The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 20

The sound of his voice got me to focus. Troy. My mate was Troy! All I could do was smile at him, had he always been this gorgeous? Those eyes, the dimples, his hair, his smell….. He smelled like the ocean. Weird. But heavenly…. Geez, were all werewolves this sappy when they found their mates? Troy was still looking at me waiting for my answer.

“Uh, y-yes, I’m fine. Good. I mean great! I’m great!” Ugh I sound so stupid! He’s not going to want me as a mate, I can’t even speak right! I feel myself blushing.

“You’re cute when you blush.” Troy said taking his hands off my shoulders. I giggled like a little school girl, my mate thinks I’m cute. Goddess, get ahold of yourself Annie.

“Thank you.” I said smiling.

“Great, little freak Annie is okay, can we PLEASE go now?” Joy came over and grabbed Troy’s arm tugging him in the opposite direction.

Where does she think she is going with our mate?!” I would like to know the same thing!

“Take your hand off of him.” Was that me that just said that?!

Joy looked at me and started laughing, “Awe…. The freak thinks she can tell me what to do. How precious is that? Come on Troy, she’s a waste of our time.” Joy linked her hand with Troy’s and started pulling him away from me again.

Who does this girl think she is? I was officially in on whatever diabolical plan Lily had planned for this girl.

“Mine.” I heard myself growl.

Troy and Joy both spun around to look at me with wide eyes.

“What did she just say?” I heard Joy ask, but all I could see was the smile on Troy’s face.

“She said ‘Mine’.” He walked towards me and cupped my face in his hands. “Am I really? Is it me? I’m your mate?”

I nodded my head. Before I knew it I was in Troy’s arms and he was kissing me, that’s where the fireworks come in. Fireworks, explosions, anything loud and exciting was happening inside my head right now. I felt tingles all thru my body, but I was brought back to reality when Troy pulled away.

“I’m your mate… I had hoped, but I figured it would be a long shot since we are so different.” Troy was interrupted by Joy.

“Troy do not encourage her, you know this can’t happen. Her father won’t approve, you know this won’t work.” Joy was once again touching what was mine. I felt myself start to growl.

“What did I say about touching what is mine? Get. Your. Hands. Off.” I was now in Joy’s face and so angry, I could feel my fangs and claws starting to come out.

“Crap. We’ve got to get you out of here before you shift, come on little fish let’s get out of here.” Troy put his arm around me and we headed for the front entrance of the school, once we got away from Joy he removed his arm. But before I could be disappointed he linked our hands together, I smiled. I looked around and noticed that people were once again watching us walk thru the hall, this time it bothered me. Girls were looking at my mate, he’s mine. I really needed to get out of this school and get control.

“Annie where are you going? Hey wait up!” I could hear Renee jogging to catch up behind us, Troy stopped us and turned quickly causing Renee to bump into us. I growled when Renee’s shoulder brushed Troy. Renee backed up real quick.

“Frosted Flakes….. It’s Troy.” Renee looked at us wide eyed.

“Renee I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to growl at you. It’s just….”

“No I totally get it! It will get better, but you need to get out of here and calm down.” Renee pushed me towards the door, “Expect a visit from me later though!”

Troy grabbed my hand again and got us out of the school. Thank goddess the school was up against a woods. We walked for a few minute in silence before Troy stopped us at a log. He sat down and patted the log beside him. I smiled at him, suddenly shy and sat down.

“Do you need to shift or are you okay?”

Our mate is such a gentleman…..” I could feel Nan sighing like a love sick pup.

“No, I’m alright now. I’m sorry about that back there, I didn’t realize how possessive one gets when they find their mate. I guess that’s why they have it so you find your mate in front of everyone, so everyone knows and can keep their hands off of them!” I was getting worked up again thinking about Joy’s hands on Troy.

As if he could sense it, Troy put his arm around me. “Shh little fish. No one’s touching me now but you. And you don’t have to worry about anyone touching me or me touching them, I’m your mate. We belong to each other now. Or we will when you mark me…. Is that how it works? I’m a little foggy on the details honestly, sorry.” Troy gave me a sheepish grin.

I smiled at him, my human of a mate was confused. That’s okay, I’ll be more than happy to explain it to him and mark him. Show him how to be a werewolf, he’s going to have to learn to be Alpha. Then it hit me, Troy’s a human. Humans don’t know about us or our customs. Humans that know about us are hunters. Hunters that are trying to kill us.

My stomach dropped, is my mate a hunter? Is this all a trap?

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