The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 11

As we stepped outside into the morning light I started to get a rush of tingles and excitement. I’ve shifted before, many times, but this would be my first time with my wolf. I would get to see my wolf.

Well what are you waiting for? Shift!”

I didn’t anymore encouragement, I let myself relax and let the shift take over. I felt my bones shifting and my fur growing. A normal shift takes seconds, but when it’s your first it takes a little longer. You feel every part of it. Once I’m done I turn to look in the window at my reflection, what I see takes my breath away.

“Nan, you’re beautiful”

WE’RE beautiful.” What I see in my reflection is a beautiful light grey wolf, it actually matches the color of my eyes now that I think of it. My fur is long and soft, and my tail? It’s so full and fluffy! I’m not too big, but I’m not small either. Strong. I feel like I could take on the world.

We can take on the world, together. Now, want to see how fast we can go?” With a smile and a yip I take off as fast as I can into the woods.

I’m amazed at how fast and far we have ran in such a short time. We ran to the ocean which is about 30 miles away from my house, I’m not sure how long it took us but I know it was fast.

That was amazing! You are so fast!” I hear Nan growl at me slightly “I mean we! We are so fast! Sorry, I will try to get better at the ‘we’ thing.”

“I know you will, and I’ll be here to remind you when you mess up.” I could picture her smirking at me. “Are you nervous about tonight?”

“A little… do you know who our mate is?”

I wish I knew for sure Annie, unfortunately the moon goddess doesn’t tell us either about mates. It’s meant to be a surprise and to be known at a specific time. I do however have a strange feeling about our mate.”

“A strange feeling? What do you mean?”

“Well, I don’t know how to explain it. I haven’t been able to sense him at all……. But I feel…. Something.”

“What does that mean?” Nan couldn’t sense our mate? In most cases our wolves can sense our mate before we can, they don’t know who they are but they can feel their ‘presence’ if that makes sense.

“Calm down, it doesn’t necessarily mean something bad. It could just mean that maybe he’s not in our pack. Or he’s not 18 yet. Or he’s human.”


“Really, Annie.” Nan scolded me “Being mated to a human is hardly a horrible thing. A little unconventional? Yes, but there are worse things.”

“You’re right….. I’m sorry.” She is right, being mated to a human isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But have you ever had to explain werewolves and mates to a human? Then telling them that you have to bite them to mark them, and then telling them that said bite will turn them into a werewolf. Good luck not freaking them out. Thankfully werewolves to have the mate bond on their side, even humans can feel the pull towards their mate even though they don’t know why.

My next thought made my stomach drop. Jeremy was 18 already. Jeremy was also in my pack. If Nan couldn’t sense him did that mean Jeremy wasn’t my mate?

“It doesn’t mean anything Annie. You know it’s not always accurate, besides maybe I just didn’t try hard enough this morning. I was really excited to meet you and for us to run and stretch our legs. When we get back I’ll try hard to feel him out. Now, want to run some more before we have to head back?”

I nodded and took off. Running with Nan had to be one of my favorite things to do, but I couldn’t get what she said out of my head. She said it didn’t mean anything that she couldn’t sense our mate, but I had a sinking feeling she was just saying that to make me, and her feel better. We may have just met this morning but we have special bonds with our wolves, and I could tell she was also feeling nervous about the whole thing.

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