The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 25

“How did you do that?!” I asked Troy. He literally just made a boulder burst into pieces with water. I looked over at him and he was hunched over with his hands on his knees. I rushed over to him and put my arms around him. “Troy? Are you alright?”

He stood up and wrapped me in his arms, “I’m sorry I lost my temper, but just the thought of losing you now that I have you…… It just makes me angry.” I could see him clenching his jaw.

“I know, but try not to take it out on any more rocks okay?” I said smiling at him. I reached up on my tip toes and kissed his nose, I was rewarded with that knock out smile.

“So, uh, you going to tell me how you did that?” I said gesturing to the boulder that was now in pieces. “Can all mer’s do that?”

“All of the males can, females can control the sea life.”

“They can like talk to fish and dolphins?! How cool!” Seriously, why couldn’t we do something cool like that?

“No.” Troy laughed, “They can control them, not talk to them. Say a mermaid is hurt out in the middle of the ocean, she can command a dolphin or whale to come to her and swim her to wherever she needs to go.”

“Oh… that’s still cool though.”

Hmph, I think having a wolf at your beck and call is better than a stupid dolphin.” Oh my jealous wolf.

“Yeah, not as cool as controlling water and breaking things though.” Troy smirked.

“Yes not as cool as that.” I laughed.

“So your dad…. What are we going to do? I can’t not have you in my life Annie, now that I’ve found you. I know you feel the same way, so what do we do?” Troy now had that little line between his eyes.

“I don’t know. I didn’t even know others that are different like us existed until a few hours ago. I know you said that something like this has never happened before but there has to be somewhere in history that it has.” There had to be something that would help us figure this out.

“If it has I don’t know anything about it, and trust me, I’ve been searching. As soon as I felt the pull to you I started researching, digging, and trying to find something that would help us if I ended up being your mate.” My heart swelled at this, he had been trying to figure this out for us. But it also raised another question.

“Troy, how did you know I was a werewolf?” I asked.

“I didn’t know at first to be honest with you, do you remember my first day here?” I shook my head sheepishly, I felt bad for not remembering when he obviously did.

“I wasn’t important to you yet, you weren’t 18 yet. Anyways, I felt your pull right away. I followed you around like a creeper all day just trying to catch any information I could about you. I finally got your name thanks to you friend Lily scolding you for not telling her that she had something in her teeth.” Troy laughed, “’Annie Jean Rogers why didn’t you tell me I had broccoli in my teeth this entire time?” He mimicked Lily. I had to laugh, he did it pretty well!

“Once I had your name I did some more digging to see what I could find out about you. I knew you weren’t mer, and then I was thrown off that you were human. Then really thrown off when I told my parents and my dad informed me that you were a werewolf. Our fathers know each other apparently, or at least know of each other. Your dad has quite the reputation.” This I was aware of, my dad was known to be a tough alpha.

“I still don’t understand why my dad and the alphas before him have kept all this a secret from us. Why hide that there are others out there?” I couldn’t wrap my mind around it. Why keep it all hidden? I looked at Troy and could tell he was holding something back, “What is it? You know more don’t you?”

Troy hung his head, “I do. When I told my parents about you they kind of freaked out.”

“They freaked out?” I hadn’t even met his parents and they already didn’t like me.

“As I said, our fathers know of each other. The Alpha’s made a deal with the others a long time ago, they would keep all of us a secret as long as all of them promised to never live on their lands or come in contact with you. It was agreed and everyone went their own way. Werewolves, except for Alpha’s of course, were kept in the dark about the others. In the past few decades however, there have been slip ups and werewolf research teams have discovered us and others.”

“If you’re not supposed to live on our land, then how are you here now?”

Troy’s face paled, “Technically, we don’t live on your land. We live on the outskirts of it, but I don’t think your dad is going to see it that way.”

We may have more issues than we thought.

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