The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 19

We all stared at Scarlet.

“We aren’t the only ones?”

“Who else is there?”

“Why wouldn’t anyone tell us?”

“Are you sure?”

We were very good at speaking all at once.

“Whoa not all at once! This is what I know, over the past few decades or so the search teams have come in contact with others. The only way they caught on to them was because of their scent, human but different, kind a like ours. You wouldn’t necessarily notice or scent them unless you were looking. The others can live in the human world just like we can.”

“But what are they? Or who are they? Are there some here in school?” Ellie asked?

Scarlet caught my eye but quickly looked away, “Um, well basically all you hear about in stories is true. Vampires, mermaids, shapeshifts, etc. All real. Although I don’t think all the details about them in stories are 100% fact, but I’m not totally sure.”

“Are they here in our school?” Lily pressed?

“No!” Scarlet said with a little too much force startling us. “I mean no, sorry. I’m just a little jumpy, I’m not supposed to share this information with anyone so you guys have to swear not to breathe a word to anyone. Promise?” We all nodded our heads in agreement. But I was curious,

“Why doesn’t my dad or the Alpha’s before him not want us to know about the others?” The bell rang as I asked.

“They aren’t being hunted like we are. Wouldn’t you want to stay anonymous to? Hunters don’t even know they exist. Please guys, do not tell anyone!” We all agreed as we stood up to return our trays.

As I walked to Chemistry I couldn’t believe it. There were more out there, different like us. What are they like? Scarlet said they appear human like we do, have I ever met one of them and not known it? I want to ask my parents more about it but I didn’t know how to do that without getting Scarlet in trouble. As the future Luna shouldn’t they have told me though? This was huge! I wonder if my parents had met any of them.

“Hey short cake.” Jeremy interrupted my thoughts.

I waited for the heart break to hit me, knowing for sure that he wasn’t my mate, but I didn’t feel it. I definitely felt sad, but it wasn’t painful. Maybe because I knew my mate was in the same building as me….

“Hey.” I said with a smile, “How was your weekend? Did you enjoy the party?”

“Yeah the party was a lot of fun actually, well after the awkwardness of, you know.” He was referring to me not finding my mate at the party.

“Ha, yeah that was a little awkward wasn’t it?” I said jokingly.

Jeremy grabbed my hand, “Annie you can’t give up, your mate is out there just waiting for you. You two will find each other and it will be earth shattering, worth every minute of waiting. He’s out there, just don’t give up. Please don’t give up.”

I wondered if he was giving me this speech or himself, he still hadn’t found his mate either.

“I won’t give up, and Jeremy? You don’t give up either okay?” I gave him a sad smile. He just nodded and turned around in his seat.

“All right class, pop quiz! Let’s see who actually did the homework over the weekend shall we?” Professor Addison pronounced with a smile. I swear he enjoys torturing us, the whole class groaned and we focused for the next 45 min of pain and agony. Okay, some people actually enjoy it but for the most of us, torture.

After what seemed like forever the bell rang signaling the end of class. I’m pretty sure I failed the pop quiz so I was very happy that I did the extra work over the weekend. As I walked out of class I saw Joy standing in front of blonde hair guy, looks like she finally decided to leave Eddie alone. They were arguing about something it looked like, but before I could listen in the guy looked over Joy’s shoulder and met my eyes.

And that’s when the world stopped. Everyone else faded away, it was me and him. There weren’t fireworks like I thought there would be, no there was this calming peace and grounding that came over me. He was instantly my world. He was my everything. He is mine.

Joy turned to look at me and I saw that her hand was on my mate’s arm. I could feel myself start to growl,

Mate. Mine.” I heard Nan growl in my head.

I shook my head trying to get control over Nan, I can’t very well explode into wolf form right here in the hallway. I look into my mates eyes and I calm down, he walks over to me as if sensing I was struggling and puts his hands on my shoulders,

“Little fish, are you okay?”

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