The Lighthouse

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A young couple encounter spooky goings on in an old lighthouse. Will had the bright idea to take Megan to an old lighthouse for fun. However, what they both encountered there was more than what they could of imagined.

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The Lighthouse

Will was driving Megan down the old forest road. Through the trees they could see the evening moonlight with the bright stars looking like pin pricks in the clear black sky overhead.

“Where are you taking me?” Megan asked.

“Don’t worry,” he said. “it’s a surprise.”

“Will, you know how I don’t like too many surprises.”

“Trust me, you’ll like this one.”

The car turned around a bend in the road and kept driving until they reached a giant clearing where in the middle stood a tall weathered looking lighthouse.

“So this was your big surprise?” she said. “An old lighthouse?”

“Yeah, isn’t it cool?”

“Is this where you take all of your dates?”

“Nope, you’re the first.”

Will got out and opened the car door for Megan.

“I don’t like this place,” she said, stepping out.

“Come on, where is your sense of adventure?” he said. “I already have our dinners in the back seat.”

Will, carrying a bag by his side, walked with Megan to the front door finding the door was locked.

“So how do you expect to get in now, Sherlock?”

“Don’t worry, it’s taken care of.”

Will handed the bag over to Megan and ran back to his car finding a crowbar.

“I brought this just in case,” he said, holding it up.

He stuck the crowbar on the latch and within a few minutes had broken the latch to which the door easily opened.

“See, no problem.”

Stepping inside they found the place completely dark with only the light from outside coming through a nearby window.

“Great, no lights.”

“I know there is a generator around here some where.”

He pulled a flashlight out of his coat pocket and searched until he found the generator. He fiercely pulled on the cord where the lights came on immediately creating a low hum from the machine.

Megan set the bag down on a small table in the nearby kitchen.

“I wouldn’t exactly call this romantic, Will,” she said, pulling out their take out dinners.

From outside she heard a loud creak quickly turning her head to look finding it was the window shutters blowing in the breeze. On the wall hung the black and white portrait of a sea captain where the caption below it read “Captain Richard Smith”.

“Why don’t be go up higher?” Will asked, climbing the metal staircase, “I bet there is a great view up top.”

Megan resisted and said, “I’m afraid of heights.”

“No worries. I’ll take care of you. Come on.”

“Okay, if you say so.”

Will took Megan’s hand leading her up the winding staircase to the top of the lighthouse. He lifted up the door that went up inside of the lantern room and opened the door that led outside on to the balcony. From their view up high it looked like the world was laid out before them.

“What happened to the light?”

“Ah, it burned out years ago and was never replaced.”

From the distance clouds rolled in covering the moon turning everything to pitch black and a slow down pour of rain began to come down.

“We should get back inside.”

Suddenly, a bright bolt of lightening hit the sky and Megan could see a ship in the distance.

“I saw a ship.”

“You saw a ship?” Will asked. “Where?”

“Out there past the rocks.”

Will searched and searched finding there was no ship in the waters.

“I don’t see it.”

“But it was right out there.”

Will opened the door and led Megan back inside and downstairs. The thunder grew louder as the rain began to pound the lighthouse.

“Who is that on the wall?” Megan pointed out.

“Captain Richard Smith,” he said, brushing off the layer of dust that accumulated on it. “Must have been his lighthouse.”

The light bulbs above grew dimmer wavering from bright to faint. Soon another clap of thunder was heard from outside popping the glass from the bulbs.

“Perfect, now we are going to have to eat in the dark.”

“There must be some candles around here somewhere,” Will said, starting to open drawers. “Found them!”

From a kitchen drawer he pulled out a candle and from the bag he pulled out a plate. He lit the candle with his lighter pouring a tiny bit of wax on the plate and stuck the candle on it.

“Instant illumination. Besides it’s cozier eating by candlelight.”

As they started eating a strong gust of wind blew in from the door blowing out the candle. From the darkness Megan heard here the cry of a woman.

“You heard that didn’t you?”

“Heard what?” he said, lighting the candle again.

“Sounded like a low moan or something,” she said, looking wary. “Will, we need to leave this place. I have a bad feeling.”

“We’re already here. Why don’t we eat and wade out the storm? I’m sure it’s just your imagination playing tricks on you.”

The picture of Captain Smith fell to the floor cracking the glass. Once again the low cry of a woman somewhere in the darkness started. Megan stared ahead looking wide eyed like she was in a trance.

“Megan?” he said, looking confused. “Megan, what’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing, Will.”

She turned around walking up the stairs to the top of the lighthouse.

“Megan, you don’t want to go back up there. It’s pouring rain.”

“I have to, I have to see the ship.”

“But we were already up there, you know there is nothing out there.”

“Megan!?” he said, grasping her arm.

“Who’s Megan?” she said. “I’m Elizabeth.”


“Megan, is this some kind of joke?”

She continued up the stairs and by the time Will had reached the top she was already standing outside. Her hair was wet hanging down around her face.

“Megan, please come down with me,” Will said, taking her hand.

Will turned his head hearing the sound of a loud foghorn calling out into the distant ocean waves.

“I have to wait here for him to return,” Megan replied, staring out. “His boat is to be arriving today.”

“Who’s boat?”

“Richard’s, my husband.”

“Your what?”

“He’s been gone for so many months.”

“But where is Megan?” he asked, wiping away the rain from his face.

From the distance a large sailing vessel could be seen fighting off the high waves and torrential rainfall.

“The lighthouse must be lit quickly,” Megan said, holding tightly to the railing.

“But how?” Will pleaded. “It’s broken.”

He stepped back inside looking around at the lantern.

“I don’t know what I am supposed to do.”

At that moment a bright flash lit up a corner of the room on a can of kerosene.

Will picked it up and opened one of the panels to find a base and a small wick. He poured the kerosene into the bottom of the lamp and tried his lighter again to light the wick. The lighter finally lit and he lit the wick, but slowly was dying out.

However, from the skies a bolt of strong lightening hit the top of the lighthouse creating a roaring blaze that shot up throwing Will back on the floor. Immediately the lantern’s mechanisms starting twisting inside making the lamp begin to spin around.

Outside the beam shot out like a bright solid beacon into the darkness far out as the eye could see towards the ship sailing dangerously closes to the rocky outcroppings along the untamed shores.

Will went back out seeing the ship amidst the lightening finding its way through the treacherous waves guided by the lighthouse shining out with a beam as bright as day.

“Megan!” he said, shaking her arm.

He looked up past her seeing a woman dressed up in an old fashioned dress standing next to a tall man wearing a uniform. Through the rain he suddenly could make out the face of Captain Smith.

“I’m here, Elizabeth,” he said. “I swore one day I would come back.”

“Now we will be together forever, my love.”

Will look on in amazement as the lantern passed through them dematerializing their bodies in a bright burst of white light as a crack of thunder rattled the sky and when Will looked back up the skies were clear again.

“Thank you,” Elizabeth said, sounding like a whisper in the wind.

At his side Megan blinked her eyes and said, “Will?”

“Yeah, Megan, I’m here.”

“What happened?” she asked, shaking her head, dawning on her where she was. “And why am I soaking wet doing up here again?”

“It’s okay, I’ll explain.”

He gently took her back down and picked up all of their stuff heading back outside, but from the doorframe stood the shadow of a man with a camp lantern hanging from his hand. Will and Megan stepped back feeling startled

“Hey, what are you kids doing here?!” he demanded. “There is no trespassing allowed here! Come on out!”

“I’m sorry,” Will said. “We were just leaving.”

He led them both out seeing he was an old gentleman wearing a cap, overcoat and a cane at his side.

“Who are you?” Megan asked with a curious look on her face.

“I’m the caretaker, Michael Shaw,” he answered. “This lighthouse was supposed to remain locked.”

“Why was it locked, Mr. Shaw?”

“Because it’s been supposedly haunted. Nobody has ever wanted to man it.”

Will and Megan gave each other grave looks.

“Oh, so you think you saw something?” he asked, seeing the expressions on their faces.

“Would you mind telling us what happened here?”

“About 200 years ago Captain Richard Smith’s vessel ran ashore and hit the rocks returning from a trading mission. The storm that night had knocked out the light and wasn’t working in time. His wife, Elizabeth committed suicide shortly after throwing herself off the top of the lighthouse. And ever since then there were stories that Elizabeth haunts the lighthouse still waiting for her husband’s safe return.”

“We both apologize for entering the lighthouse, sir,” Will said.

“Yeah, well, alright. You both look a little worse for wear,” Mr. Shaw said, looking up and down at them both. “I’ll let this go.”

“Will, would you mind if you took me home now?”

“Yeah, Megan,” he said, escorting her back to the car.

“You both drive home safely now,” Mr. Shaw exclaimed.

After they both got in the car and Will started the car he turned to Megan and said, “On our next date you can pick the place.”

“It’s a deal,” Megan said.

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