The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 16

I spent all of Sunday doing homework and doing the extra homework for Professor Addison’s class. He had been there last night, I wondered if he would give me an extension again seeing as my night was disastrous. I didn’t want to risk it and did more than he asked, any help I can get in that class the better. Although since I know Jeremy isn’t my mate maybe I can pay attention a little bit more now….. but probably not. Another reason I did extra work was to avoid my parents, I was still upset with them. Let’s be honest, I’ll probably be upset with them for a while.

As I made my way into the kitchen Monday morning my plan was to grab a banana and head out the door, the smell of pancakes and bacon hit me as I walked into the kitchen.

“Good morning sweetie.” My mom met me with a warm smile. “How many pancakes would you like?”

Good move mom, good move. But I wasn’t going to be swayed by plain ole’ pancakes. Nope.

“They’re your favorite, peanut butter and chocolate chip.” Crap. Those were my all-time favorite. “I know you barely ate anything yesterday if at all, you’ve got to be hungry.” She’s right, all I ate yesterday was the bag of skittles I found in my desk drawer.

“I’ll take two.”

Push over.” Nan didn’t understand how amazing these pancakes were, she would in a minute.

“Annie, I want to talk to you.” I looked around for dad to come in, singing Sam’s praises. “Don’t worry, your dad left for a meeting already. It’s just us.” That made me feel better.

“What do you want to talk about?” I said around a mouthful of pancakes. “You’re right, totally worth it.” Told you, I mentally stuck my tongue out at Nan.

“I want to talk you about what happened Saturday. I want you know that I do not agree with your father and think he is wrong to ask what he is asking you to do.” I stopped shoveling pancakes in my mouth and stared at my mom. I have never once seen her speak against my dad on a matter, not only was he her mate but also her alpha. Luna’s are able to push the Alpha’s more than anyone else but in the end it’s the Alphas decision. What he say’s goes.

“You know I can’t change your fathers mind but I want you know that I support you and will help you however I can. I love you sweetie and I want to see you happy withyour mate, no matter who he is. I uh, heard you and Renee talking last night, about training him if you have to? I think it’s a great idea.”

“You do?!”

“Yes and I will do whatever I am able to help you. You know I can’t directly disobey your father but, what he doesn’t know about this won’t hurt him will it?” I threw my arms around my mom’s neck.

“Thank you.” I didn’t know what else to say besides thank you. Knowing she was on my side in this made life a lot easier. “I’ll make you proud mom, I’ll be the best Luna I can be.”

“I know sweetie, now finish up your pancakes before you’re late for school.” My mom is the best.

I ended up being late for school, not super late but enough that the halls were deserted by the time I got to my locker. Thankfully Miss Horn my homeroom teacher is super laid back, she probably doesn’t even realize that I’m missing yet. I opened my locker only to have it slammed back shut.

“Hey there, mate.” I clenched my jaw as I felt Sam cage me in from behind.

“You are not my mate.”

“Oh really? Because from what I saw Saturday, you didn’t find your precious soul mate, which means you will mate with me.”

I whirled around on him, “I will find my mate. I’m traveling this summer to all the packs I can find until I find my mate.” I decided to leave out the part of where I only have till fall, and that he has to be worthy.

“Oh please, Alpha will never go for a plan like that.”

I gave him the biggest smirk I could, “Actually it was my father’s idea. If you don’t believe me I’m sure he would love to have his decisions questioned by you.”

Sam snarled at me and hit the locker beside me, “This will not end well for you, and I will be Alpha, with or without you. It would be a lot easier for you to just accept that now and get with the program.”

“Oh really? Because to be Alpha I’m pretty sure you DO need me, and you don’t have me.” I smiled at him. He doesn’t have me, and he won’t ever have me.

“I don’t have you yet my dear mate,” he said as he stroked my cheek “I don’t have you yet.” I glared at him as he walked away to his homeroom. That guy has got so much nerve! And after that, I am now more than ever determined to find my mate. I don’t care if I have to travel all over the United States, I will find him.

Annie, you’re not going to have to travel far.”

“What do you mean Nan?”

“I’m catching his scent, it’s our mate. He’s here.”

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