The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 12

As soon as I walked in the door I was bombarded by my mom, Renee, her mom, and my Oma. Oma is my dad’s mom and is a spit fire! She has no problem telling you what to, when to do it, and why you need to do it her way.

“Annie Jean Rodgers get your rear end in this house and up to your room, we have lots of work to do and you’re off gallivanting in the woods!” Told you she was a spit fire.

“Yes Oma, sorry.” I gave her a sheepish grin and high tailed it upstairs to the shower. I had just slipped on some shorts and a tank top after drying off from my shower when I heard a knock on my door.

“Come in!” I smiled at my Oma as she walked into my room.

“Annie Jean, sit down. I want to have a talk with you, woman to woman.” Uh oh. When Oma wants to sit down with you it is never good.

“Now I know I’m known as a spit fire and that I speak my mind, but I do have a little bit of a soft side also.”

She does? Have you actually seen this? It feels like a trap…” I tried not to smile at Nan’s comment in my head.

“With that being said,” continued Oma, “I want to talk to you about tonight. I understand the pressure that is on you to find your mate, and not only that, to find a mate worthy of being an Alpha. Granted you don’t nearly have it as bad as I do, they have your brother to fall back on if your mate turns out to not be up to par. Goddess help us all if it falls to your brother.” Oma knew the pressure that was on me because she had gone thru the same thing when she was my age. However, she was the only child of an Alpha. Take my pressure and multiply it by a thousand. Thankfully for Oma, my grandpa was an amazing warrior and leader in their pack and was worthy of being the packs Alpha.

Oma put her arm around my shoulder and pulled me, “Annie, I know the pressure is great on you but whoever your mate is will be your perfect match and will love you till the day you die. I want you to focus on that, you aren’t looking for the next alpha, you are looking for your soulmate. And he’s out there waiting for you to look him in the eyes and make his world come crashing down. You are a spectacular girl Annie Jean and you are going to do amazing things in this world. Any boy with a brain would be thrilled to be your mate.” I sat there a little stunned. In all of my 18 years my Oma has never spoken so….. Vulnerable. It brought tears to my eyes.

“Oh enough of those tears! You don’t need your new mate see you all red and puffy.” And the old Oma was back. “And Renee I know you’ve been listening at the door this whole time so just you get your little butt in here.”

Sure enough my best friend peaked her head in the door with a sheepish grin. “Sorry Oma…..”

“Hmph, you should be! Sneaking around and eves dropping on personal conversations…. Honestly Renee where are your manners?” With a huff and a tsk to Renee, Oma went downstairs.

“Have I ever told you how much I love your Oma?” Everyone loved her. “I overheard your mom and dad talking, it sounds like Sam is still coming to escort you. I thought you had talked your parents out of that?”

“I thought I did to, although at School yesterday Sam was set on picking me up. He knows how much it would mean to my dad so he won’t disappoint. I don’t want the first single guy I see to be Sam! I want to see Jeremy, I need it to be Jeremy.” I had started to tear up again. Apparently turning 18 has made me a big cry baby too!

“Oh Annie…. I’m so sorry I haven’t been more supportive of this. I never realized how much pressure you were under or how much this was stressing you out. That’s a bad best friend move on my part. The girls feel bad too.”

“You aren’t a bad best friend Renee. It’s just hard sometimes you know? Not only are my parents expecting greatness, so is the whole pack. It’s just so much to handle.” I didn’t expect Renee to understand, I didn’t expect anyone to understand. It’s not something you even know how to explain, it’s one of those ‘take a walk in my shoes’ things.

“You’re right that I may not fully understand but I’m going to start being the bestiest best friend you can have! Don’t worry about Sam, I’ll take care of him.” Renee had this evil smirk on her face and she was plotting her plan.

“Renee what are you-“ She shoved her finger against my lips interrupting me.

“Ssshhhh little Annie, don’t you worry your cute little head about it. Now get ready before Oma comes up here again and lets you have it!” Renee was out the door so quick I didn’t even have time to question her farther.

I love her.” I’m glad Nan loved Renee as much as I did, but whatever plan Renee has up her sleeve….. goddess help whoever gets in her way.

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