The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 23

I was already shifted but how should I stand? Should I sit? What looks better? I chose to sit and wrap my tail around my feet, I shook my fur out to make sure it was nice a fluffy. I wanted my mate to think I was pretty.

Of course he’s going to think we are pretty, look at us!”

I gave Troy a little yip letting him know he could turn around. When he saw me for the first time his face broke out into a huge smile, “Annie, you’re gorgeous.” I gave him my best wolf smile and walked towards him wagging my tail. He reached out and scratched behind my ear, oh yes, I could get used to this. I leaned into his hand letting him know that it felt good and he needed to keep going.

“We can’t sit out here forever with me scratching your ears little fish.” Troy chuckled. I gave him a pouty whine letting him know that I wasn’t a fan of that idea.

“Oh quit giving me those puppy dog eyes. While I think you’re gorgeous in wolf form and out, I do miss the human part side I can talk to.” Troy said.

“What do you mean? We can mind link silly.” I said to Troy in my head. All wolves could mind link in wolf form, and mates could do it in and out of wolf form.

“Annie, he doesn’t have a wolf remember? He can’t hear you.” Oh. I had forgotten. He didn’t have a wolf. He was different like me but not the same different. What would happen if I marked him? He’s a technically a shifter also but what would happen? Would he be able to shift into a wolf? Would he lose his mer capabilities? Would he die?

“Little fish? Why don’t you shift back so you can ask out loud all those questions that are floating thru your brain.” Troy said. I tilted my head at him, how did he know I had a ton of questions? Maybe he could hear me!

“I may not be able to hear you but you still get a cute little line between your eyes when you’re over thinking.”

I nudged his hip to tell him to turn around again, he rolled his eyes in protest but still turned around. I quickly shifted and put my clothes back on.

“You can turn back around now.” Troy turned and closed the distance between us, he pulled me into his arms and kissed me.

“There, that’s better. Now talk to me, what’s going on in that brain of yours.”

I didn’t even know where to begin, there was so many questions I wanted answers to. “I don’t know what to ask first. Well no, I do. You know about the mate bond, and what it means for werewolves. But do you feel anything? Like do you feel drawn to me? Do I have any effect on you at all? I mean I think you like me, but to be with me the rest of your life?” I was starting to panic, what if he didn’t feel what I felt? Once we find out mates and mark them you’re together for the rest of your life, it’s like marriage in the human world except stronger.

“Shhhh, take a deep breath.” Troy put his hands on my face, instantly calming me. “I don’t know what you’re feeling, but I can tell you what I feel. Merpeople don’t mate like werewolves, we do however mate for life. We just get to choose who we want to be with, once we do there is a ceremony and we are bonded for life, we even have marks showing that we belong to them.”

“What if you chose the wrong person?” I interrupted.

“I won’t say it never happens but it’s very unlikely. We don’t have to be 18 to find them, or look them in the eye. When we do there is this pull like feeling towards them, I think it resembles what werewolves go thru when they find their mates, but that pull makes us want to be with them, only them. So to choose the wrong person is hard, most of us want to be with the person we are meant to be with. It’s happened before, two who didn’t have the pull for each other mating, they just don’t have as strong of bond. Does that make sense?”

“I think so, but for us if we don’t mate with who the moon goddess destined us to be with its painful. Especially if after we are mated to someone we find out mate.” My thoughts drifted to what would have happened if I had mated with Sam before I had met Troy, my heart would have broken.

“So I may not feel all same things you are, but I’m having my own version of them going on over here.” Troy smiled at me then leaned for another kiss.

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