The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 21

I started to slowly pull back from Troy. He shouldn’t know this much, he shouldn’t know anything at all. He has to be a hunter, that’s the only explanation.

Ask him, there has to be more to the story. And he’s not just human Annie, there’s something more.”

“I can’t. What if he is? I’ll have to reject him…. And then I’ll have to tell my dad and it could put all of us in danger…..”

“Stop. There’s more to this, I know it. Ask him.”

“Little fish what’s wrong? You zoned out on me there for a minute…. Oh, were you talking to your wolf about me? Does she like me?” Troy had this concerned look on his face that I’m sure was mirroring mine. He shouldn’t know these things about us, goddess my heart was breaking. My mate was a hunter, I just knew it.

“Um, Troy. How do you know all this stuff? I mean, you’re obviously not one of…. Us. But you know all these details about our lives, details that you shouldn’t know. I mean, you’re just a human.” I stood up from the log to put space between us, I wanted to be able to run and make a quick escape. I started looking at the different paths around us, trying to figure out the fastest way out of here.

My escape plans were interrupted by Troy’s laughter, like deep belly he’s falling off the log laughter. Great, on top of everything else my mate was crazy. Wonderful, this just keeps getting better and better. I stepped towards one of the paths to leave.

“No, Annie stop! Please, I’m sorry! It’s just when you called me human, and your face was all confused and cute, I couldn’t help but laugh. You’ve got to be so confused right now, please don’t leave and let me explain.” Troy was holding out his hand to me and his face was pleading.

Let’s hear him out, please Annie? I don’t sense danger, please?” Nan whimpered and whined in my head begging me to hear him out. I reached out and took his hand, sending sparks flying up my arm from his touch. He sat us back down on the log facing each other, I’m not really sure how I’m supposed to concentrate with those amazing eyes of his staring at me.

“Can you focus little fish or do I need to close my eyes?” Troy smirked, it’s like he could read my thoughts. If I wasn’t busy blushing I would have rolled my eyes at him.

“Alright, now I need you to hear me out and let me explain everything okay? This will all be new to you.” I nodded at him to continue.

“Firstly let’s state the obvious, you are a werewolf and I am your mate.” He looked at me and smiled, he was proud to be my mate. “I know all of this because I’ve been told about your kind from my parents, and my grandparents, and their parents. The stories of your kind has been passed down for generations! But not just your kind, stories of the others also.”

“The others? You know about them?” He knew werewolves weren’t the only ones, that there were others.

“Wait. You know about them? I thought you guys were kept in the dark about the others…..”

“We are.” I interrupted, “I just found out today from Scarlet. Her parents are on a special team in our pack that specializes in research. I’m not supposed to know about the others, and honestly I don’t really know anything besides we aren’t the only ones.”

“Oh, well whatever you want to know you can ask me, my parents are also on a research team but unlike Scarlets parents, there are no secrets. It’s how I knew I was your mate when we locked eyes outside of your class, it’s how I knew you were trying not to shift to rip Joy’s arm off of me.” He grabbed both my hands in his, “It’s how I know that every time I touch you there’s an electric current that flows thru you, and there’s the need to mark me. Show the world that I am yours, and only yours.”

Mark him, mark him now!” Troy had won Nan over, and he was honestly winning me over too but we still didn’t have the answers we needed. Who or what was he.

“And as much as I want you to mark me, we have a lot to figure out first.” That got my attention.

“You don’t want me to mark you?” I asked him? I can’t believe this, he doesn’t want me!

“What? No! Of course I want you to mark me, little fish, I want the world to know we belong together. We need to find out what your mark would do to me, if it would harm me.” Harm him? How could my mark harm him? Marks do hurt a little I’ve been told but it’s nothing for all the pleasure and unity that comes with it.

“I can tell by the cute little lines in between your eyebrows that you’re confused.” Troy reached out to smooth the lines with his thumb. “I’m not human Annie, well not totally. Like you I have another side, well half a side anyways.” Troy sighed. “Okay, don’t freak out okay? I’m a… a…” I wish he would just spit it out, he’s making me nervous.

“I’m a mermaid! Well merman to be more specific.”

I know my jaw is dropped and there is a look of complete shock on my face… he’s a what?

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