The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 22

“Annie? Say something! Are you okay? Can werewolves go into shock?” Troy is shaking me by the shoulders.

Can werewolves go into shock? I don’t know, I don’t think I’ve ever been so shocked before. He’s a mermaid? Mermaids are real? No… he has to be kidding around. There’s no way he’s a mermaid.

He’s a merman, not maid. He’s a man, all man and all ours.”

“You can’t be serious right now Nan, there’s no way he’s telling the truth. Is he?”

“I think he is, there was no sense of deceit when he told us. And remember when I told his scent was different? I know why now, he smells like the ocean. Fresh, clean, salty…. I can smell the ocean on him Annie. He’s got to be telling the truth.”

“You don’t have a tail.” It was the first thing I had said since he told me. That was probably rude of me to say.

“You don’t have a tail right now either.” I couldn’t help but laugh.

Troy stood and reached for my hand, “Come on, let me show you.” We took off towards the creek that ran thru the middle of the woods. We didn’t speak as we made our way to the creek, I don’t think either of us knew what to say.

As we approached the creek I grew nervous, what was going to happen? Would he turn into a fish? Sprout gills?

He’s not a trout. Merma- I mean merpeople are half human remember? He will still look the same. Well from the waste up anyways….”

“Are you ready to witness greatness?” Troy asked with a smile. Before I could respond he jumped into the creek, I lost sight of him for a few seconds when his head popped up in the middle of the creek.

He still looked exactly the same, nothing had changed except now he was soaking wet. Next thing I know I’m getting splashed.

“Hey!” I wipe the water off my face and I see Troy sitting on a rock. And I couldn’t stop staring, he was gorgeous. His hair was out of his face so I could see the sharp lines of his face and those dimples. I’m not sure how it’s possible but his eyes seemed to dance and shine more than they did already. His chest was defined, and if I’m counting correctly there were 6 abs looking back at me. Then I looked lower and that’s when I saw his tail, it was beautiful. Shades of blue, purple, and green all melted together forming a mesmerizing site.

See he’s telling the truth!” He was telling the truth

“You want to wipe the drool off your chin little fish?” Troy teased.

“I can’t believe it’s actually true, that there are others that are different like us out there…. And your gorgeous. Like unbelievably gorgeous…….” Troy may have been right and there was a little drool on my chin.

“Can’t you call me manly or handsome? Gorgeous makes me sound like a girl…..” Troy dunked back under the water, when he resurfaced he walked up the bank on his legs and walked towards me. He wrapped his arms around me and leaned in for a kiss.

“Hey wait a second! How are your clothes dry? And not ripped?”

Troy chuckled, “Mer trick my darling, our clothes don’t rip and we can walk out of the water dry. It would draw attention if we walked around with our clothes dripping wet.” He leaned and kissed me. I don’t think I will ever get tired of that feeling.

When he pulled away I asked, “So when you get wet your tail appears? How does that work? You could accidently get sprayed and your tail grows…. Do you have an inner fish that talks to you? Or is it a whale? No a lobster like the Little Mermaid! Now that would be cool! Are there more like you that live here? Do they know about werewolves to?” I had so many questions.

“Whoa little fish, slow down. We have plenty of time for me to answer all of your questions, I’ve got some of my own too. But first I want to see the other side of you.”

Huh? He wanted to see my back? Weird, but okay. I started to turn around so he could see my backside but stopped when Troy started to laugh, “No, I don’t want to see your behind. Okay, that’s a lie, I do want to see that but that’s not what I was asking.”

I was confused, he said he wanted to see the other side of me. He’s looking at the front, the other side is obviously my back. He could see the confusion on my face.

“I showed you my tail, now you show me yours.” Troy said.

ME! He wants to see me!!!” Nan was jumping in circles in my head with excitement.

“Oh.” I smiled, “But you need to turn around first, we don’t have that cool trick with our clothes, and I don’t feel like ripping mine without any spare clothes with me.”

“I wouldn’t mind that problem.” Troy wagged his eyebrows at me. Goddess help me.

“Turn.” Troy gave in and turned around. After I admired his ‘other side’ I quickly stripped down and let Nan take over.

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