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Meet Clarissa. She's sweet, kind, and intelligent. There's one flaw though. She's been trapped inside of a lamp for hundreds of years. That is until she's summoned...

Other / Fantasy
Lauren Chow
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It was so boring in here.

I was laying on my bed, covering my eyes with my arm in boredom.

There’s nothing to do! It was dusty in here and I knew my room was outdated.

The walls were covered with an array of musty old drapes depicting medieval fight scenes from a bygone era that I still remember from before being stuck in here.

“Louis, I want to get out of here.” I groaned to my large green dragon. He’s the only thing I have as a companion and he had heard me repeat this a million times over in our thousands of years together.

I banged my head on the side of the lamp.

I was created inside this lamp and have been inside for who knows how long. I was created by the universe a long time ago, here to grant wishes to the helpless, to serve and protect. Throughout the centuries, I have just done that. I have saved many people’s lives, protected villages and healed the sick.

There were also times where my magic was used for power, greed controlling man’s thirst for power. I have caused wars, harmed, and killed many. I lived with this guilt, the blood on my hands served as a purpose to fight, to always protect people.

But I can’t do that if I was stuck here.

I had no idea how old I was at this point in my lifetime. I didn’t know what today was. You don’t notice days, weeks or even years passing when you’re stuck in some stupid lamp all your life.

Louis huffed and cuddled back into my sheets. Lazy reptile. He better not burn my sheets. The lamp will smell like smoke for a week. At least that’s what it felt like.

I’ve always had Louis, he’s been here with me since I was only small, he’s the best pet ever.

I laid next to him, contemplating.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been out. I wanted to see the outside world again. I loved exploring the outside of my lamp. I could explore and see the new technologies in that era. The world looks different each time. It’s fascinating to see.

Last time I was free from my confinement, people were just starting to use a new weaponry...guns I believed they were called. I didn’t necessarily know what they did, but I knew they could cause casualties. Have they advanced since then? Are guns still being used today?

Groaning at my curious thoughts, I bang my fist against the cool metal in frustration.

Louis and I were dying of boredom in here. We just wanted to be free. But of course, that’s never going to happen. We tried that once, after that we refused to try again.

We tried to break out through the top. Louis shoved himself against it, but all we achieved was obtaining an injured and angry dragon.

I closed my eyes and allowed myself to go into a deep slumber, dreaming of the outside world. The warmth of the sun; the feeling of the breeze; the freedom of the outside world.

“Nathaniel!” Destiny whined. I rolled my eyes at my girlfriend. She was always complaining.

Has she always been like this? Sometimes I really contemplated why I stayed with her.

“Yes?” I asked trying to keep the irritation out of my voice. Destiny narrowed her blue eyes at me.

“You weren’t paying attention to me! Were you or were you not flirting with that dumb brunette over there?” Destiny snapped and pointed a sharp manicured nail down the hall.

I looked over at the girl she mentioned. I furrowed my eyebrows before recognition kicked in. It was a girl in my English class. I asked her a question about the homework for next week.

“Destiny, calm down. I only asked her about the homework assignme-” I was cut off by her continuous rant.

“Sure Nate, the ‘homework assignment’. I’m not stupid. Who do you take me for, a fool?” Destiny sneered.

Yes. I really think she was stupid.

“Hello! Are you listening to me?! Stop looking at those other girls. I will make that bitch pay for flirting with you, but you need to devote your attention to me. If we want to win prom king and queen, everyone needs to adore us!” Destiny shrieked. I don’t really understand why this is so important to her.

I rolled my eyes mentally. I couldn’t give a shit about being prom king. The last thing I needed was to go on a stage with a plastic crown on my head and her clinging onto me.

Screw this.

I walked away from Destiny and I don’t bother to look back. I heard her call my name, but I ignored it and went home. I know she’ll probably just stand and shriek like a child lost in a mall.

When I got home, I crashed on my bed.

I took a deep breath, trying to gain my composure. I didn’t need my mum to see me like this. When I calmed down, I got up and walk to my parent’s room.

I saw my mum laying in bed, reading a book. I smiled softly at her and sat at the foot of the bed. I sank slightly into the mattress and sighed quietly.

My mum had stage three lung cancer. Currently, we are doing treatments, but it isn’t looking so good. I held back some of my tears. I just wanted her to be healthy again. To be my happy mom again.

My dad was taking this hard. He had to work more to pay for the medical bills, so he’s rarely home and if he is, he goes straight to bed. I wanted to help with the money, but my dad told me getting an education was important. So I reluctantly agreed.

It’s just me and my parents. No siblings besides my best friends, Tyler and Zach. They practically lived here most of the time and were brothers to me.

My mum looked over at me and smiled. Even at her worst state, she always had a warm smile on her face. It’s more than I could muster.

“Hi, honey. How was school today?” She croaked, her voice scratchy. I tried not to flinch and act natural. My mum deserved to be treated with respect, not to be treated like a doll. I knew she hated it when people gave her any signs of pity.

“It was okay, I guess. Destiny and I had a fight again.” I muttered.

My mum frowned. Mum didn’t like Destiny that much but she never said anything drastically against her because she didn’t want to upset me.

“I’m sorry honey. I hope everything goes well in the future.” Mum tried to say convincingly.

I snorted and grinned at her.

“No, you don’t.”

It was her turn to smile back.

“Okay, you caught me. Nathaniel, I don’t want you wasting your time with those types of girls. You should meet a sweet young girl. Someone to keep on your toes.”

“Destiny stomps on my feet a lot. Does that count for something?” I said, making a small joke.

My mum laughed and shook her head.

We talked for about an hour before my mum needed to rest. I kissed her forehead and walked out the door.

I did my homework in my room while texting Tyler and Zach. I invited them over and eventually they came over for some video games.

“So how’s it goin’ with you and Destiny?” Tyler asked as he rapidly moved with his controller.

I snorted in response then groaned when my player got shot.

“That bad?” Tyler laughed.

“As much as Destiny is annoying, she is very...physical,” I ignore the disapproving sounds my friends make. They didn’t approve of my “relationship” with Destiny. “You know how it works for me, Tyler. I just need to get all my stress out of my system. I refuse to become a playboy in our school and Destiny seemed like the right option.” I responded.

“A stupid option,” Tyler muttered.

Seeing the look on my face, Tyler sighed and nodded his head. Our conversation was cut off by Zach’s battle cry.

“Die! All of you little fu-”

“No cursing in this house Zach!” my mum shouted down the hallway. Tyler and I snickered at Zach, who pouted.

After a few rounds, we decided to just watch a movie.

As we were watching the movie, I thought about how much my life is spiraling.

With Destiny and my mum, how am I going to manage to stay sane?

I need a miracle for that to happen.


I woke up to the smell of bacon. My mouth starting to water, I jumped out of bed and rushed down the stairs.

I meet my dad in the kitchen and steal a piece of bacon on his plate.

“Morning dad,” I said munching on the bacon. I loved days like this, where I could wake up and see my dad before he left for work.

Dad grumbled a good morning and something smelling. He gave me a small smile. I knew how tired he was and always appreciated spending time with someone besides work.

After we talked for a little bit, I walked to my room to get ready. I put on a black t-shirt and jeans with my worn out converse.

I headed outside and walked into Zach’s house, who lives across the street. I walked in without knocking and to his room. I found him on his couch watching TV.

“Hey man, what’s up?” I asked. I took a seat on his couch. He nodded his head in acknowledgment, not at all surprised at my appearance. We walk into each other’s houses all the time.

Zach groans and rubbed his face.

“My mum is making me take Lizzie to some magic shop for her birthday. Wanna tag along?” he asked.

I shook my head, no.

“Magic shop? Seriously? No.” I said with clear disgust.

Why would anyone want to go to some magic shop? They’re all just cheap tricks sold at extortionate prices.

“Please? I’ll owe you a favor.” Zach pleaded desperately.

A favor? I smirked. I’m going to hold him to that.

“Alright, I’ll tag along on this magical journey,” I said sarcastically, only agreeing because of his promise.

Zach smiled and jumped up.

“What are we waiting for? Let’s get this shit over with.”

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