The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 10

“Good morning Annie, it’s time to wake up.”

Ugh, couldn’t my mom let me sleep in? It’s my birthday for crying out loud.

“Ten more minutes mom…. Please? It’s my birthday.”

I know it’s your birthday, it’s a big day today.”

I squeezed my eyes shut harder, “Yes mom I know.” Seriously, why couldn’t she just leave me alone? Did she think that waking me up early would be a good idea?

Well had I known how hard you were to wake up and how much you are NOT a morning person, I would of agreed that it was not a good idea to wake you up this early.”

I know I didn’t say that out loud, I sat up in bed looking for my mom who was nowhere to be found.

Did you forget the other part of turning 18, I should be offended but I am also excited to meet our mate.” It was then that it dawned on me, the voice I’m hearing was my wolf.

When werewolves turn 17 they are able to shift, however it’s not into their actual wolf. Kind of like a wolf with training wheels if that makes sense. We spend the year between 17 and 18 practicing how to shift, run, and fight in our werewolf forms, that way when we turn 18 and are considered an adult we are ready to go and be an important part of the pack. Our wolves know us from the day we are born, but we don’t get to meet them until we are 18. The mornings of our birthday we are to spend it out in the woods with our wolf getting to know them.

That’s correct so quit thinking so much and let’s get to the woods. I’m so excited to finally meet you! My name is Nan.”

“Hello Nan, I’m so happy to meet you also.” I didn’t even bother to change out of my PJ’s as I headed downstairs, when we shift we either strip down or rip our clothes. No sense in getting all dressed up for this.

Psh, you wouldn’t have gotten dressed up anyways. Do you even own any dress clothes?” I smile at Nan’s comment, she knows so well.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNIE GIRL!!!!!!” Both my parents greeted me with a shout as I made my way into the kitchen. I think I just almost 10 ft in the air, I wasn’t expecting anyone else to be awake.

“Holy crap you guys scared me! I didn’t think anyone was up yet.”

“It’s a big day Annie, there is much to do and prepare for!” Oh yes, my party. I actually had forgotten about it for a split second.

You’re welcome.” I smiled at Nan in my head.

“Why are you up so early? Oh! Did your wolf wake you? Is she nice? Has she told you any tips? Have you shifted yet? What’s your wolf look like?” My mom was known for asking a million questions in a row.

“Yes, yes, and no, no. You guys stopped me before I could make it to the woods.”

“They about killed you with a heart attack before we made it to the woods.” Oh yes, my wolf is the best.

“Sue, let our girl get to the woods and bond with her wolf. You’re smothering her.” My dad shot me a small smile and a wink.

“I’m sorry, your right! Go! Have fun, be careful! Oh! And make sure you are back by 3:30 to get ready for the party! We need to do your hair, make up, get you dressed, oh and-“

My dad grabbed my mom around the waist and snuggled in close to my mom, “Suesy honey, let her go.”

“Yes yes, go sweetie! We love you!” My mom was now turned in my dad’s arms and by the looks of it getting ready to do some things I did NOT want to see.

Gross. Are they always like that?”

Unfortunately.” I should probably get used to responding to her in my head, once I was in wolf form that would be our only way to communicate. And I would look like a crazy person responding to her out loud in human form.

As my parents started making their way out of the kitchen, I headed for the back door. It was time to see my wolf.

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