awaited my arrival so that they may entertain me with their feeble efforts of seduction. Dressed in black plastic attire and full length coat, I ventured forth with my next plan of attack in place.

The night air was cool, laced with fine droplets of moisture form the dew that was beginning to settle in, and the streets reflected light from the full moon the drifted in the murky sea of night. As I approached the crowded city streets where I will soon twist and subdue the mind of my next pathetic male mortal.

A sound caught my attention, I could feel the presence of another that lives in the isolation where I reside. I stopped to study my surroundings, to seek this intruder, as this place I roam was mine to rule and feed upon, and I had no mind to share my kills. In a moment's breath the air stopped and went silent and only the sound of footsteps could be heard, approaching me from behind. I turned to see who was the fool that dare trespass on my grounds and expected to live, then swift like the wind flew past and stood before me. I summoned the dark force that lay within me to reveal itself and the turned to face the fool that dare challenge me. Our eyes met and we bagan to size each other up. He was good looking, medium build close to my height and looked about one hundred and fifty, and should have enough sense not to take on another of his kind who is two hundred years his elder, as the older one is, the more power and strength one gathers; but still the child wanted to take me on even if it meant his death.

The young kin lept into the air with a choir of screams surrounding him; his black cape flowing in the wall of solid air he summoned. I turned and through myself from the path of the oncummning assult. The solid air hit the ground with a loud thunderous clap, cracking the pathway where I stood. I rose from the ground and the elevated myself some feet above the street willing a bench from its place of rest hurling it at my kin, knocking him out of the sky. I propelled myself to where he fell and knelt beside the disabled body and waited for his eyes to open. A deep breath entered his body and his eyesopend and looked up at me, he smiled so I smiled back and then thrusted my clawed hand into his chest and tore his heart from it's cavity. I then stood and watch as his remains turn into dust and drift off into the wind.

Feeling weary from the brief but strenuous battle I desperately needed a kill to regain my strength. I retreated into the shadow of a nearby building when hearing the footsteps of an approaching human. From the scent of the mortal I could tell it was male; in his mid twenties medium build and as far as I was concerned he was perfect. Silently I waited, his scent growing stronger, then hearing the enticing beat of his heart I stepped out of the shadow and stopped the victim with a smile for I could tell what his body desired.

As he leaned forward to touch and kiss me I took hold of him by the throat and feasted on the splendid mortal, feeling his erotic energy and blood fill my veins. This one was indeed my sweetest kill yet, shame I was ineed of a fix so soon there was so much more I could have done with this human boy, but when one is in need of nourishment one must satisfy the craving.

The night was quickly passing as there was not much time left to enjoy the pleasure that walk the streets. So with the short time that was left for me I walked amongst the fanciful delights and just admired the excellent male bodies of the human race and the sweet aroma that each one had to offer. After surveying the potential game I returned to me haven to rest and lay in wait for my next night of pleasure.

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