The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 24

We kissed for what seemed like hours, but it was only a few minutes. I would never get tired of this, but there was still so many questions. Where did we go from here? How do we make this work? What will my father say? What will his parents say? I don’t even know his last name!

“What’s your last name?” I blurted out.

Troy looked at me and laughed, “Alexander.”

“Alexander…. How did I never know that?” Then something dawned on me, “Wait. This pull, you have it with me, you’ve had it the whole time. So you’ve know that we were meant to be together! Why didn’t you ever say anything to me? I don’t think you and I ever spoke hardly.” He’s had this pull to me and never once reached out, I couldn’t help but be hurt by that.

“Hey, look at me. I hate seeing you sad, please little fish smile, for me?” Troy gave me this sad little face that I couldn’t help giggle at. “That’s better. Now, as for why I never said anything to you there are a few reasons. First, I know werewolves do not find their mates until they are 18 and I didn’t want to take that away from you, I wanted you to have that experience. Secondly, I knew I had the pull to you but I didn’t know if I was your mate for sure. This has never happened before. A merperson has never had the pull towards anyone else, not even a human. So I wasn’t sure honestly. Do you know how much it killed me watching you every day, feeling the way that I do andnot be able touch you or just talk to you? All I wanted to do was scoop you up in my arms and run away with you.” I reached for Troy’s hand gave it a squeeze as he continued. “Thankfully you never had any boyfriends, I don’t know how I would have controlled myself had I had to endure that.”

I blushed, he was right I never had boyfriends. I had always been infatuated with Jeremy that all other guys ceased to exist, funny though now that I have Troy I have no feelings for Jeremy. Thank the goddess to, I would hate to do anything to hurt my mate.

“I tried to always keep a distance, watch from afar if you needed me. I knew you could handle yourself, but I couldn’t help but feel a little protective. The other day when Sam had you pinned against your locker, I wanted to drown him! How dare he scare you like that, or even come close to you!” Troy said angrily. Got to admit, seeing him get all fired up because of me, kind a hot.

“And to hear him call you his mate when he not. Gah! I wanted to feed him to the sharks for that one, I mean where does he get off calling you his mate?” Troy asked.

I didn’t want to tell Troy the truth, but the stupid bond would never let me lie to him. “Ummm, he may or may not have gotten that idea from my father.”

“What?! How could your father fill his brain with that? Your father of all people knows it’s up to the moon goddess!” Troy was getting fired up again.

“My father is worried about the next Alpha, he wants it to be someone strong, courageous, and that will make a great leader.”

“And your father thinks Sam is a good choice? Mr. ‘I think I’m better than anyone else and a big bad wolf?’ Ha! Sam would not make a great leader.” Troy said, then he looked at me, “I’m assuming your father knows Sam is not your mate, so what did he want you to do when you found your mate?”

This is the part I didn’t want to tell him, that my father wanted me to reject anyone that wouldn’t meet his standards. Now that I have Troy, I can’t imagine not being with him, not having him in my life.

“Little fish? You’ve got that line again.” Troy rubbed that pesky line between my eyes, if I didn’t stop over thinking that line was going to be there permanently.

“My parents gave me till the end of summer to find my mate, and if I didn’t find him I had to mate with Sam.” I told him.

“Your parents would do that to you?! Make you mate with someone that isn’t your chosen?? I’m so sorry they did that to you, but hey, you’ve found your mate. There’s nothing to worry about now.” He kissed my forehead.

“Well….. That’s not exactly all of it.” I so did not want to tell him this next part but I didn’t have a choice, “I had till the end of the summer to find my mate, but if he doesn’t meet my dad’s standards I have to reject him and take Sam.” I finally looked Troy in the eyes, they were black and angry.

“Troy? Are you okay? Your eyes…. They’re black?” I reached out to touch his face, his touch calmed me so maybe I could calm him. He stood up before I could touch him.

“He wants you to reject me? Because I’m not worthy? Because I’m not a wolf? Because I’m not strong enough? Ha! He want’s strong?! I’ll show him strong!” Troy looked at a huge boulder across from us and all of a sudden the boulder exploded and water came shooting out of it.

“Is that strong enough?” Troy asked.

Holy frosted flakes.

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