The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 26

I’ve found my mate. He’s a merman, I’m not supposed to know about him, we don’t know how we will be together, and he’s trespassing, but I’ve found him. I try to only focus on that last part so I don’t break down into tears. Troy and I spent another hour together hiding in the woods before we decided I better get home before they send a search party out for me. As I walk home all I can think about is Troy and how we are going to make this work, there were so many obstacles in our way. It was forbidden that Troy and I even be friends, let alone be mates. I also wondered why it was forbidden, what happened all those years ago to make the werewolves pull away from those that are different like us and be alone. There was more to the story, but I didn’t know how to get the answers without raising suspicion. I’m hoping Troy will be able to get answers from his parents, they seem a lot more open than mine.

As I walk up the sidewalk to my house I start to get nervous, I can’t let on to my parents that I’ve found my mate. I opened the back door to see both my parents waiting for me, crap, this isn’t good.

“Principle Jacobs called, would you care to explain where you were for the last few periods today?” My dad cut right to it.

“Um, uh I was-“

“She was helping me out Uncle Alfy.” Renee burst in the door behind me. My parents looked from me to her looking for more of an explanation, I looked at Renee for the explanation also. “Well you see, I had a big test in History, and we all know that it’s not my best subject so I got really nervous which made me sick to my stomach and I ended up throwing up all over myself. It was just so embarrassing, so I asked Annie to get me a spare change of clothes.”

“Why didn’t she just get you spare clothes out of your gym locker?” My dad asked.

“And walk around smelling like sweat socks?! I already puked all over myself, I didn’t want to add to the embarrassment. I had Annie run to the store quick and buy me some clothes and a toothbrush.” Renee said.

“Why couldn’t she just go to your house and bring you a change of clothes?” My dad was like and investigator.

“I didn’t want my parents finding out, I want them to be proud of me. It’s embarrassing knowing your daughter puked all over herself at school. Which if you could keep this between us I would really appreciate it. And I’m sorry for asking Annie to leave school to get me clothes, but it shows what an amazing and caring Luna she will be. Putting her pack before herself.” Renee looked at me and smiled.

“That was very thoughtful of you sweetie,” my mom stood and put her arms around me and Renee, “But Renee, if this happens again I will have to go to your mom.” She kissed us both on the temples and walked out of the kitchen. Renee and I looked at my dad,

“Annie, well done at putting your pack first, however your studies are important. I expect you to get with your teachers tomorrow and get the school work that you missed, also see if there is extra credit you will need to do to make up for missing classes. Renee that goes for you as well.”

“Yes sir.” We said together. Satisfied with our answer my dad stood up and went to his office. Renee grabbed my arm and dragged me to my room.

“Spill!” Renee said once we were in my room.

“You threw up on yourself? That was the first excuse that popped into your head?”

“Hey. I covered for your rear end, you should be thanking me, not judging my excuses.” Renee said.

“You’re right, I’m sorry.” I grabbed her in a hug, “I really don’t know what I would do without you.”

“Okay, enough mushiness.” Renee pushed me back, “Tell me everything!”

I told Renee everything that had happened that afternoon, well I left out the kissing. Some things needed to be private. I finished my story and looked at Renee who was sitting there with her jaw on the floor.

“You okay over there?” I asked.

“So let me get this straight. He’s a mermaid or merman or whatever. Merpeople have never been mated with anyone other than other mer’s. He’s not supposed to be on our land, making him a trespasser and your bond even more taboo. We don’t know what will happen when you mark him, it could possibly kill him! Say you do mark him, will he turn into a fish/wolf? Will you turn into a fish? Or will it cancel out both of you and you both become human? We also have no idea what’s going to happen when your dad finds out….. Oh man your dad! What will happen to Troy’s family?! They aren’t supposed to be on our land! Will that cause a fight or war or something?” Renee finally took a breath. She looked over at me, “Annie what are you going to do?”

That was the biggest question, what was I going to do? What could I do? The only options right now were for us to run away together or for me to reject him. The last one was not an option.

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